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  1. I thought Joker was pretty poorly made. The dialogue was really cheesy and on-the-nose, and all the stuff that happened to him was way too over-the-top, and it didn't ramp up or build to a "breaking point", it just seemed to happen randomly until the film had been on long enough that, okay, it's time to become The Joker now. I feel like there's a version of this movie that could be really good - the movie that the trailer made it look like - but this wasn't it. It doesn't work as a Joker origin story on any level either, because the whole "clowns" thing was crow-barred in so they could ha
  2. She basically said that she doesn't like when she's in spaces with all cis women and they go around explaining their preferred pronouns, because it just makes her feel like she's not passing and they're only doing it because she's there.
  3. He walks into a bar and the barman asks "Why the long face?"
  4. I can't imagine Disney letting Feige spend two movies building up a property all to hand it to another studio, that's basically throwing money away.
  5. Rorschach was a vigilante and the cops hated him - add into his arrest before he died and it totally makes sense his fanboys would be anti-cop. That said, there's no way I'm watching this, since Damon Lindolf's response to Alan Moore not wanting anything to do with the project was literally, "Fuck you, I'm doing it anyway." It's a creatively and morally bankrupt endeavour.
  6. That might speak more to the bubble you're in. I still find there's songs that permeate the mainstream as much as ever. This summer it's "Old Town Road", for example, before that it was the new Ariana Grande, couple years ago it was "Despacito", etc. There's always going to be songs or artists that for a point in time are everywhere and you can't get away from.
  7. I know Fire, Slow Hand, and Jump, but didn't realise they were Pointer Sisters songs, for what that's worth. I'm pretty sure that's only because Fire was on Glee, Slow Hand was on one of those TV adverts for compilation albums that played relentlessly when I was younger, and Jump because of the Girls Aloud cover. But then I likely only know I'm So Excited because it was on the Crunchie ads so who knows. I wouldn't exactly bank on it lasting forever though. It's already a nostalgia thing and it'll get supplanted by new nostalgia. Our lifetime, maybe. Beyond that? Not likely.
  8. I know, it was just a bit forced.
  9. It's been the traditional alternative punishment to people facing the death penalty for hundreds of years in Westeros and Grey Worm doesn't know Jon and has no reason to imagine he'd like it?
  10. It is a bit unfortunate that the Messianic hero that's the only truly worthy heir to the throne is of course a white male, but they're kind of bound to the source material there.
  11. It is if you actually think about it. It's easy to say "season 8 could be just about the North", but what about the North? You can't just have 7 episodes in a row of the Night King attacking different castles. If Season 9 is just the battle for the Iron Throne, what are they doing for the eight episodes before they invade King's Landing? Standing outside the Red Keep wringing their hands?
  12. If they had extended the seasons what would go in them? Just battles that drag out over 3 or 4 episodes? People sitting around expositing their character motivations? Send Jaime back to faff around in Dorne? The reason for the shorter episode count is that there's not enough story or characters left to sustain 20 episodes without hours of pointless filler.
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