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EWB goes to the Movies


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I've been tossing this idea around for a while....and want to give it a go in the next couple of days. Think of this as a spin off from the "What did you watch today" thread. Sure we get nice little reviews on there of movies from people but they end up getting drowned out rather quickly. I mean the thread is 300 something pages old now and if I want to see what EWB said about a movie before I jump into it and possibly waste 2 hours of my life that I will never get back.

How it would work? I'll maintain this main thread. A table of contents if you will linking to each of the movie threads. I'll regularly update how EWB is rating movies out not just in theater but on DVD and TV as well. The idea has received a great response so far and will need everyone on EWB to help keep it going.

Here's how I envision it. When we hear about a movie being worked on we usually start a thread. This topic is not linked to that. Once a movie comes out though I plan on creating new threads for each movie. These threads will be filled with spoilers so enter these threads at your own risk. If you don't want the spoiler talk stick to the original pre-release threads that exist for the movies. The purpose of this project is to actively engage the EWB community in their choice of movies. Check back in this thread when you're going to see a movie to see if EWB has rated it already. If you are creating a thread for a movie that you saw on DVD or TV please attach poll questions that I will list below to each and every new thread. This will give us a common denominator that we will use for EVERY movie thread and thus get a rating system going. Once again, this project is just not about new releases. Over time I will be maintaining rankings by Release year among other rankings. So say you want to see how EWB rates the movies from 2005....you'll have it here.

Poll questions that need to be attached to all threads are listed in this spoiler tag. Ask the question and give the choices that are written in parenthesis.

Rate the movie (Give choices from 1-10)

Length of Movie (Too Short, Just right, Too Long)

Movie Recommendation (Buy, Rent, TV Only,Avoid)

Please attach these poll questions to every thread so me or someone else doesn't have to go back and create the poll again. Please leave all discussions to the discussion thread. I will post this same message there right now. Leave this thread clean so I can maintain the lists. I will ask the Mods to please help keep this thread clean of any other posts. I would ask them to lock it but that wouldn't work as I will need to update this thread constantly and it will be hassle to ask someone to lock and unlock the the thread each time.


Movies by Name:


None Yet


None Yet


None Yet


None Yet


None Yet




None Yet


None Yet


None Yet


None Yet


None Yet


None Yet


None Yet


None Yet


None Yet


None Yet


None Yet




None Yet


None Yet



None Yet


None Yet


None Yet

Movies by Rating


None Yet




None Yet



None Yet


None Yet


None Yet


None Yet


None Yet

Movies by Year:

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First batch of Ratings.

7 movies made the cut for this initial list. Keep in mind that I will only be posting ratings for movies that have been rated by 10 people. As this project takes off that number will probably go higher then 10. The way I will do this initially is to list the movies followed by the average rating. In parenthesis you will see how many people have rated the movie so far. Over time I will add in the DVD recommendations as well but for now I am just pulling these from the "Rate the movie" portion of the polls. Please DO NOT comment in this thread. I will post this same list over in the discussion thread so feel free to to talk it over there. These ratings are out of 10...obviously to score a perfect 10 everyone who rated the movie has to rate it a 10. In case of a tie the movie that has been voted on by more people would be ranked ahead. If they are still tied I will go to whichever movie got a "10" by the most voters.....if that's a tie we go to the "9s" and so on.

I will color code the list as follows:






I might change the color scheme later. I will be rounding #s. So a 8.49 and 8.50 will fall into two different color categories.

Updated 3/7/09 1:08 AM

1) The Dark Knight - 8.83 (58)

2) Watchmen - 8.71 (14)

3) The Wrestler - 8.59 (46)

4) Gran Torino - 8.59 (17)

5) Slumdog Millionaire - 8.41 (22)

6) Taken - 8.33 (12)

7) Friday the 13th - 6.00 (15)


Frost/Nixon - 8.33 (3)

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li - 7.00 (3)

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It took a little bit longer then I thought it would but 369 pages and 1717 movies later the list is done. Keep in mind that I pulled movies that were graded on a 10 point scale. Any other rating format....including decimal ratings (i.e 9.1/10) was not included in this list. Movies that I have already created threads for the purpose of this project also did not have their ratings pulled from the thread. I kept it simple. I said I would start threads for movies that had a minimum of 30 reviews in the "What did you watch today" thread...and nothing hit the mark as of yet. Thanks a lot to everyone who's been rating movies in that thread but I would like to request everyone to start rating movies on a 10 point scale and help this project grow. I will be maintaining two lists. One list will be new movies and movies that have had 30 reviews the other list will have all the other movies. The first list will be the official rankings.

When you see the rating score for movies you will notice they are color coded. Here is how the color scheme breaks down:

Movie Ratings





The number of reviews for a movie are also going to be color coded. That color scheme is as follows:

30 or more Reviews

20-29 Reviews

10-19 Reviews

1-9 Reviews

The big list is attached. I will be updating the other rankings in the near future. As always please leave all discussions to the Discussion thread.


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