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  1. Yeah, this. They did such an amazing job with Spider-man I'll happily sign on for Wolverine. I frequently thought during playing Spidey how much fun it would be flying round New York ad Iron Man, using the same sort of upgrade system to create new suits etc but I'll be up for anything tbh.
  2. No, First Light was dlc for Second Son which was just basically infamous 3. I loved the series so a new entry would be fantastic for me. Surprisingly, not that interested in new MGS. Phantom Pain wasn't worth it and I don't think they're going to be all that great if Survive is anything to go by.
  3. I echo pretty much all of this. Fantastic film, really enjoyed the finale, just all round very enjoyable. So is it Spider-Man next?
  4. I can't remember when it was a playstation plus game but I've finally gotten round to playing Days Gone. It's sort of reminding me of State of Decay, but on a triple A scale. I've never been so stressed out playing a game before.
  5. Really just wish we weren't so embarrassing
  6. I know, couldn't we have saved some of these goals for the next game?
  7. Chelsea are obviously a step above us so not too fussed that we're losing but I don't understand how that wasn't a penalty. Lokonga looks decent, Tierney is his usual great self. Pepe had an amazing run early doors but doesn't seem to get a chance to run onto many balls. Saka had the perfect chance to make an easy play when we were 3 on 2 and fucked it, disappointingly. The pieces are there I just don't think Arteta is putting everything together right. There must be more to get out of these players.
  8. Definitely. If Auba and Laca are playing silly buggers then I'd happy try Pepe and Martinelli up front with those three.
  9. He was one of my favourite comedians for that really sarcastic acerbic style of humour, definitely a shock.
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