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(HYPE) Mass Exodus Mod

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This is a fantasy real world mod where all of the promotions in the world's talent suddenly leave the promotion. Now it's a panic race with some formed promotions and also old defunct promotions also coming in to take advantage of the sudden Mass Exodus.

Question: Which promotions should I include in the mod, current, new and old?
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Current Promotions that will be used in the database (not in order, sorry for people with OCD):

Chikara Wrestling (No Owner, No Booker)
Combat Zone Wrestling (John Zandig Owner, DJ Hyde Booker)
EVOLVE Wrestling (Gabe Sapolsky)
Dragon Gate USA (No Owner, No Booker)
Extreme Championship Wrestling (Paul Heyman)
Game Changer Wrestling (Brett Lauderdale) (Need to get the belts for it)
Global Force Wrestling (Jeff Jarrett, Karen Jarrett)
House Of Hardcore (Tommy Dreamer) (Need to get the belts for it)
Impact Wrestling (Don Callis, Scott D'Amore)
Lucha Underground (Dario Cueto Owner, No Booker)
Major League Wrestling (Court Baeur)
National Wrestling Alliance (Billy Corgan Owner, No Booker)
New Japan Pro Wrestling America (No Owner, Rocky Romero Booker)
NXT Wrestling (Triple H Owner/Booker)
Ohio Valley Wrestling (Shane McMahon Owner, Stephanie McMahon Booker)
Hulkamania Wrestling Federation (Hulk Hogan Owner, No Booker) (Need a logo)
Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (Excalibur Owner, Super Dragon Booker)
Ring Of Honor (Cary Silkin Owner, No Booker)
Shimmer Women's Athletes (Alison Danger Owner, Dave Prazak Booker)
Shine Wrestling (No Owner, No Booker)
TNA Wrestling (Dixie Carter Owner, No Booker)
World Championship Wrestling (Eric Bischoff Owner/Booker)
GLOW Wrestling (No Owner, No Booker) (Not Sure If Needed)
All Elite Wrestling (Tony Khan Owner, Cody Rhodes Booker)
AIW (Need Info)
AAW (Need Info)
Wrestling Society X (No Owner/Booker) (Need Pics For Revamped Version)
Flair Promotions (Ric Flair Owner Arn Anderson Booker) (Need Pics)
GLOW (No Owner/Booker) (Need Info and Pics)
Women Of Wrestling (???) (Need Info and Pics)
AAW (???) (Need Info and Pics)

Alpha-1 Wrestling (Ethan Page Owner/Booker)
Stampede Wrestling (Bret Hart Owner/Booker) (Need info and Pics)
Smash Wrestling (???) (Need Info and Pics)
C*4 (???) (Need Info and Pics)


Promo Azteca (Konnan Owner/Booker) (Need Info and Pics)
AAA World Lucha Libre (???) (Need Info and Pics)
CMLL (???) (Need Info and Pics)
The Crash (???) (Need Info and Pics)
IWRG (???) (Need Info and Pics)

British Isles:

Frontier Wrestling Alliance (No Owner/Booker) (Need Info and Pics)
NXT UK (No Owner/Booker)
NWA UK Hammerlock (No Owner/Booker) (Need Info and Pics)
Attack Pro Wrestling (???) (Need Info and Pics)
Dragon Pro Wrestling (???) (Need Info and Pics)
New Generation Wrestling (???) (Need Info and Pics)
Preston City Wrestling (???) (Need Info and Pics)
Progress Wrestling (???) (Need Info and Pics)
TNT Extreme Wrestling (???) (Need Info and Pics)
Defiant Wrestling (No Owner/Booker) (Need Inf and Pics)
World Of Sport Wrestling (No Owner/Booker) (Need Info and Pics)
Insane Championship Wrestling (Mark Dallas Owner/Booker)
Pro Wrestling EVE (???) (Need Info and Pics)
Over The Top Wrestling (???) (Need Info and Pics)
Revolution Pro Wrestling (???) (Need Info and Pics)

Pro Wrestling NOAH (Naomichi Marafuji Owner/Booker)
DDT Pro Wrestling (Sanshiro Takagi Owner/Booker)
Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling (Tetsuya Koda Owner No Booker)
All Japan Pro Wrestling (Tsuyoki Fukuda Owner No Booker)
2AW (No Owner/Booker)
Big Japan Pro Wrestling (Eiji Tosaka Owner No Booker)
Dragon Gate (Toru Kido Owner No Booker)
Just Tap Out Wrestling (Taka Michinoku) (Need Info)
New Japan Pro Wrestling (Takami Ohbari Owner No Booker)
World Wonder Ring Stardom (Rossy Ogawa Owner No Booker)
GAEA Japan (No Owner/Booker) (Need Info)
Wrestle-1 (Keiji Mutoh Owner/Booker)
WAR (No Owner/Booker) (Need Info and Pics)
Pro Wrestling Zero-1 (???) (Need Info and Pics)
Ice Ribbon (???) (Need Info and Pics)
Sendai Girls Pro Wrestling (???) (Need Info and Pics)


Melbourne City Wrestling (???) (Need Info and Pics)
PWA: Black Label (???) (Need Info and Pics)


Fight Club Finland (???) (Need Info and Pics)
WXW (???) (Need Info and Pics)


Ring Ka King (No Owner/Booker) (Need Info and Pics)

If you guys have any other suggestions or can help me with research I would really appreciate it!

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Also when the mod comes out the promotions will be changed from other mods to befit the nature of the Mass Exodus and the fact that none of the promotions can no longer put on any shows so the promotions have lost their stats, popularity and also money. Another thing is that pops of the wrestlers will also be changed to deal with the previous statement.

Lastly it will take some time to get everything sorted for the mod but if you can help out in any way it will help be a bunch such as Info and finding Pics of workers, belts etc.

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Annoyingly after a reinstallation after a windows update went wrong, the Mass Exodus mod is sadly set back a bit but I've gotten in the rhythm of making the mod but I have to rebuy Photoshop as I no longer have the serial number/key for it but using a trial for it right now and going to buy a monthly plan after I get paid. Sorry for the not so good news
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