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  1. Ok maybe I don't remember the last one but I'm only 20 minutes in and already incredibly confused
  2. I was shopping today and made the best kind of buy an IMPULSE BUY! 2 disks though? That is super intimidating for PS5 size disks. Which comes first me actually finishing this game or me becoming a Grandma?
  3. Has anyone played Alan Wake 2? Just wondering about something. It doesn't have any story spoilers but I'll put it in spoilers just to be safe
  4. Your Mom

    WWE 2K24

    I was thinking when I ended up getting this I would get the one that includes the DLC but none of it really interests me
  5. Your Mom

    WWE 2K24

    Proving that absolutely every wrestler has a rabid fan base I've seen a huge group of people furious that Torrie Wilson is not in the game
  6. Anyone go to games alone? I was thinking about it and realized I'm missing out on a lot of trips to Wrigley because arranging someone to go with can just be way too much of a pain most of the time. Like I know when I'm available to go so why don't I just go right? Also if you have done this any tips on how to make it fun and maybe not feel a little odd about the whole thing? Like I'm up for it but it's a little different than going to a movie and just hiding in the dark for a couple hours
  7. I know less than zero about Hockey but I love this ref
  8. Your Mom

    WWE 2K24

    So has there been any kind of online uproar yet over Dirty Dom being ranked way higher than both Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate?
  9. I for sure don't revel in their downturns but watching the first spring training game and it reminded me of how heartbroken I was after the Rizzo, Bryant and Baez trades and unless I am mistaken they have all fallen off pretty bad since those trades. From a purely selfish standpoint it seems like we did good to get rid of them but they will always have a place in my heart so I wish they were playing better
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