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  1. Oh yeah, that was a good one too! But I actually struggle to remember any standout episodes beyond the two I mentioned, and I guess that one. The Winds of Winter was just holy fuck moment after holy fuck moment. While I'm interested in the House of the Dragon prequel, I'd be lying if I said I didn't wish we were getting an "Arya Stark explores what's west of Westeros" series instead. Arya was just a fucking badass in this show, I loved her. Easily the best Stark child, hands down.
  2. I didn't mind the first half of the last season (The Long Night was a great episode, I thought) but oh boy, those last few episodes were... yeah, not the same show as the previous seasons. It all went downhill during the S7 finale, and just went further and further down. Characters killed under different circumstances then anyone would have wanted or expected, and story wrap-ups for others that were just baffling. I think my favorite episode might be the S6 finale, or the Long Night from S8. I don't feel like I wasted my time really, but I can see why people were fuming when this season a
  3. I'm not going anywhere near the thread until I'm done with the show, but I just want to say that Game of Thrones is awesome. I'm on S7E2. Is this where it supposedly goes off the rails, or is that S8? Because I've loved mostly everything so far. Peter Dinklage, and especially Lena Headey, are just amazing in this - holy shit. EDIT: S7E7 - ah, yep, there it is. The train is about to go off the rails.
  4. I've always heard bad things about X-2, but I've never played it myself. But it focuses on Rikku and Yuna, whom I both love, so I might have to actually give it a go one of these days.
  5. Final Fantasy 7 (Remake) is what people always suggest, but I've always loved FF10.
  6. Kotick is the face of Activision/Blizzard’s PR nightmare. If anyone goes, it’d be him. And you know he’ll willingly leave, because he’ll have a golden parachute waiting for him when he does. He’s already being pretty vague about his future with the company in the press today.
  7. Bobby Kotick probably won’t leave Activision until at least the end of next year, if that even happens. The acquisition won’t close until sometime late this year or early 2023.
  8. I would imagine COD would go to a timed exclusive for Xbox after current contracts with Sony expire, but we also all thought Bethesda titles would be cross platform after they were bought and Phil Spencer has clarified that’s not going to be the case. Plus I don’t think Microsoft cares about millions in sales a year when this is pretty much ONLY about making Gamepass stronger. Millions of dollars a year in sales is a drop in the bucket, surely.
  9. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition just got added to Gamepass out of nowhere.
  10. I thought for sure @livid was posting in here to lament the fact that BROCKHAMPTON cancelled their tour and are going on an indefinite hiatus
  11. I have no sense of when these things air, or even how they get away with saying fuck and whatnot, so thanks for the clarification. FWIW, that BFQ of Everything I posted... I didn't like it so much. Not nearly as much as the BFQ of the Year for 2021. And I like Jonathan Ross, maybe it's because I haven't seen him in a whole hell of a lot besides these things.
  12. Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2021 was really good. I'm watching the 2020 edition right now, it's not as good when Jonathan Ross isn't there but Richard Ayoade and Katherine Ryan are here, so it all works out!
  13. apparently New Blood is the most watched Showtime series ever, which honestly surprises me given how terrible the last few seasons were. People really love Dexter and wanted that show to be redeemed, I guess. I'll probably finish the season (limited series?) sometime this week. The first episode didn't really hook me in all that much, but I'll give it another chance - the first episodes are usually the tough ones to get through anyway. I still need to finish S5 of Search Party. I think I might have had the ending spoiled for me, and if that's true - I need to see how they get to that poin
  14. boy, Search Party S5 is real weird and fucked up. I thought the previous season was odd but this takes it to a whole different level that I didn’t see coming AT ALL.
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