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  1. Everton 1 vs. 0 Liverpool (Sat 12.30pm, BT)Man City 2 vs. 0 Arsenal (Sat 5.30pm, Sky)Sheff Utd 2 vs. 0 Fulham (Sun 12pm)Crystal Palace 1 vs. 1 Brighton (Sun 2pm, Sky)Leicester 2 vs. 1 Aston Villa (Sun 7.15pm)
  2. Sunderland Leeds Everton Crawley Hull City
  3. It is pretty bad that I get every single PL game free with TV package in Canada and the people that live in the country the league is based in pretty much have to bankrupt themselves to watch their team >_>
  4. You are a fan of two teams and they are both bad teams!
  5. Yes, but it’s also shown their high line can be a liability, Arsenal showed that the other day and Villa exploited it. I’m not saying it’s the demise of Liverpool, but Klopp might want to tweak the tactics a bit.
  6. There’s still time for a United come back!
  7. The Leonard Cohen version of “First We Take Manhattan” is so much better.
  8. Chelsea 2 vs. 0 Crystal Palace (Sat 12.30pm, BT)Leeds 1 vs. 3 Man City (Sat 5.30pm, Sky)Arsenal 2 vs. 0 Sheff Utd (Sun 2pm, Sky)Wolves 3 vs. 0 Fulham (Sun 2pm, Sky)Man Utd 0 vs. 1 Tottenham (Sun 4.30pm, Sky)
  9. Brighton 0 vs. 1 Man Utd (Sat 12.30pm, BT)Burnley 0 vs. 2 Southampton (Sat 8pm, Sky)Sheff Utd 2 vs. 1 Leeds (Sun 12pm, BT)Man City 3 vs. 1 Leicester (Sun 4.30pm, Sky)West Ham 0 vs. 2 Wolves (Sun 7pm, BT)
  10. I honestly don’t find too invisible. Not every game is this good, don’t get me wrong, but what I love about Sonny is that he’ll always try. Even if we’re 4-0 down he’ll be running his socks off, trying to make play happen. It’s very endearing.
  11. Presuming they can all be fit at the same time!
  12. Everton 2 vs. 1 West Brom (Sat 12.30pm, BT)Leeds 2 vs. 0Fulham (Sat 3pm, BT)Southampton 0 vs. 1 Tottenham (Sun 12pm, BT)Newcastle 2 vs. 0 Brighton (Sun 2pm, Sky)Chelsea 2 vs. 3 Liverpool (Sun 4.30pm, Sky)
  13. It'll be nice to have Bale back, I do hope he's not a total disaster of Alexis Sanchez proportions though.
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