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  1. Does he always tweet in all caps?
  2. This game is awesome but I need it to be over. The GCW show starts soon!
  3. Well don't I just look like an ass for mocking them about that now?
  4. What the hell is going on right now?
  5. Did you know that Brady once came back from down 28-3? The announcers sure fucking know!
  6. Well it was certainly a movie with a lot of brightly colored projectiles
  7. I just started Eternals and it looks fucking stupid and I don't know who anyone is. Is it worth sticking with this for good god nearly 3 hours?
  8. I'd be happy with Caldwell sure he is a little older and not like exciting but he is a good coach who really got shafted in Detroit
  9. Never really got into his comedy but this story makes him seem like such a lovely man
  10. Your Mom

    WWE 2K22

    Yeah like that was a fun commercial but it doesn't make me any more confident the game wont suck
  11. Next to none. I had no idea what was going on for a very good portion of the last few hours
  12. Unfortunately, I didn't get time to watch this one. It's next on my list though so if GoGo hasn't started counting the votes by then it might make it on my list
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