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  1. I mean, that was always the risk with trading for Lindor, no. That is an insanely good offer but seeing as he's incredibly good and a member of the Player's Association, there was always very good odds he would head to free agency.
  2. He is absolutely incredible.
  3. That was a tremendous first episode.
  4. Woah. Fun. That dude really likes being a marshall.
  5. I've been DMing. A discord I am a part of launched a Westmarches campaign with nearly 45 characters. You sign up for sessions when you can and we have six DMs all planning sessions. It's been super fun.
  6. Yeah, it's been a lot. I'm not sure I'll do Down Under. Maybe I'll save it for a binge at some point.
  7. A better example is the Winnipeg Jets in Canada. The original Jets moved to Phoenix, but were allowed to use the name when they moved from Atlanta to Winnipeg. Not sure if they had to use new logos, but they did.
  8. Never heard of them but definitely going to check them out.
  9. that podcast is okay but it's get really good after episode 10.
  10. I'm gonna make a show that gets good around the 95th episode. "Just give it 95 episodes, then it gets reeeeal good."
  11. An old roommate of mine and I used to play a Twins/Royals franchise. We would play all the games against one another. Sometimes we would make a trade if we couldn't hit with someone and we'd also pretend we are at the press conference like "Why did you trade away your leading home run hitter" and we'd respond, "well, he plays like crap against the Twins".
  12. Mythis Quest is good too but two shows probably isn't enough either.
  13. I just watched Upload and glad to see it made it on. Ted Lasso was my favourite show from last year.
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