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Lone Survivor

Herr Matzat

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There is a flash Demo on the Site, it feels absolutly amazing. The reviews are great aswell. I might be buying this soon, at 10$ what can you loose?

Jasper Byrne has made a name for himself with some incredibly clever indie titles in the past, including the brilliant Soul Brother and the famous Silent Hill demake, Soundless Mountain. His latest release, Lone Survivor, is his most ambitious title to date, and I feel quite comfortable saying it's his greatest.

Lone Survivor has more in common with Silent Hill than recent official entries have, recapturing the foreboding psychological horror and introspective storytelling in a way that shames Konami's own efforts.

If you're a horror fan, this game is essential.


Final Verdict:


Superb: 9s are a hallmark of excellence. There may be flaws, but they are negligible and won't cause massive damage to what is a supreme title in its *genre*.


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More review love.


Lone Survivor is a superb one-man horror show that has a lovely cat sub-plot, the best soundtrack I’ve heard so far this year and an entirely unexpected sense of humour. It’s not the kind of scary that will frighten the toupée off you, but it’s the kind that might just make you think, reflect and then shudder a little. It might even make you all misty-eyed and forlorn. Here’s wot I think.


I hope it’s not the only great horror game of the year but as far as I’m aware it’s the first; beautifully constructed, thought-provoking and, despite the many nods to Silent Hill, pleasingly individual in its pacing, plotting and mood. If you want to see more, here’s a launch trailer. I’d be tempted to skip it if you’re already planning to buy the game because seeing some of these scenes for the first time while playing may well give them more power, but the choice is yours. If you’re not sure what to think yet, take a look or perhaps try the demo, details of which lie below.


Lone Survivor has multiple endings available and will vary drastically depending on what sort of actions you take throughout the game. The choices aren’t necessarily explicitly clear, but in a game where details matter, you’d better believe that every little thing will affect the ending. If you have the stomach for it all, you’ll want to play through multiple times. It’s a game that should warrant a fanatical following; one that will appreciate all the little things that make this of this year’s premiere indie titles.


Lone Survivor, then, made me feel a lot of things. Frustration, rage, stress, exhaustion, fear, joy, hope, pride, sadness, wonder. Four hours and twenty-six minutes – plus some trial-and-error-based change. But this game's going to stick with me much, much longer than that, and there are few higher forms of praise I can offer.

And even more reviews. Basicly nothing below a 4,5/5.


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