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  1. Rich Hill to the Mets. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/07/rays-trade-rich-hill-mets.html
  2. Playing as the Blue Jays. In the middle of September, up 4.5 games on the Yankees for the AL East. Playing the Rays. I am winning 3-2 in the bottom of the 8th. Bring in Romano who gives up a double. Get 2 outs. Give up what looks like a home run but it looks potentially catchable. Miss it but I think it's gone. Runner of 2nd scores and by the time I realize the ball is in play, Meadows is running around 3rd base. Inside the park home run because I just gave up on the ball.
  3. Could probably move the Marlins as well. Another thing you could do is fantasy draft and just pick terrible players. Take any team and move them.
  4. I think you can relocate a team but I don't think you can be an expansion team.
  5. We are two sessions in. I don't imagine they will be the type to do too much stupid stuff. The biggest obstacle will be if they run away when they are in a losing fight. We did Death House, which was very fun. They really digged the creepy haunted house vibes and I think all of the dark storyline stuff worked pretty well too.
  6. At 2pm ET/7pm BT, I will be on twitch.tv/sabotagethedm playing in their first ever Total Party Knockout game. Four Level 20s will take on a big boss, this time it's a Demogorgon. Come watch or check it out on demand later!
  7. I am DMing it. Can't wait to kill all my player's new fave characters.
  8. Starting Curse of Strahd tomorrow. Very excited.
  9. Why the floral. I honestly think they are fine, not good, but fine except for the ugly ass floral.
  10. A few weeks ago, I had a pretty wild event as well. Our party is searching an area. We get near a cave and sneak in. We overhear this guy with a red dragon's head & human body talking to his minions. We scatter out before they start to leave and all hide in the swampy area outside. But this is a dragon, just in another form. He transforms back and comes out. He's hunting us down. He catches the scent of one of us hiding. I'm close by so I stand up. The dragon asks me what I'm doing here. I tell him, honestly. He replies, "then you know too much" and begins to breathe fire against
  11. I did a podcast about Series 11 as a whole! Check it out if you're interested. https://robhasawebsite.com/taskmaster-season-rhapup/
  12. Spoilering my thoughts but wow, Mare hit a lot closer to home than I thought it would.
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