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Starting a Traveller RPG twitch stream

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Hey guys. Tonight my friends and I are streaming our Traveller RPG game over Twitch for the first time, from 10pm until midnight at https://m.twitch.tv/boysfromthebalticstar

Traveller is a sci-fi adventure in a VERY large universe with a massive range of things you can do. Our game has run for a year so far and I will be posting videos on youtube over the coming days and weeks to provide "the story so far".


Tonight finds Soraya (PC), Agnar (PC) and Sever (NPC) about to land at an orbiting processing plant that has been taken over by a local mercenary organisation who have beef with us.


Join us for some laser pew pew pews and wine drinking.

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Session 4 tonight at 10 GMT! The crew are looking to stage a revolution against rhe corpo-controlled puppet leader of the planet.


I hope we succeed. If we don't at least it should blow up spectacularly in our faces.




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