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  1. I dont know who Rodgers is, is he gay?
  2. Failing to score against the bottom of the league Burnley, even without a midfield is shocking. Fully anticipate Spurs will win now. Just realised Arteta only made one substitution as well? What the actual fuck man.
  3. But everyone's acting as though it's a fixed issue. The situation before the NLD and now has changed so why should it be outrageous that we've allowed a fringe player to leave after having first team players return? I think it would be outrageous to suggest Arsenal should accept a 3 nil loss when *19* other teams were allowed to postpone. Including Liverpool with their blatant lies about false positives. Burnley have got 6 games in hand. Why aren't they being offered 3-nil forfeits? I agree 100% with what Colly said there, Maitland Niles going off was ridiculous decision. I have no issue
  4. I mean, we've recalled several loan players and most of our AFCON players have returned so at what point are we allowed to return to the transfer market? In the summer, or is that still too soon?
  5. My PS5 has started making a hella noise if there's a disc in the tray these days. Anyone else came across this? I saw a 'fix' on reddit that ended up breaking more people's disc trays than it fixed so not sure what to do. It's worse when watching a dvd or running a game off the disc but even playing a downloaded title, it's still rattling away.
  6. I think it should have gone ahead, 100%. We had to play our opening games despite far more players out with covid, I just don't like the hypocrisy. Why is it an issue now?
  7. "Now opening themselves" as if there hasn't already been 20 games postponed.
  8. I was actually looking forward to the game, surely in current form Spurs should be glad it's been delayed?
  9. Turned out it was just yet another false positive for Liverpool.
  10. I had totally forgotten Horizon was out so soon, and before that Dying Light 2 is even sooner. I just finished Guardians and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was planning on starting Control next but not sure if I wanna get invested in anything before those big 2 come out.
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