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  1. Besides this , from the wording, to me it seems the agreement of SJ was with Marvel and Disney made Marvel released it on D+, that may be the diference.Disney tried to skip the terms since is was Marvel problem.
  2. Mostly fault of the goalkeeper but a defender should never makes a pass to the goalkeeper that goes in the direction to the goal.
  3. A very good and entertaining movie.If you are a Kaiju movie fan is definitely must see.
  4. If you watch "Robots" most of those questions can be answered if you appllied that movie universe to cars. Also the Nascar style races are big because is what any car can do,but only a few are great at it, just like most sport in the real world, just because is the equivalent of an unpopular sport in our world, doesn't mean it has to be the same in fantasy universes, heck even in the same world they are different popular sports in each country and regions, In the USA you can see an stadium packed with 100 thousands fans for football, but here a regular football game is just the family of the p
  5. ☺️It is this Sunday! I mark out when Tom Welling appeared.
  6. Hi, can anyone get this logo resized and in the logo background? Please. And this Missy Hyatt on kyky? Thanks.
  7. angeluzcr

    The Flash

    Cicada became more powerful as time passes, according to Nora, also he got the superpowered dagger, also is was about stoping him rather than beating him, he always escaped.
  8. To add to this,in case you haven't watched the movie mentioned:
  9. Posting thoughts later,but I just want to get this out: IM SO HAPPY! BEST MOVIE EVER! I feel for the poor cab and uber drivers that got to drive people home after the showings,they are going to get the movie spoiled so bad.
  10. THey love their easter eggs.
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