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I gotta sell a load of shit for my gran.

Guest Angry Baboon

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Guest Angry Baboon

Any idea of how much this is worth?

Camlink Edit VMX 5000 Mixdeck

Super 8 Video Camera

Akai Direct Drive Turntable

Akai Stereo Amplifier

Akai Stereo Cassette Deck

Akai Stereo Tuner

Aka Speakers (Don't know about but the bitches were like 4 foot high and a foot wide, proper!)

TeleVideo 8MM Film Converter

My grandad was a DJ, and since he died it's been sitting in our garage.

I reckon it's worth a bob or two anyway. Any ideas?

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I don't know if this is any help, but have you thought of taking them to some kind of specialist music place/talking to a music specialist (even a specialist music shop), or looking around for similar items to see how much they are selling for?

Plus, if you fish around on the net for a while, your bound to find a site (either of the official manufacturers, for specialists, for professionals - I guess we're talking about DJ's here - or some kind of forum) where you can ask about the value of the stuff.

There's always yellow pages for DJ's, specialists, people who can value stuff etc.

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