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  1. First trailer for The Book of Boba Fett dropped today:
  2. I've started a Simpsons podcast with a friend of mine. We're looking at the maligned years of the show. Will it crush us? Quite possibly.
  3. I'm trying to work through my backlog before getting a PS5 later in the year. Finished The Evil Within earlier. It's fine, isn't it? Definitely no more than fine, but perfectly okay.
  4. Amazon Japan seems to have suggested that the PS5 is coming November 20th. Some other accessories are due to come out about then, so it makes sense.
  5. My wife bought me the game as a surprise yesterday. So psyched to play!
  6. I also finally got round to Far Cry 5 this week. It's good, I think, but I can't tell to what extent I'm actually enjoying it. I felt the same way about Far Cry 4. I do love the setting though.
  7. I read yesterday it would be on Pick. That's a Freeview channel, isn't it?
  8. I've had the game since Friday, but haven't played yet. I have two essays due for my Open University course, so I'm keeping the game as a reward for finishing them. It's fucking excruciating.
  9. I've been playing IX the last few weeks. I never played it at the time, so very much enjoying it. Think I'm on to the equivalent of Disc 3 now. It's still not as good as VII, but infinitely better than VIII, which I always found to be a bit crap. Might get the remaster though.
  10. Saw TROS last night, and I actually really enjoyed it. A flawed film in many ways, but a fun one. I enjoyed parts of TLJ, but after rewatching it this week, I liked it a bit less. It's not as effective a deconstruction as I remember, and by the end degenerates into essentially a remake of Empire Strikes Back. Anyway, hopelessly arbitrary rankings ahoy: 1. Empire Strikes Back 2. A New Hope 3. Rogue One 4. The Force Awakens 5. The Rise of Skywalker (although I'm sure this will drop as it fades from memory) 6. Return of the Jedi 7. The Last Jedi
  11. Stellaris would be brilliant if it's still available!
  12. I thought that was great fun. Like a Star Wars western. New episodes will be out every Friday, including this one.
  13. Finally bought Spider-Man. I am terrible at it. Hopefully this won't ruin my enjoyment. Christ though, I'm awful.
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