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  1. When I bought the Series S I had totally forgotten that it had an internet browser and they sell movies/TV shows in their store. I'm happy about those two things. Also the Xbox is, besides my laptop and phone, the only thing I can access the Discovery+ app on. PS5? No app. My smart TV? Same thing. I hate casting to my TV from my laptop, so that works out for me. Game Pass is pretty great, I've downloaded and started a bunch of things that otherwise I absolutely never would have bought. American McGee's Alice, Black, Last Stop, Dante's Inferno, Mirror's Edge, etc. Some of those are good, y
  2. Might be a little too similar to Dying Light in a lot of ways, but Dead Island is pretty fun. The Definitive Collection (Island & Riptide) is pretty cheap usually, the individual games even more so. World War Z isn't bad, but it's just not my thing. It's definitely more fun if you play online/with friends, though.
  3. I need more friends on Xbox. Please give me your usernames I'm lonely over here.
  4. lol apparently the album got pushed back to August 7th fuckin' Ye
  5. Ye supposedly has a new album out on Friday called DONDA. I'll believe it when I see it, and even then.. I dunno man, after all the Trump shit and some of his past comments.. I don't know if I can separate the art from the artist, but for Ye, I'll try, I guess? As long as it isn't another gospel album.
  6. Son of a bitch, why didn't I know this? The hostile creatures part is easily my least favorite part of that game. I just want to explore and build some shit. Now that I know this is a thing, I guess it's time to move NMS off my external harddrive and back onto the internal storage of the PS5.
  7. No Man's Sky definitely has "enemies" though.
  8. This suddenly makes sense as to why the latest episode of Dynamite is called Coffin Flop.
  9. That's mainly why I got it. That, and Bethesda games for the future (and any other studio I care about that they might eventually buy).
  10. I just ordered a Series S from Gamestop for some reason. I have a problem, clearly.
  11. I'm surprised nobody is talking about the SteamDeck handheld, unless it's in another thread that I've missed. Could be a Switch killer, since you can theoretically make this just a handheld PC, swap operating systems, install emulators, access Xbox Game Pass, etc. But it could also be absolutely nothing, given how Valve handled the Steam Machine and shitty support for the controller and past hardware ventures, etc. I'm interested in the base model - apparently you can install an SD card just like the Switch - but the ship date has been pushed to Q2 2022 now if you try to buy it, presumabl
  12. Oh boy. Pretty big spoilers for the finale of Loki.
  13. This might be one of my favorite MCU movies, honestly. I know the Marvel formula isn't for everyone, as proven by the conversations I had earlier in the thread, but this is almost note perfect for my tastes. Funny, really good action scenes, introduces characters that are fun and interesting, and closes the book on a huge part of the MCU and opens a lot more doors as well. Some of these fights are as good as the Winter Soldier movie ones, IMO. Taskmaster and connections to the first Avengers movie + other thoughts: I get entirely why they wanted to hold off on releasing this, given
  14. For GoT, you can either pre-order the upgrade for $20 or buy it for $30 when it's released. It's not free. For Death Stranding, it costs $10.
  15. Sifu got delayed to 2022, gameplay videos of Deathloop and Lost Judgement, Death Stranding Director's Cut release date (9/24), Moss: Book 2 for PSVR announced... that's all I cared about, anyway. It was mostly third party studios and indies. This isn't their big, tentpole E3-like event - if they even have one this year. Death Stranding is, seemingly, taking a page out of Ghost of Tsushima's book and de-listing the frequently on-sale base game, and now only offering the Director's Cut for PS5 or the Digital Deluxe Edition for PS4. So people with the disc-less PS5 are fucked if they owned t
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