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Barclay Marathon: The Race That Eats Its Young.


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British ultrarunner Jasmin Paris has become the first woman ever to complete the Barclay Marathon. She did it with less than two minutes before the 60hour cutoff expired, and became one of only 20 different people to complete it.


The Barclay Marathon is said to be 100miles long, consisting of five 20mile loops with a combined ascent and descent greater than going up and down mount everest, from sea level, twice. 

(although no-one really knows for sure, because the route changes all the time).

It's absolutely nuts. The race has gotten more mainstream attention over the years, but is still a mess of secrecy. Participants don't know exactly when the race will start, the entrance fee includes a number plate from your home country, as well as whatever the race organiser feels he needs (T-shirts, socks, shirts, etc). There's no GPS, you use maps, and to prove you ran the course you have to rip the pages out of books hidden around the course.

I really, really recommend tracking down the documentary "Barclay Marathon: The Race That Eats Its Young." It bounces around between different streaming platforms. If not there are other docs about in on YouTube that are worth watching.



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