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  1. We have the lowest hit total out of any team that hasn't had games postponed and we are still 3-2. That's good but the bats need to wake up
  2. I was mad because I wanted to draft Tatis at pick 3
  3. If we can keep taking 2 of 3 in every series I will be very happy
  4. I preordered it before I found out about this
  5. Tough loss. We just didn't have it today. Still a long way to go though
  6. Cena was the best part for me. So happy for him making a good go at the acting thing
  7. Earlier is fine with me too
  8. Here's some money. Go see a Star War
  9. I don't think I can make it that day. Unless it's earlier in the day
  10. I think I don't think of the series X as being rare is because I was lucky and I managed to walk in on launch day and get one. I've still never seen a PS5 in person
  11. Anything good coming out for PS4 anymore? Thinking about selling mine to get a few Switch games I want
  12. How can the Pack not tag Aaron Jones? Crazy
  13. I got some guy who only threw 1 TD in his career but I also have The Rock so what the hell right?
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