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Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse


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Now, while I realise the aforementioned game is quite an old title (circa 2013), I recently went ahead and made this purchase mostly out of nostalgia for my childhood and the first two games of thIs legendary series. In truth, this was probably my first step away from the LucasArts point and click style of game and they were very fun, so I was delighted to this game be ported the Xbox One. While my recollection of the original isn’t great, the game seemed to maintain a style similar to what I was accustomed to and of course, it returned George Stoebart and Nico Collard (fun fact, there are quite a few attractive cosplayers who have portrayed Nico really well but the George cosplayers all seem to have the dodgiest or wigs).

Anyway, I thought the game was pretty fun overall and it definitely reignited my love for the point and click genre. Sadly, with Macs abound and an Xbox, I don’t foresee me having that many point and clickers to play but it’s good to see that they still have a place in the game armamentarium. It actually also had a really catchy tune called “Jasmine” which has been stuck in my head for a few days now. 

I will add one thing though for those who might have played it. I find the *end* concerning Donna to be really unnecessary lol. I felt it was pretty mean spirited in fact. I thought she was lovely but perhaps I’m a soft touch...

Have any of you guys/girls played it?

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