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Jeremiah - Showtime Original Series


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On Showtime today, they started replaying season one (and I assume season two will be right behind that) to get people caught up for the upcoming season three.

I never watched this show when it came out in 2002, and just decided to watch it tonight. I thought it was pretty good. Generally, I hate Sci-Fi shows. But I found this to be quite entertaining.

So, I was just wondering how many people here watch this show, or have seen it and what are your opinions on it?

I've only see episodes one and two (two different ones but an hour and a half straight through it goes without stopping). Episode three was on right after, but I taped it as Monk was about to come on so I didn't want to have to switch over just as Monk was starting. I'll watch that tomorrow at some point.

Luke Perry plays his part well as does Michael-Jamal Warner. The story so far seems interesting and it says it is based losely off the European comic strip of the same name, but since I am not from Europe and don't follow comics, I wouldn't know that.

Please, if you post spoilers for the show (since I haven't seen it), then carefully mark them and if you reply to a spoiler post, make sure you use the quote feature so it will include the said spoiler in it so I and others could avoid them.

Edit: Like so


That strange guy from the opener, talking to Perry's character (can't remember his character's name right now), and then dissapeared seemed strange, and then at the end of the episode he was there again, but this time with a walkie-talkie so I assume he is from the "End of the World" that he and others are looking for, but I could be wrong.


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