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  1. I really really enjoyed it. There is some fun casting news for Season 2 if you're intrigued by that stuff.
  2. I thought Jonathan was totally fine but there are so many comedians they could have had on who would have been better than him.
  3. Had my first character death. Esrhinn is a silver dragonborn fighter. This happened in a Westmarches games. We headed into a pocketwatch that contains another dimension. We were the distraction for another party and this was supposed to be a diplomatic mission. After finding that they had kidnapped our friend (an elf they were using to experiment with time, her being a good choice because elves live for so long and they needed a "year for a year"). We started to fight them. I was paralyzed in the first round of combat. A construct that was built to look just like me (I had entered the pocketwa
  4. Whatever app Showtime uses in the states released them early all season. They released early in Canada too on Crave.
  5. Succession Ted Lasso Feel Good Squid Game Taskmaster (NZ) Taskmaster POSE The Other Two Only Murderers In The Building WandaVision Arcane It's A Sin The Flight Attendant I Think You Should Leave Survivor Honorable Mentions: Master of None, Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Young Rock
  6. Yeah, I thought it was really great. Can't believe Riff was played by a time travelling John Mulaney though.
  7. Yeah, this show was very very fun. Well worth the watch.
  8. I thought episodes 2-3 were pretty weak but the last few have been incredible.
  9. I've been doing a lot of podcasts for a network called Post Show Recaps. I've been doing monthly movie coverage as well as covering the new season of Succession. Our Dune coverage just dropped https://postshowrecaps.com/tv-show/dune-movie-review/ Our latest Succession pod https://postshowrecaps.com/tv-show/succession-season-3-episode-2-mass-in-time-of-war/
  10. I am participating in one on a forum where we have about 60+ players. I play as a DM and a player. Let me know if you have any questions.
  11. The Adventure Zone used it to set up the world for their new campaign. It looks like a lot of fun.
  12. It really is great. I like the way they've encouraged non-combat encounters.
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