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  1. @Maxx Draymond Green PF/C Warriors
  2. The NBA 2K that's on sale is not optimized for the new systems right? I'm trying to decide if I wait for the good one to go on sale or get this one
  3. Fetch the bolt cutters should have been nominated for all the Grammys
  4. @damshow Shai Gilgeous-Alexander PG/SG OKC
  5. Ravens should have to forfeit right?
  6. PS5 sounds really hard. Like the Xbox I just signed in and reinstalled all my stuff super easy. You guys make it sound like it's a huge ordeal to get your PS4 stuff over to the 5
  7. @Maxx Kristaps Porzingis PF/C Mavs
  8. For anyone who needs it Target is selling 3 month Game Pass Ultimate cards for $20 today. You can only buy 3 but I'm still happy to get 9 months for $60
  9. @damshow Kyrie Irving PG/SG Nets
  10. Paul George SF/PF Clippers @Maxx
  11. @damshow Jayson Tatum SF/PF Boston
  12. @Maxx This pick feels boring based on who I'd actually like to pick but I'll play it smart James Harden SG/PG HOU
  13. Maybe I'll watch it then. Nothing else on tonight
  14. Is "BEDLAM" a big deal? They are making it sound like a big deal
  15. There are way too many fans at the game I'm watching. It's in Florida so I guess that explains it but I am actively uncomfortable seeing that many people in one place right now
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