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  1. Really hard to see what Artetas process is meant to be these days. Its so far removed from the FA Cup final when I felt a genuine excitement about the team. Dont know how this gets better.
  2. Its too important a season to just fire him without a higher-standard replacement ready to go, and who wants to come in halfway through the most important season in literal decades to try and rescue this shitshow? But he absolutely needs to go, yeah.
  3. Genuine question, what do you need a media remote for? I know they've sold them for generations and I've never gotten my head round why anyone would spend money on them unless they offer something you can't use the controller for?
  4. I actually got it in the combat challenge where you need to try not to take a hit. Didn't even realise till it popped so it's definitely not that difficult.
  5. So I've read something about this on reddit, apparently you don't choose the copy option, just leave it and it'll install properly the way you'd expect?
  6. Thats shameful. Is it not all second hand stuff they sell as well? I didn't think they had new stock of anything.
  7. Jesus it really is a big boy isn't it.
  8. Jesus thats mental. I missed those posts
  9. How straightforward is it to transfer your PS4 stuff? Is it just logging in and downloading everything again or what?
  10. I haven't played any of them and tbh if it wasn't a remastered launch title I probably wouldn't bother but it looks pretty and its new and shiny to go with the PS5 so fuck it. You know me quite well Ellis. How much am I going to hate it? >_>
  11. Got one off Amazon, along with Miles Morales. Planning to get Demons Souls when I get paid as well.
  12. Amazing, the second it hit midnight the PS5 page on Amazon showed buying options starting from £1200, Currys went down and Game.co.uk has crashed altogether.
  13. Xbox Live is a subscription that lets you play multiplayer games online. Game Pass is a subscription that gives you access to a bunch of on-demand games. I think you can buy combined subscriptions but they do different things.
  14. In Death Stranding you constantly collect resources which you can use to build roads, bridges, ladders, storage boxes etc which are all necessary things to survive and complete deliveries. Theres a mechanic called time rain that degrades all structures over time but you can run into bridges made by other people and repair them, and vice versa.
  15. Scotland qualifies for a major tournament. 2020 keeps on 2020ing.
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