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  1. The problem with MLB as a whole right now is that there are so many unsigned free agents that it's clogging everything else up. The Jays must be talking to teams and seeing who they can move to get the best package for someone, but it feels like everything is clogged up. It's wild that Spring Training is supposed to start in a month and you can field a whole team with the unsigned free agents. Surely some teams are hoping they can sign Brantley for cheap rather than pay what the Jays would want for Gurriel, for example.
  2. I imagine this all sorts itself out. I'd be surprised if they got Brantley. Having 4 capable outfielders is a good problem to have. They can swap them out for the DH and give guys a break when needed.
  3. What? They just added Nether regions to the game. That's sound pretty hardcore to me.
  4. I am going to start doing a re-watch to line up with the Ed Gamble pod. I finally finished New Zealand and wow, what a delight that was.
  5. Hasn't this been a thing people have known about for years. That a bunch of pitchers do it and it's only really called out if you're being obvious about it (ie. when Pineda got ejected for it being on his neck).
  6. Looking for someone to jump in and fill the 5th spot in an EWB Taskmaster I've been working on behind the scenes. If you want in, let me know and DM me.
  7. This is what I was most excited about the trade. I kept envisioning Carrasco coming along in the deal.
  8. Ah, we'll see what the return is but I was a little hopeful he'd go to the Jays. There is fair concern why they shouldn't have done it so I'm not too worried.
  9. I haaated the premiere. My favourite part of the premier is meeting the queens and seeing how they interact with each other. We lost all of that. It's especially bad because I think it's a really good cast. I will be really pissed if someone gets voted off.
  10. Yeah, but now I can edit other people's thread titles. Mwhahahaha. We can keep this thread going and start a new thread for the 2021 season around Spring Training.
  11. I wouldn't mind more of these one-offs. I do think it worked very well because they sort of had to pick sets of tasks that would work for a one-off. In a full series, you can shove some weaker tasks. I also thought they cast pretty well.
  12. I really really like it. It's still in beta, so I can only imagine it will get better but for now, it feels like a full game. It's a very fun take on the city/civilization building simulation. You get to play God, in that the more you do to cause good things (or bad things), the more your little Nuggets believe in you. You're just trying to balance their happiness. You are mostly building the extra things (water reservoirs, water pumps, hunting garrisons, etc.) while they build their homes, get married and have babies and you just need to make sure they have everything to take care of th
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