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EHM Question


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I would ask this at the EHM board, but I can't register there for whatever reason. Anyways whenever I try to open the game I get the following message:

"Failed to load control 'MMControl' from MCI32.OCX. Your version of MCI32.OCX may be outdated. Make sure you are using the version of the control that was provided with your application."

Now I can not open the game, and I deleted the setup file, so if that is what I need or whatever my AIM is TheGoodOne747 and my MSN is basejer13@hotmail.com, and I would love you if you could help me out :blush::wub:

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You need the setup file again.

Download, reinstall and you should be all right.

If that fails on fhockey.com there's a download in the EHM Game section called "Required OCX files" That might help too.

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