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Veg Needs Music...

Dr. Rated-R

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Okay, I'm not very 'informed' about music. Like, I'm the type of person that, if this were wrestling, would be half way between being a mark and a smark. Thus, most of the music I listen to comes off of the radio, with the exception of my current favorite -- Audioslave. I want bands that the typical Audioslave fan would like, as I'm starting to like that type of rock, a lot.

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Ok, I will love you because Audioslave is your favorite band

Like Suicide (The acoustic version is quite enjoyable) - Soundgarden

Spoonman - Soundgarden

Fell on black days - Soundgarden

Rusty Cage - Soundgarden

Basically, anything from the A-sides/Super Unknown albums is amazing stuff.

Anything you can get from the Euphoria Morning album by Chris Cornell (Duh, Audioslave singer). All the songs are genious.

Heaven Beside you - Alice In Chains

Can't stop - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Alice - Pearl Jam

Creep - Stone Temple Pilots

Hemorrage - Fuel

Jubilee - Blur

Drive - Incubus

Sick Cycle Carousel - Lifehouse

Everything - Lifehouse

Roll with it - Oasis

If you are into latin music

Fuera de mi - La Ley

Delirando - La Ley

Hope I helped you

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Miami Vice, that song sounds very little like an Audioslave one (well, 'cept the chorus), IMO, but it sounds really cool...

George, I'm in the proccess of getting what you've listed, starting with the Sound Garden stuff.

EDIT - Feel free to suggest some more, people. :)

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The Union Underground - South Texas Deathride, Revolution Man, Turn Me On Mr Deadman, Natural High, Killing The Fly, Trip With Jesus, Until You Crack

Type O Negative - Out Of The Fire, Love You To Death, Red Water (Christmas Mourning), Burnt Flowers Fallen, Die With Me, Be My Druidess, Haunted

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Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden

Pretty Noose - Soundgarden

Last Kiss - Pearl Jam

And any Rage Aganist The Machine songs.

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