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I have decided to do a Diary from TEW, using a Japanese Promotion file from InfernalMIKO over at the 400 Studios page. MIKO does great work, and this file was no exception. I took out all of the promotions except one, AJW (All Japan Women's Wrestling), and retooled the promotions the wrestlers worked for.

The AWA (Umm, Yeah, this is the AWA, but the AWA isn't the American Wrestling Association, but is the Athress Wrestling Association. Athress=Athlete/Actress...)

I was in shock. Shaking uncontrollably, I walked over to the water faucet, and twisted the handle to get the water running over my hands. I didn't know what went wrong. I was standing in front of Chaparrita ASARI one second, the next second I was in a full kiss with my hand on her neck. I had rushed into the bathroom, knowing ASARI could've followed me, or she could still be standing in the training room. I created the AWA with one point in mind. "Take over Women's Wrestling in Japan." It couldn't have come in a better time. I knew that there was only a day or two till the first show, and I was in a real hurry. I passed out, and crashed to the floor.

NEXT SHOW: Rosters, and MAYBE the first show...

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BUT~! Why did you get rid of all the other promotions and re-tooled them :(

Tis' sad, considering you took out the #1 Joshi Promotion, GAEA.

Anyway, the Athtress' are just wrong... They are getting major heat in Jd'

And one last thing, when it comes to attendance, divide it by four, so that it is realistic...

Looking forward to it... :)

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BUT~! Why did you get rid of all the other promotions and re-tooled them :(

Tis' sad, considering you took out the #1 Joshi Promotion, GAEA.

Anyway, the Athtress' are just wrong... They are getting major heat in Jd'

And one last thing, when it comes to attendance, divide it by four, so that it is realistic...

Looking forward to it...:)

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Ok, since nobody really knows anything about the feds in my game, I have decided to give you guys a look at the feds and the rosters. First up: SSW.

SSW (Speed Style Wrestling)

A company based in Osaka, SSW features many young wrestlers and a lot of high-flying matches, hence their name.

Owner: Rie Tamada



Kei Akiyama

Rie Tamada

Yumi Ohka

Sumie Sakai

Rumi Kazama

Haruka Matsuo

Saki Maemura

Sakura Hirota

Linda Star


SSW World Title

SSW Tag Team Title


SSW on SamuraiTV (1 Hour)


S-Pro Wrestling (Shibuya Pro Wrestling)

Based in Tokyo, S-Pro strives to be one of the best, but with a roster that lacks experience, charisma and star power, they may be stuck just trying to survive.

Owner: Jaguar Yokota



Kei Akiyama

Yumi Ohka


Aja Kong

Jaguar Yokota

Rumi Kazama

Megumi Yabushita


S-Pro World Title

S-Pro Tag Team Title


S-Pro on SamuraiTV (1 Hour)


AJW (All Japan Women's Wrestling)

Another company based out of Tokyo, they are the only company that made it out of the dark period in women's wrestling. With a huge comback, AJW looks to take the top crown in women's wrestling.

Owner: Takeshi Matsunaga


Azumi Hyuga


Kei Akiyama

Yumi Ohka

Sumie Sakai

Saki Maemura

Haruka Matsuo


Rumi Kazama

Eagle Sawai

Chigusa Nagayo

Dump Matsumoto

Amazing Kong

Zap T

Megumi Yabushita

Linda Star


3WA World Title

3WA Tag Team Title

All Japan Pacific Title


AJW on SamuraiTV! (1 Hour)


AWA (Athress Wrestling Association)

The AWA. Based out of Tokyo with mirror offices in Carson City, Nevada in the US, and in Osaka, they are the top company to beat. They feature stars from the reminants of GAEA, JDStar, and JWP, among others.

Owner: Chris Carpenter


Keiko Saito

Kayo Noumi

Ayako Hamada


Apple Miyuki

Manami Toyota

Chaparrita ASARI

Yu Yamagata

Michiko Omukai

Yuka Nakamura

Mizuho Ishikawa


Mayumi Ozaki

Mima Shimoda

Etsuko Mita

Ai Fujita

Ran Yuyu

Toshie Uematsu

Emi Tojyo

Yuka Shiina


AWA World Title

AWA Tag Team Title


AWA on SamuraiTV! (1 Hour) [Also shown on the International Channel]


So there is the entire set of companies in my game, so now you know, the rest of the story.


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Some great names in your company. Way too many people in your company though, and if they are all on written contracts... I don't know.

I have been itching to read your first show, as I am fully into this. I dig some Joshi Puroresu, and know a lot... so watch out, cause I am also an evil bastard...

Chaparitta ASARI and Ai Fujita retired... but don't worry, I'll keep it under my hat ;)

Can't wait...

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Yes, yes, I know Ai and ASARI retired, so did Shimoda, and Noumi, but there are reasons for me bringing them back... They all have good psychology, which very few of the wrestlers have. Now for the second episode of the AWA...


I woke up in a terrible sweat, shaking uncontrollably, a light amount of blood trickling out of my nose. I slammed my head back into the pillow, and tried to re-adjust my eyes. It was all a dream. I hopped out of bed and looked at the alarm clock on my dresser. It was 9:30 in the morning. Time for the first show of the year.

25 minutes later...

I walked into the AWA offices, located no more than 3 blocks from Korakuen Hall, which meant we didn't need a trailer to move the ring. Just carry the parts down the street, set the ring up, and hold a show. No more, no less. I passed by various staff members, some wearing a headset/microphone combo; they were my production staff. I walked into my office and looked at the desk. A letter sat on the keyboard of my computer, addressed to me in Japanese. I was lucky I could read my own name in Japanese, but I couldn't read anything else. I opened the envlope and a picture fell out of the letter. I looked at the letter, surprised by who had wrote it. "Thanks for last night," the letter read, and down at the bottom was the writer: Kayo Noumi. So that was the reason I was in a cold sweat this morning, I was feeling the effects of Kayo leaving in the middle of the night, and not putting the blankets over me. I slightly froze. I sat down in my chair and rotated over to the computer keyboard. I then looked down, and saw the picture that fell out of the letter: It was Kayo nearly naked, running out of my house. She had kissed the picture. I chuckled, and turned the monitor on the computer on. An internet article popped up with the news for today.

AWA's first event today, AJW results from over the weekend!

By Kayo Nojohiro, Nikkan Sports writer

The AWA gets set for a show today, just 3 days removed from an AJW show in the same building.  The main event has already been set, featuring Kayo Noumi, Keiko Saito, and Chaparrita ASARI taking on LCO and Mayumi Ozaki in a 6 woman tag match.  This is the first time LCO has tagged-up in about 3 months, following the retirement of Mima Shimoda.  Shimoda has returned, and is back to her old ways, without a hint of age or rust in her work.  Mentioned eariler in the article, AJW held a show in Korakuen Hall 3 days ago, and they are just now releasing the results.  So, without further or do, here are the results:

AJW TV Tapings

Held in Korakuen Hall, attended by 1,490 fans

Linda Star over Fuuka in 5:10

Kei Akiyama over Yumi Ohka in 12:10

Dump Matsumoto/Amazing Kong over Haruka Matsuo/Saki Maemura in 7:23 (Kong over Matsuo)

Chigusa Nagayo over Baby-M in 14:44

There are the results, we'll post the AWA results as soon as we get them.

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Continued from last post

I walked into Korakuen Hall's main parking lot, which consisted of a small parking lot and an adjacent parking garage. I passed through the back entrance, and into the locker room area, and saw many of the different wrestlers that were booked for the show. Kayo walked up to me, already in her wrestling gear, even though the show wasn't for another 30 minutes, and she was in the main event. She passed me, blowing me a kiss as she passed, and I felt my heart sink. Ofune came up next to me and looked at me lovestruck face.

Ofune: You like her?

Chris: Yes, why do you want to know? I think I happen to love her to death, if you ask me.

Ofune: You should give her up when you are holding shows. I think it might get in your way.

I looked at her, puzzled as to why she was giving me advice. She was only 19, you know. I walked away from Ofune, and out towards the arena floor, where the ring had already been set-up, and they were setting-up the entrance ramp and chairs for the fans. I looked around, sighed, and walked away, toward the office I had set for me.

25 Minutes Later...

I walked out of the office to hear fans cheering and making their way into the building. I passed the production area, and walked over to the back of the entrance ramp. I peered out at the arena. There was a few empty seats, but fans were still filing into the seats. It was time for the first show to start.

[Note: I am giving a shortened version of the AWA show, due to me not having a whole lot of time till I have to go to work.]

AWA on SamuraiTV!

From Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan (2,200 Seats; 2,200 Attendance)

The opening montage plays, with the music being "Tank", by Yoko Kanno and SEATBELTS.

A movie plays, hyping the main event featuring Kayo Noumi, Keiko Saito, and Chaparrita ASARI facing LCO and Mayumi Ozaki.

We head to a shot of the sold out Korakuen Hall, and we quickly roll into the first match of the evening.

Match 1:

Emi Tojyo VS Yuka Nakamura

The Match: Very straightforward match, with Nakamura being the aggressor. Tojyo fights back, and takes control at about the 3 minute mark in the match. Nakamura can't fight back, and submits to a nasty Bow and Arrow hold, with Tojyo wrenching Nakamura's back over her knees.

Emi Tojyo [8:12] Yuka Nakamura

Continued in next post

I kinda have to go to work... I test games... Will be back at about 5:30... Post will be finished at that time...

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You bugger...

Making Kayo Noumi your love interest...

Teruko Kagawa is the hottest chick though...

She has this innocence about her which is a good thing in my eyes...


Not a whole lot to comment about, BUT, the attendance is def. a bit high.

If Joshi is coming off a weak period (Which they are in, in reality) then no one could draw over 2000 in the Korakuen Hall. Right now, GAEA is the only one who could POSSIBLY do this, but even then...

Unless you "claim" 2,200 and then post the "real" attendance later... as say 1500 :)

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It is safe to say, I have met Kayo before... I have also met Ofune, and have wrestled in training matches with her over the summer... Now on with the show...

Continued from last post

We go backstage where Mayu Kobayashi is set to interview Kayo Noumi, who is standing next to her.

Mayu: Tonight, we get to see history as Kayo, you take on Mayumi Ozaki for the AWA World Title. Any thoughts?

Kayo: I finally get the chance to win the World Title! And Mayumi, you stand in my way. Nobody can stop me, and you won't either.

Kayo walks away, and we roll into the next match.

Match 2

Michiko Omukai VS Ai Fujita

The Match:

Omukai dominates the match, with Ai barely getting in any offence in. Omukai punts Ai around the ring, and at 12 minutes, Omukai hits the Shining Wizard to get the 3 count

Michiko Omukai [12:04] Ai Fujita

Commercial Break

Match 3:


The Match: Standard beatdown fare, with KAORU pinning Ofune with the Excalibur at the 4 minute mark.

KAORU [4:02] Ofune

Commercial Break (Those Starburst commercials are funny...)

Main Event:

Kayo Noumi VS Mayumi Ozaki for the vacant AWA World Title

The Match: Back and forth in the first 3 minutes, with Kayo getting the upper-hand and sending Ozaki from the ring. Kayo follows with a NICE plancha over the top rope, catching Ozaki full on with the manuver. Afterwards, Kayo moved a second or two slower, evident by her right hand supporting her lower back after the move. Ozaki took control, and at 5:10, 6:33, and at 7:26 in the match, nearly won the match. Kayo hit a crazy hurracanrana into a DDT, busting open Ozaki at the 12 minute mark. Kayo took control from there and hit the Non Non Hunter at the 15 minute mark to win the Title!

Kayo Noumi [15:12] Mayumi Ozaki (Kayo wins AWA World Title)

Quick Results:

Emi Tojyo over Yuka Nakamura

Michiko Omukai over Ai Fujita

KAORU over Ofune

Kayo Noumi over Mayumi Ozaki to win the vacant AWA World Title

Announced Attendance: 2,200 fans

Actual Attendance: 1,933 fans

Show Rating: 45.3%

Next Show: AWA on SamuraiTV! and AWA PPV 1

There you have it. Next week, I will be posting a Day/Night show, but in one post... I wonder how that will work. Also, I will post news and such as they come up in my game...

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I thought the Main Event was goin to be a 6 man tag...

There isn't a lot of depth to the diary, and IMO doesn't follow the routine of a normal Joshi show...

Still a LOT of work to do with this one...

If you need ideas, check out my Dragon Gate diary, cause there aren't many Puroresu around :(

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Oops... Kinda messed up on that. Thanks for the idea for me to look at your puro diary, along with that, I will be using the 10 new tapes I have bought to help me... But on the fact about the 6 man tag... I changed that one after I had booked the rest of the show, since a 6 man tag really shouldn't be in a card that features the best tag team ever, LCO going for the AWA Tag Titles... Oh, well. revisions, revisions. That gives me an idea...

AWA on SamuraiTV Preview for September 24th

After the happenings last week, what will go down between Kayo Noumi and Mayumi Ozaki after Kayo won the AWA World Title? Will Mayumi want revenge? Will Kayo even be safe? LCO are the Tag Champs after last night, and who will be the next in line to be demolished? All this and more, only on Samurai TV, at a new date, Fridays at 9:00 PM!


Ok... Now for the idea that I had...


I was completly pissed off. Someone, without my knowledge, changed the card! I was a man on a mission. I stormed pass Mayumi's office, and into mine own, and threw mysef into the chair behind my desk, and tried to calm myself down. Mayumi walked into the office, an almost quizzical look on her face, and sat down in the chair in front of my desk.

Mayumi: Problems?

I looked at her, let out a silent chuckle, and regained my composure.

Chris: I was thinking, how could anyone change the card without my knowledge? I had the main event set as a 6 man tag, and someone changed the damn card! I want answers, and I want the people involved. Nobody changes what I have set, not even you!

Mayumi looked at me with a sort of confused look, and stood up from the chair. She walked away. Kayo made her way in passed the exiting Mayumi, and came around the desk. She sat in my lap, and without warning, kissed me. She pulled away, and looked me in the eye.

Kayo: You need a break...

She jumped up, and I followed her out of the room, her right hand firmly locked with my left.

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Ok, I noticed that you said I didn't have a whole lot of depth. But depth in what way? I need to know these things... I think I am going to stop featuring so much of the love sappyness, and work on the backstage elements... I also have seen the fact that I don't follow the way Joshi goes... I may be doing this in real time, but in a semi alternate world, so I don't know if I am going to change much in the way of shows. I will however, start to announce the tours, starting in the next set of news and backstage notes... That will help slightly in distinguishing this diary from others. I will also start writing up the news and notes from the week, and give it a full run in place of certain backstage things. I will also be making the posts longer in length... Thats all for now, I need to get some other things done...

DJ Goofy

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First of all the lame backstage "love" story is horribly written and is just lame. Secondly you are also making way too many short posts. A lot of those can be packed into fewer posts.

The matches are very short and many of the bigger matches should be written longer or just given something to make them seem important.

I think he Lukiep8 means your cards don't have any depth they are just matches thrown together.

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Harsh words... Note to all who want to know: I will be working a special practice show in my hometown of Carson City, Nevada for an up and coming company named UCW. I will be facing a good friend of mine, Theocide. I'll post results when I get back from the show on Saturday. As for the diary, I don't just throw together matches, I do have storylines. There has only been one show, too, so keep that in mind.


I needed to make changes. I was pacing back and forth in my office, trying to keep my mind set on the announcement I was about to make. Kayo passed by my office, but I just couldn't look at her. I was nervous. I kept my eyes on the floor and my mind on the task at hand. This was going to be one of the hardest announcements to make. I was never a good speaker in public, and I always seemed to throw-up whenever I got in front of a huge number of people. One of the production staff members came into my office.

Production Staff Member: It's time sir.

I didn't look at him, I just kept my eyes on the floor. I grabbed my notes off the desk, and cleared from the room.

35 minutes later...

I walked back into the building, Mayumi Ozaki and Kayo lagging slightly behind me. Kayo sped her pace up, and grabbed my right hand. I stopped abruptly, and peered down into Kayo's face.

Kayo: You did good. You did what you needed to do, nothing more, nothing less. I'm proud of you.

Kayo kissed me on the cheek. She turned around and left the building. I let out a sigh.Things don't always go my way.

I walked into my office, closing the door behind me. I turned on the computer screen as I sat down in my desk chair, and looked at the screen. I clicked on the internet link and brought up the Nikkan Sports English webpage. What I fould was astounding.

AWA announces tour!!!!

By Kayo Nojohiro, NikkanSports.com writer

It is true!  The AWA just announced the first tour for the blossoming company, a 6 show tour starting next week in Komozawa with their first big show, and ending in Kyoto, with their second supercard show.  The following is the announced tour dates with the arena:


September 24th, Komozawa, Japan

Komozawa Olympic Gym (7,500) Day/Night Show Supercard

October 1st, Fukuoka, Japan

Fukuoka International Gym (2,500)

October 7th, Yokohama, Japan

Yokohama Bunka Gym (6,200)

October 14th, Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto Gym (7,500) Day/Night Show Supercard

He also announced that after the tour, AWA will alternate a 4 show schedule in the AWA Training Center and in Korakuen Hall.  We'll have more news as it comes in to us!

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I have been easy on you here...

You haven't been on the boards for long, but around here I am known as the Godfather of the Puroresu Mafia... we make sure things are going right... unfortunately none of them have background knowledge in Joshi that I know of...

Anyway... I may start to get harsh so be warned...

1. When do you hear about backstage stuff in Puroresu? Seriously, never... everything is kept very secretive... Chuck away the backstage crap, you don't need it...

2. Puroresu is about what happens in the ring, nothing else... comon... your matches have been like 3-4 sentences if that... I want move by move, story being told in the ring. AS I KEEP SAYING: CHECK OUT MY DIARY~!

3. Don't try and do an "americanized" Joshi diary just to get feedback...

I have done several Puroresu diarys, and I only had 1-2-3 readers who would reply with feedback and stuff...

I did a "Highly Acclaimed" New Japan diary a long time ago, and with that I soon found out that I was well "respected" for my Puroresu diarys, which was great to know... seriously, don't worry about people replying as it rarely happens with Puroresu diarys unless it is a Garbage Diary, and what I mean by Garbage is BJPW etc...

Work on the length of the matches and cut out the backstage bullshit to put it simply... Tell a story in the ring, not on the mic...

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I'm sorry to say it but I agree with what Lukie's saying (Apart from his cheap plugs for his diary! :P) I don't know much about Joshi but I have seen alot of other Puroresu and some select Joshi stuff. The backstage stuff is very 'WWE Diary' like! I also rarley see anyone cut promo's on Puro shows.

The matches are also very short! You don't have to make the matches REALLY long but its nice to have abit of a idea of the structure of the match. You should know the basic structure of a match if you've had matches before in real life! Face Shine, Heat, Come Back etc.

This leads me onto another thing! Don't promote your self in real life!

Note to all who want to know: I will be working a special practice show in my hometown of Carson City, Nevada for an up and coming company named UCW. I will be facing a good friend of mine, Theocide
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Oops, mistake on my part. The first show was kinda a wash, and I have seen joshi promos... They kinda suck. Most of the time they are really monotonus. As for the diary, I will make the matches longer, I just had other things I needed to do at the time. The next show will be next friday, as a "weird" day/night event... As for promoting myself, well, it just came out. :D Won't happen again... As for the "WWE Diary like" deal, I may just drop that all together... but that means less posts for the diary... Oh well, whatever works. Puro Mafia? Lemme join!!!!!!!! :blink: :D Here is the news and notes for the week...

Joshi News and Notes for the week of September 18th, 2004

By Kayo Nojohiro

Fresh off the week of wrestling, we have much to go over for the upcoming week in wrestling!


The AWA recently announced their first tour to run for a set of 6 shows, starting next Friday at their first Supercard show, set to take place in Komozawa, Japan. The tour is the first of the 6 event tour of Japan, named SPEEDTOUR 04'. Matches announced for the first show include Kayo Noumi VS Mayumi Ozaki for the AWA World Title, and Michiko Omukai and her new partner Ofune VS LCO for the AWA Tag straps. The nightcap event sees Kayo tag with Ayako Hamada to take on D-FIX, and Ofune takes on Uematsu and Yuyu in a handicap match.


AJW is set to run a show in Kochi, the first time any company has run a show in the town. Matches include Zap T VS Sumie Sakie for the 3WA World Title, and Amazing Kong and Chigusa Nagayo defend their 3WA Tag belts against and unknown force. The AJW has not set these matches in stone, however, and could change before the show.


S-Pro is trying to sign more big name talent, including Azumi Hyuga, to their roster before their upcoming tour. Others being looked at include the Apache Sisters, and Takako Inoue.


S-Pro Wrestling ran a show in Tokyo this week, announcing 312 paid. Here is the results:

S-Pro on SamuraiTV TV Tapings:

Fuuka over Kei Akiyama in 12:12

Yumi Ohka over Jaguar Yokota in 22:54

Aja Kong over Baby-M in 12:10 for the vacant S-Pro World Title


Speed Style Wrestling also ran a show only a day later, announcing 85 paid. Here is the results:

SSW on SamuraiTV TV Tapings:

Baby-M over Saki Maemura in 7:45

Rumi Kazama over Fuuka in 14:23

Haruko Matsuo over Yumi Ohka in 9:10

Sumie Sakai over Linda Star in 15:29 for the vacant SSW World Title

S-Pro and SSW will run another 2 shows apiece in Tokyo before they go on small tours in the upper half of Japan.


Momoe Nakanishi has hinted that she may retire soon, although she has been offered a contract by both AJW and the AWA. She has said that she wants to get married here soon, and that her mark has been left on the face of Joshi.


That is all of the news and notes that I have for the time being, check back for more news on Monday...

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