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  1. Been getting back into Indian films lately. A bunch of friends and I shared Singham with another friend who hadn't yet seen it. Watched K.G.F. Chapter 1 today, and it's pretty darn epic. Afterwards, it dawned on me that Bollywood (or just the larger film landscape of India) have done a much better job of adapting to the world-building, interconnected zeitgeist of Marvel than American studio rivals have. Of course, they have also had several decades of practice at producing big, four corner, tentpole films.
  2. "Weapons left behindWe dueling with the mind"
  3. I guess I don't quite know what "risks" people are expecting? WandaVision spent 6 of 9 of its episodes painstakingly recreating the evolution of the sitcom. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier went well out of its way to shed any alt-right misappropriation of Captain America and explored some of the darker themes from the comics. They're taking chances with formula and audience expectations in a way most corporate entities don't. Have audiences been conditioned by things like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones (and Attitude Era RAW) to expect big swerves and dramatic character changes? Th
  4. Used for the closing credits of Sennentuntschi, a nasty little Swiss folk horror flick from 2010. The lyrics are strangely appropriate and all kinds of wrong. One of the heaviest things I've heard in a while, in multiple senses of the word. Dust comes across my radar every now and again, and it feels like I rediscover them each time. Same with Pentagram.
  5. Another week, another opportunity for the Ravens to give me cardiac arrest... And there's zero relief the rest of the way unless they just throw one of them away early. I'd almost welcome that. Almost.
  6. Generated Photos is more balanced and allows you to set parameters or go random. https://generated.photos/ Hope that helps.
  7. Crom's Blood, how is it 2021 already?!

    Hope the universe is treating you well, bro.


    1. Forky


      HOLY SHIT! It's TRS!

    2. TheRaySays
    3. Essa


      Buddy, I missed you man. 

  8. Hey, hope the universe is treating ya well.

  9. Good day, sir! I said GOOD DAY!

    1. Forky


      Oh my god! Oh my god! I'm having a celebrity moment :P 

  10. Now you're back, bring back your MLW diary! :shifty:

  11. No school like the old school...

    1. Forky


      OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! There was a TRS sighting!

    2. GoGo Yubari
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