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  1. The Adventure Zone used it to set up the world for their new campaign. It looks like a lot of fun.
  2. It really is great. I like the way they've encouraged non-combat encounters.
  3. I'm bored of them making the teams older people vs younger people.
  4. Alex should have removed the bags from the garbage. I can't blame Morgana for doing what she did but I think they messed up with her being able to do that.
  5. I don't really care that they took it, but I also don't love that Kiermaier implied that he didn't know that it was the opposing team's. He clearly looks back to make sure they're not looking at him. If there's nothing wrong with taking it, then why lie about taking it?
  6. Fuuuuuuck Norm had one of my favourite late night bits ever.
  7. I was just saying that. Even just of the stuff that is airing right now, I'm watching The Other Two, Ted Lasso, What We Do In The Shadows and Brooklyn 99.
  8. Taskmaster New Zealand was a delight and I'm sad it's over.
  9. Okay, maybe if folks are interested, react to this post and I'll set us up on a discord! We can sort out what we want to play later. I have an idea for a mini-campaign that could kick us off.
  10. Okay, seems like maybe we might get some traction with a play by post. I'm happy to start setting something up. Would people be interested in a new game or is there a pre written campaign folks would be interested in trying?
  11. We would set up a discord and get some dice bots in there. We then play D&D but all through text. Here is an example.
  12. Pretty much as I explained above. There are multiple DMs. When one of them can run a game, they post a sign up and take a group on an adventure. So you end up playing with different people rather than one standard party.
  13. Would folks here be interested in one of the following: a Westmarches game (a few of us who would want to DM would open sign-ups when we are available to run a game and folks would sign their characters up to play) or a full play-by-post style, run through a discord
  14. The interface is much better than Roll20, in my opinion. Yes, you'd have to transfer everything but there is a converter to take your Roll20 stuff and upload it into Foundry. I was able to do that with my friend's Strahd official Roll20 campaign. Let me know if you want to play around with Foundry and I can either give you my login or give you mod powers in a custom game.
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