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  1. Football in the morning is neat. Thanks for living in a different time zone England!
  2. I personally think people should be stuck. That's kinda what makes this league unique
  3. Minnesota Vikings vs Carolina Panthers (3) Los Angeles Chargers vs Baltimore Ravens (1) Arizona Cardinals vs Cleveland Browns (2) Dallas Cowboys vs New England Patriots (4) Seattle Seahawks vs Pittsburgh Steelers (5) Closing in on first place!
  4. Pujols is a respected rival so yeah I think I'd like to see him get one last win if the Red Sox can't do it. Pretty much anyone but the Astros is fine with me because fuck those guys am I right?
  5. Well the ending sucked because I think that call was botched but congrats Dodgers I guess? With KB now eliminated I guess I'm a fan of the Red Sox? Let's get Schwarbs another ring!
  6. Was just coming in to ask about this. Despite all my wishes they seemed to be doing awesome. Would have to be something like the players asking for him to go
  7. Ubisoft got me again! I knew if I waited a few months I could probably get it for $20 but I can't resist a Far Cry game at launch. They are always such stupid fun. Me and my Alligator amigo Guapo are going to take Giancarlo Esposito down!
  8. Deathloop is pretty intense! 😮 I haven't played anything but Baseball in so long I forgot what a normal video game can be like. I'm so damned scared to die though. I really don't want to redo a bunch of stuff even though I know that's kinda the point
  9. Wow Indy blew it! I turned it because I thought the game was over and I happened to turn it back 2 plays before the Ravens won it
  10. Yep! Really enjoyed the game so anything for some more of it
  11. Now do I get the FF7 upgrade for free? I owned it digitally on PS4 but the only option I see here just said download so I am downloading it now
  12. And now Gruden can fuck off forever right? Right?
  13. He had another big day people. Just sayin
  14. 3-2 a good and decent start for a good and decent team!
  15. SO many updates! I just want to do some Death Loops!
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