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  1. Im not the most up to date with the comics source material stuff but regarding the mid credits scene: Really loving this show but there's still so much stuff I don't know how it gets all wrapped up in what, only one more episode?
  2. Between how shit we've been and the usual expectation of VAR fuckery I still haven't been able to celebrate that last goal going in. Absolute shambles. Gave them all 3 goals that were totally avoidable and make it hard for us as usual. Why the fuck is Willian still getting minutes over Pepe? Never mind Martinelli? Glad we went through but Jesus christ the brainfarts need to stop.
  3. And just in time to rescue the league.
  4. Apart from the first ten minutes or so, I don't think we've been objectively bad. I think if they settle down a bit and stop rushing then we can definitely threaten City. I'm aware De Bruyne will probably score immediately from kick off but if we're being fair it's not as if its out of the ordinary for City to be dicking teams with relative ease.
  5. Fantastic first half, just shows what Auba can do when he has 3 incredible attacking midfielders like Odegaard, Saka and ESR behind him. Still can't figure out how the fuck Willian is getting minutes ahead of Martinelli/Nelson/etc. Not to mention the ridiculous VAR once again.
  6. I haven't, Seven Samurai was the only Kurosawa film I've ever seen. Would be happy to watch something else though. I watched Casablanca. I think through cultural osmosis I already knew pretty much the entire plot and the main quoted lines but I still surprised myself with how much I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  7. Could keep playing all day and we'd never score. So much for a response to the last game.
  8. Realistically we knew it wouldn't have been. Bednareks red didn't change the game when they fucked up, but they know their mistake massively altered our game.
  9. I agree, same for me. I like the look of the remasters and I love the series in general (even enjoyed Andromeda) but I don't know if I could bring myself to commit to something as huge as ME again.
  10. Watched Seven Samurai for the first time today. Was worried it wouldn't live up to the hype and especially given the length of it but yeah, very much enjoyed it. Think next up on my list of classic-beloved-films-I've-never-seen is Casablanca. Or Citizen Kane maybe.
  11. Oooft, that shuts me up. Kudos to Southampton for taking the spotlight off us.
  12. Sorry, I'm not saying it's the strikers fault, I'm trying to say it was no one's fault hence the red is bullshit
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