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NHL:EHM Help!!


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I've been playing an OHL career as Belleville, and got through my first season fine. I'm now in my second season, and I get this problem:

Around mid-December news messages pop up that a bunch of my players have had their contracts bought out by Belleville, and the board is pissed that I've released these players. I didn't want to release anyone though!

Originally I thought that their contracts expired and I just didn't notice... but that's not it, because no contracts on my team expire until at least June of next year.

I then thought it might have happened because one of my two goalies had to leave to play for a national team, so I figured that maybe the game automatically traded a bunch of my players to get another goalie, since I had a new goalie that I didn't have signed before. His name was greyed out.

So, I loaded up my November save, and drafted a goalie from my prospect so I had three. My other goalie left to play for the national team, and I had two goalies, so I figured everything was cool.... but yeah, then I got the same block of messages saying I bought out a bunch of my players contracts and released them.

What's going on?

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You might wanna try at the message boards at fhockey.com. You'd get more from them because I'm not so sure people have NHL:EHM as much as they do EHM.

Yeah, I posted there... I've been waiting for a response all day, so I figured I'd post here too, since this board seems a lot more active.

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Guest bruins72

I only play as an NHL team, so I'm not really sure how your's works. Like Takayamanofear said, try the board at SI Games for good answers. I'm sure somebody there knows the answer. They've got the guys that made the game hanging out there.

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