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  1. Slyck Wagner Brown is listed as White when he should be Black.
  2. Looking great man, when I get the game I'll download it for sure.
  3. I just took Idols 2001 mod on his site and deleted wcw and then signed almost all wcw wrestlers to wwe contracts. Then deleted smack down. kept monday night raw, made wcw friday nitro . Then had had it like mcmahon didn't get rid of wcw but kept the product in business. Then done the invasion angles. Got the idea from a jim cornette shoot, when he rebooked the invasion angle and kept wcw nitro on tv and going. You could add ecw in their as well. Also added wcw pay per views 12 times a year but put the pay-per-views on saturday. with that being said if he wants to take the time he can edit everything and put the wcw guys into the wwe universe. using the 2001 mod. but as of now I am not aware of their existing an Invasion mod. Though I have seen people talk about making one, have never found one. Thanks pal, I'll tell him that and see if he does it. If he doesn't want to do it I'll just tell him to play EWR and stop bugging me about it.
  4. Hey guys, a friend of mine wants some help with a TEW 2005 mod, he wants one set on the Invasion in 2001, probably right after WWF bought WCW and ECW. I looked for it but surprisingly for me, I couldn't find it. I founds a few links but they were broken. Do any of you have that mod, or know where I can get it? Thanks.
  5. Does anyone have a link for a (skin, I believe) pack with grades that show the letters as well (for example, 98/A*)? I'm trying to find one but I had no luck. Thanks.
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