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Hajjhowe's Twitch/YouTube Video Game thing.


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It's a thing! I've found myself with a bit more money and a lot more time alone to play video games and with the ability of Twitch to basically record stuff for me, I've decided to make some little videos for fun. Don't expect much in the way of production values but I'd appreciate the feedback/support/encouragement that maybe someone else wants to watch. I'll just say in advance I apologize if this is advertising or something but I have no idea if these even make any money and highly doubt they will. Also don't have the strictest of Twitch schedules for live stuff but I'll probably look into maybe planning out a bit if people like it. Again though any mods or whatever let me know if it's not cool posting something like this here because I am pretty unaware of the rules on this stuff...

This is my 'Cleanest' video so far as the older ones I for some reason decided to leave the group chat on screen and didn't cut them down into smaller parts so they are kind of marathon watches. I'll likely alternate between various games because I am easily bored but yeah. Also if anybody that isn't incompetent with photo editing like me wants to help me out it'd be much appreciated for like the little preview cards. As fun as looking at me use MS Paint is I know there's plenty of talented people in the community who can do better work.

Twitch Channel - https://www.twitch.tv/hajjhowe
YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsE80tmL8_97i6rqHDNBrgw

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