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  1. I figured I needed this cut of Roddy on a different background so I thought I'd slap it on KyKy as well for you. Sorry it isn't perfect but I'm just starting to cut my own pics. I use to cut pics awhile ago, but was never that good and thought I'd give it another shot. So here's my attempt:
  2. Perfect! Thanks so much, Jess! You always pull through. I appreciate it!
  3. It's been awhile since I've requested a cut, but I thought I would request one now. I was wondering if this picture (below) of Atsushi Aoki is too small to be cut and fit on a KyKy in proportion. I'd appreciate it if possible. If it's not possible, just say so and I can try to deal with the pain and misery... Thanks!
  4. Thank you so much Jess (again)!
  5. Oh trust me. I have TheWho's photobucket account in my bookmarks and always check there before I make a request. Sad thing is, I have this thing where I need the most up-to-date pic of a worker. I change pics constantly. To be honest, I'm already using the first Kofi pic you sent along and also the first Masters. I'd just kind of would like to have updated pics for them. I feel pretty bad about requesting stuff (even though that's what I usually do besides lurk and read stuff, lol). Thanks for helping me out though, Swooze.
  6. I'm really sorry if these have been requested already. I did a search, and couldn't find them on KyKy. Just on their plain background. Kofi Kingston: Chris Masters: Thanks to Viva and Lobo for the originals. I'd just would kind of like them on KyKy since, you know, that's what most of my pics are already. Please and thank you.
  7. Thanks so much for cutting them. Excellent job. I appreciate it.
  8. I have two more requests here if any of you don't mind. Please and Thank you! And on KyKy I guess. Brian Kendrick Kevin Harvey Very much appreciated as usual.
  9. Awesome. Thanks a ton. Looks like FutureLegend beat me to the first thanks though...
  10. Hey guys, I have another request here. Well, actually two from the same picture: Bryan Danielson and Chris Hero On KyKy, please.
  11. Excellent job. Thanks a ton. Not trying to suck up or anything, but I think many people need a big thanks for the cuts they do. To people like me that has squat for cutting ability (I've tried) or just too lazy to do it, lol, it means a lot. So again, thanks much. Don't be surprised if I request a few more later.
  12. Hey guys, I'm not new here, but I don't post. I have a few cut requests on KyKy (gotta keep em on all the same background sadly). It would be very much appreciated. Sami Callihan Jaysin Strife and last (for now), one of these two pics of Yellow Dog (which I hear is Jaysin Strife's alter ego) Whatever one is easier to cut or resize: Yellow Dog #1 Yellow Dog #2 Like I said, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Does anybody have a picture of Dingo (of Gateway Championship Wrestling and NWA Central States Wrestling fame)? Preferably the KyKy background since most of my pics are on KyKy anyways. I already tried a search in this thread to see if there was already a picture of him, but I came up with nothing. He recently had a match in ROH, and I added him to my TEW 05 database and he is picless. I would REALLY appreciate a pic of him in some shape or form that would work for TEW. Thanks in advanced if someone does it. Again, it'd be very much appreciated.

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