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  1. It's a bit of a weird reason though, given the signature Marvel move is a cameo after the plot has been completely resolved. He wouldn't need to save the day any more than Nick Fury did in Iron Man.
  2. That would have made his going back to get with Peggy hit a whole lot different...
  3. The show wasn't great before, but this episode turned a corner into aggressively stupid.
  4. I don't care for this at all. 😕 The "witty banter" between Sam and Bucky is really forced, and their dynamic makes no sense, they're just being crowbarred into this buddy cop thing. In fact, almost nothing that happens in the show makes sense: it's like they know the basic things they want to happen, and then it's just super lazy writing just to get from Point A to Point B. The action scenes are good, and it seems like it's trying to make some points about white privilege and American imperialism somewhere in there, but the whole thing is just... bad. Real disappointed in this one.
  5. I've never bought into Wanda and Vision's relationship because the entire thing happened off-screen, for no apparent reason except that they're together in the comics. The attempts at pathos fell flat for me because none of it's been earned.
  6. Quicksilver could kill Thanos by running into him really fast confirmed.
  7. I didn't say anything about "superpower lore doesn't sit well with me...", I just don't vibe with how it's presented in the comics. It's fine, and I get why people like it, it's just not my speed. The MCU was for a long time very thrifty with its superpower lore and they tried to draw from a lot of the same sources and tie it together (the serums, the Stones, SHIELD). I think it's too easy and loses something if the world is just completely off the wall and swarming with magic robots.
  8. This might have been a little too much for me. I can't really read Marvel comics, because the constant retcons and contradicting lore, plus the matter-of-fact "superpowers and magic are just everywhere, deal with it" setting doesn't really work for me. The MCU was built up so carefully for a long time, and I think it's in danger of disappearing up its own ass.
  9. He was only a touring member of Harvey Danger, Peep Show is fine.
  10. I thought Joker was pretty poorly made. The dialogue was really cheesy and on-the-nose, and all the stuff that happened to him was way too over-the-top, and it didn't ramp up or build to a "breaking point", it just seemed to happen randomly until the film had been on long enough that, okay, it's time to become The Joker now. I feel like there's a version of this movie that could be really good - the movie that the trailer made it look like - but this wasn't it. It doesn't work as a Joker origin story on any level either, because the whole "clowns" thing was crow-barred in so they could ha
  11. She basically said that she doesn't like when she's in spaces with all cis women and they go around explaining their preferred pronouns, because it just makes her feel like she's not passing and they're only doing it because she's there.
  12. He walks into a bar and the barman asks "Why the long face?"
  13. I can't imagine Disney letting Feige spend two movies building up a property all to hand it to another studio, that's basically throwing money away.
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