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  1. Bugger off with this. Clubs are in danger of going out of business completely and these big boys are pouting about temporarily bringing in slightly fewer millions.
  2. I'm dreading to think what next year's game could look like with EA getting its tentacles in it all through development.
  3. I remember how patronising a lot of commentators were when they were last there. It was all about "little Barnsley's Premiership adventure".
  4. With apologies to the fans of other Yorkshire clubs, I think Barnsley would be an interesting candidate for promotion.
  5. I'd rather see Norwich go up than another London club. I like to see as much of a geographical spread across England (and Wales) as possible.
  6. I remember when there were people touting Boothroyd as a future great when he got Watford promoted to the Premier League, but he was then managing a team at the bottom of League Two only seven years later. I was surprised he ended up in the position he did with the Under-21 team after that.
  7. The top six being represented by five different teams is very nice to see.
  8. The World Snooker Championship has started. This is my favourite tournament of the year in any game or sport.
  9. The download is supposed to be around 72GB, according to a report I read.
  10. MLB The Show can now be preloaded through Game Pass.
  11. That sounds good to me. Apparently, you can add your own clips as well with a bit of tinkering.
  12. I used God Mode because I tend to struggle with games. It was a nice boost to have and it incentivised me to keep trying.
  13. Maybe some of that comes from really wanting to like it and getting caught up in the immediate hype. I remember a similar trend with The Dark Knight Rises.
  14. I enjoy the boss fights in Hades.
  15. They're bringing in a stadium creator this year. Other than that, I think the changes are incremental. Actually, I did read that Road to the Show will let you play as both a pitcher and hitter before you decide which one to go for. I think you might be able to do both after that too.
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