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  1. I think that's the best episode yet, we're slowly but surely getting to the point where things are revealing themselves to us. The last 5 minutes or so of this episode was DARK. Not in any type of overtly way, but just... something really sinister is beneath the surface, it feels like. Either she's being controlled, or Wanda has well and truly lost her goddamn mind and we're going to get a badass villain Scarlet Witch. I like that it could go either way.
  2. You have to own 1 or 2 to import the levels into 3. So, if you own Hitman 1, you can play the levels on 3, but if you don't own 2, you can't play those in 3.
  3. For what it's worth, IO Interactive and the Epic Store are both working together to fix that.
  4. I don't think there's going to be a large restock for a few months, IIRC. The last drops I saw were completely random ones on Sony Rewards and Dell of all places, and I only saw those because of Wario64 on Twitter.
  5. CrossCode is definitely in that same vein, just without the turn based combat. But yeah, I love Cosmic Star Heroine. The soundtrack hasn't left my car's CD player since I got it mid-2020. The collector's edition is pretty badass, too. So is the one for CrossCode (super cheap for everything you get, too).
  6. I'm in love with CrossCode. It's like a JRPG from the 90s on the SNES or something. I had the collector's edition ordered months and months ago from Strictly Limited, but I bought that sight unseen because I saw a bunch of recommendations on Reddit about it (in particular if you enjoyed Cosmic Star Heroine - which I did, very much so. Bought the collector's edition of that off eBay after beating it on the Switch when I had one earlier in 2020). But now that I have a digital PS5, I had to double dip, so I bought the digital version of CrossCode (and CSH, because it's such a good game).
  7. I think my only complaint about WandaVision is that the ending credits are the same length as you'd have in the movies (around 7-8 minutes). They're highly stylized, but whatever. Spoilers ahead. Episode 1: Episode 2:
  8. I've been making my way through it over the past couple of weeks, when I'm not focused on other games like The Last of Us Part II. There are some frustrating sections, but luckily if you die, it's a near instant reload and you get to die again. The difficulty levels, at least on the lower end, feels like it makes the combat TOO easy. But all I'm really doing now is yeeting Stormtroopers off of ledges and shit with a Force pull and throw. I'm not really all that into Star Wars besides a passing interest, so I have no idea about any of these characters or the story or locations, etc. I know
  9. Can anyone think of a property that they’ve announced that he could do-star in? The Deadline article mentions it’s in a role akin to Downey in Civil War, so it’s clearly not just a cameo. All I can think of is Dr. Strange or maybe Secret Invasion?
  10. Another hotfix in the next 10 days, two patches are scheduled to hit before the DLC does... but speaking of, the DLC is delayed, but it comes out before the next-gen upgrade (which is pushed back to the second half of 2021). They also confirmed that the focus of the game's development was on the PC version, and they tried to port the work they had there to current and next-gen consoles, and that obviously didn't work. The way they word the Q&A on their website makes it seem like they were shocked that people had so many bugs, glitches and crashes because magically they never encounter
  11. Holy shit the Pulse 3D headset is super comfortable. Doesn't even feel like I'm wearing headphones. I haven't tried it out on the PS5 yet, though.
  12. Yeah supposedly it's an open world game using the same engine that The Division does. And in other news - Hogwarts Legacy is delayed to 2022.
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