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  1. I know we're always going to be the lesser side in most games but for fucks sake. The last game, a must win game, in the first tournament we've made it to in 23 years, playing at home as well, and Clarke still waits till we're 2-1 down in the 70th minute before making a(n unforced) substitution. Have some fuckin balls man
  2. That was some finish from Germany. Offside though?
  3. Hasn't that been England's tactics since the so-called Golden Generation?
  4. I said it elsewhere but yeah, this. Each player on their own are all very-good to world class but the team just doesn't do it. Every year unrealistic expectations are trundled out and England play the way they've been playing for years. Shite. Scotland absolutely were deserving of their point, I'd have been genuinely upset if England stole it at the end. A Motherwell player had a million times better game than goldenboy Kane.
  5. Can't even beat Scotland at Wembley, imagine thinking yous have any chance of winning this tournament
  6. Just a reminder before the game guys: anybody gloating about beating Scotland has a wee willy.
  7. Spurs recent managerial links summed up quite nicely:
  8. That De Bruyne lad is not half bad eh.
  9. Genuinely think we could and should have had the win there. I have no clue what the fuck Marshall was doing so far up the pitch for their 2nd but Jesus christ.
  10. Gutted to concede, it was definitely against the run of play. Should have put away a few of those chances early doors and might have done with Che up front but oh well.
  11. Really excited for this, the teams a bit of a letdown given the injuries/knocks to Tierney and Che but I still think we can top this group
  12. I fuckin hate Tyldsley. Passion doesn't make up for being a total wank.
  13. I love Loki as a character in the MCU but I'm not sure how I feel about that first episode. Incredibly nitpicky/nerdy whinings, but I think a lot of the lore it's hit out with sort of really undermines whats already happened. I take it the TVA is properly fleshed out and fits in with the comics? Might have enjoyed it more if I had ever heard of them before!
  14. Same, I don't remember the differences with how each game handled the mako but I distinctly remember not feeling anywhere near as much hate for it at the time as most people seemed to.
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