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  1. Talking about Horizon earlier in the weekend with a few of you guys in this thread got me itching to go back and finish up any trophies I hadn't gotten. Well, now, as far as the main game goes, I have ONE left before I get the platinum and I can't for the life of me get it. It's one last time trial at a Hunting Lodge, where you have to loot 4 containers from a Shell-Walker. And I just can't do it. This weekend I've spent probably an hour or two just trying that one challenge and it's so frustrating. Fuck.
  2. Doc & Bean are basically just a cautionary tale for the viewer on how fucked up things can potentially get for the main characters. I appreciate that the show didn't shoehorn them into the main show's storylines. Would I have loved to get more of them? Sure. But they served a purpose and did it very well. I was left wondering why Episode 5 existed until that one moment between Ian & Poppy, and their existence and that episode made that one little moment hit that much better. Plus Episode 5 served as a nice midway point break from all the wackiness going on.
  3. It could be argued that Bucky also fits the "not a perfect soldier, but a good man" line that Erskine said to Steve in the First Avenger. I mean, obviously Sam fits that better and doesn't have the baggage that Bucky does, but all of the bad things Bucky has done in his life was really only because of HYDRA and mind control. But yeah, its fairly obvious where Disney is going to go with the mantle of Captain America, especially since (spoilers for Episode 5)...
  4. Watch it! It’s a breeze, and super funny, and the episode GoGo and I mentioned really is just lovely.
  5. I think my only complaint about Horizon was that the Frozen Wilds DLC takes place during the main story. So if you already beat the game, then played the DLC, you're kind of rewinding time since you've presumably done the final battle and everything. And the fact that some of the characters you meet in the Frozen Wilds will aide you in that final story mission, too. If you beat the DLC and never went back to replay that last main mission, you'd never even know it (unless you looked it up online or watched YouTube videos, obviously). I like my DLC to be set before or after the main game, not du
  6. I started Kim's Convenience a few months ago, but couldn't really get into it. I like it, but for whatever reason nothing compels me to keep watching it after a few episodes. It's a show where I'll probably binge a few, then put it down for awhile, and come back to it. I think I'm still on the first season. I miss Superstore like crazy already, though. I'm on the first episode of Can't Get You Out Of My Head. I love stuff like this. I'm already planning on digging into Adam Curtis' previous documentaries eventually. EDIT: @GoGo Yubari Just got an alert that an 11th episode for S1 of
  7. I didn’t get the usual burnout. Maybe it’s because there isn’t a plethora of side quests and shit like there usually is in these games. I’ve almost gotten the platinum for it - if I could just will myself to do those time trial trophies and shit I’d be there. I’m very bias though, it was the first PS4 game I played and I definitely credit it with getting me back into gaming (previously I had an Xbox One, but it was only used for WWE Network/Netflix for the most part - the occasional game here and there). I’m going to be gutted when Forbidden West inevitably gets delayed, since that seems
  8. I wholeheartedly disagree, Horizon is nearly perfect in my opinion.
  9. Yeah, I don't know about being a Captain, but maybe an Agent of the US...
  10. I'm sure you're just speaking to your personal feelings, but either way I can almost guarantee you that there's an entire generation of hip-hop fans that would say this hurts just as much, and maybe even a little more. DMX was the jump off point for a lot of people around my age. And there was a period of time, maybe a couple of years, where he was bigger than artists like Jay-Z or Eminem.
  11. Uh, holy fuck. The last 5 minutes are graphic (for the MCU anyway).
  12. Slippin' hits a whole lot different today.
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