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  1. Our Basketball men are about to lose! What the shit is going on? We don't lose in the actual thing!
  2. I just heard some idiot politician say that somewhere too. I mean I will admit I don't understand HIPAA like at all, but I'm also not dumb enough to go out and pretend I do in front of potentially millions of people either
  3. I know I won't get it for much longer so this post is to appreciate our awesome line up and the fact I just saw Baez hit a three run homer
  4. Depends on which pick I get in round one
  5. Sure I would very much be agreeable to this I am going the other way and making my posts G-Rated unless one of you steal my picks!
  6. We lost at Soccer?!? The hell is going on?
  7. Forget people possibly getting a deadly virus. IT HAS BEGUN! The Cubs just traded Joc Pederson to the Braves for a 1B prospect. Let the firesale commence!
  8. Love watching Alonso launch it but I am hoping Trey holds on for the win Alonso would make more tonight than he will make all year?!? That just seems wrong
  9. Damn Alonso is out here pulling some Ric Flair type poses
  10. I fucking love baseball you guys! I am like jumping up and down here right now
  11. That was unbelievable. Just fucking phenomenal
  12. This is rough. Way too much pressure on Ohtani here. Totally unfair
  13. Ohtani might not make it out of round 1 😮
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