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New Pearl jam Live Album Arived today

Herr Matzat

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Disc 1

1.Of The Girl

2.Low Light

3.Thumbing My Way

4.Thin Air


6.Nothing As It Seems

7.Man Of The Hour


9.Off He Goes

10.Around The Bend

11.I Believe In Miracles

12.Sleight Of Hand

13.All Or None


Disc 2

1.Parting Ways


3.Encore Break

4.Can't Keep

5.Dead Man

6.Masters Of War


8.Crazy Mary

9.25 Minutes To Go


11.Encore Break

12.Yelow Ledbetter

I just got it straight from TenClub today (10C preordersgot a free poster extra) The CDs sound is awsome, and even if the bride school shows usualy served us with good qualety recordings this is the best to come around sinc the MTV session soundboard and MTV session Training Soundboard was leaked. (i am saing this becaus this dubbel album is mostly acoustic, you cannot compare it with normal live recordings, i just said it is the best acoustic set you somehow can get).

I am still sad that i have no CC and wassent able to get one of the 2000 "venyle" editions :(

If you have the monney, go and get it.

Lukin acoustic fucking kicks ass

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Guest Angry Baboon

Got mine today too.

Lukin, Low Light, Of the Girl, Immortality and Yellow Ledbetter are great, but the Masters of War cover sucks so hard it even puts me off the Dylan version.

Pretty nice though.

Not as good as MTV Unplugged session.


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masters of war is kinda wirred, sounds like squancho used his lill program to mix another guitare in it ^^

i always forget how much black rules untill i hear anny kind of life version of that song (everyone get black live in hamburg 2000, the last 2-3 minutes just blow you away HARD)

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I'm gonna check this out when I have the money. But boy did the NME shit all over this... They used it as a foil for the new RHCP live album, which they loved.

I stopped my Chili's collection just after One Hot Minute (my 2nd favourite RHCP album, behind Mother's Milk) and since then they have got mass critical acclaim with below par, radio friendly tripe. Pearl Jam however, despite Binaural (sp!) being somewhat average, have kept up a decent recorded album standard and get shat on.

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