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  1. It seems like most of the OG cast is back, but if they aren’t playing their original roles it’s just as different characters. Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Storm, Beast, Mr Sinisteree and Rogue all have their original voice actors. Catherine Disher (OG Jean Grey) plays Valarie Cooper Chris Potter (OG Gambit) is now Cable The guy who was originally Cable (Lawrence Bayne) is voicing the X-Cutioner The original voice actress for Jubilee (Alyson Court) is now Abscissa. Original Morph (Ron Rubin) is now President Kelly. Jennifer Hale takes over as Jean Grey, AJ LoCasico takes over as Gambit, Jubilee & Morph are Holly Chou & JP Karliak respectively. Ray Chase is Cyclops, Matthew Waterson is Magneto, Ross Marquand is Professor X, Isaac Robinson-Smith is Bishop, Giu Augustini is Sunspot, Gil Birmingham is Forge. Theo James is an unrevealed “fan favorite” character.
  2. You don’t HAVE to, but as you ramp up the difficulty it becomes more necessary to complete objectives.
  3. They announced today that all attention should be diverted to the planets that the automatons just invaded. I don’t know if you’ve given any of the robot missions a try, but HOLY SHIT. The difficulty ramps up by like half. You really have to strategize and plan, because walking into a base will get you murdered fast. The atmosphere of some of those planets, with (basically) Terminators walking around is incredible. I love this game. If anyone (you too!) wants to play together, my PSN is on my profile.
  4. Since it’s on Jackman’s Instagram I’m not going to spoiler box it. 🥹🥹🥹🥹
  5. Hollywood Reporter confirmed Jennifer Garner is returning as Elektra in Deadpool 3 Other cast rumors:
  6. if Fortnite has taught me anything, it’s that even in non-solo modes people will find a way to win with the cheapest way possible. It’s just the nature of online modes/games. But I’ve had good experiences in Ranked Online for this game. Only encountered one CAW who spammed shit, everyone else has been just playing the game as intended. YMMV tho, obviously.
  7. You could say the exact same thing about you speculating it was going to be a paid update, so 🤷🏼
  8. the leaks indicated a free and premium battle pass for Stadium Stampede. Fortnite does the same thing. You don’t need to buy the battle pass to claim the free items on that track. Dead by Daylight and others do the same thing.
  9. Stadium Stampede was always going to be a free update.
  10. The newest patch is for all you PS4 owners who had crashing problems, FYI.
  11. The only people I’ve seen online that have unrealistic expectations for future patches/support are, oddly enough, 2K enthusiasts who want GM modes patched in and stupid shit like that. While I don’t think a simple Create a Card mode or something would be impossible, it’s not likely. But it’s more likely than a full fleshed out GM mode, that’s for sure. Most wishlist items for patches on the subreddit are just gameplay balancing, bug fixes and expanded CAW/delivery on the promise of customization to existing wrestlers. And fixes to online mode since people have now discovered you can bail out of matches and not have it count against your rank/count as a loss apparently. Or being able to filter out matches against CAWs.
  12. Did you make them a team in the create mode? Because FTR and the Hardys aren’t automatically made into teams just because you own them. A weird thing is that the Hardys or Hardy Boyz isn’t a call name for tag teams. Same thing with alternative attires in the store. You have to go to edit attire and make a preset for Britt, the Bucks and for Broken Matt Hardy.
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