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  1. Cameron Norrie has just reached the Indian Wells final. That's probably the best achievement by a male British player since Kyle Edmund got to the Australian Open semi-finals in 2018.
  2. Didn't anyone look at the 18 rating? Which version did you get? I never played it myself, but I often saw the Liverpool and Man United ones in bargain bins when I worked at GAME. I never came across a Birmingham City edition, but I saw a Leeds United version here and there.
  3. Here's a load of new stuff for free. There's also a paid expansion that has other bits and pieces. It will cost £24.99 on its own, but it will also come with the new £34.99/year Switch Online upgrade.
  4. I remember CM2, which I think was the only game in the series to have audio commentary. You could have Clive Tyldesley commentate on your matches, but it made them run a lot more slowly.
  5. I've never got into the Far Cry games. As much as I like Giancarlo Esposito, I'm just not keen to support Ubisoft at this point in time. I think I'd need a while for it to show that it's no longer such a toxic and sexually exploitative company.
  6. It's supposed to be a cross-buy game, so it should give you access to both the PC and Xbox versions. If you're playing it on PC, it will launch through the Xbox app on Windows, even if you've bought in on Steam. I think you'd be better off getting it through a Game Pass subscription. As with all first-party games, the base game will come with the service on day one, and there's also the option to upgrade to the Premium Edition for something like £35 if you really want it.
  7. XboxStockAlerts on Twitter seems to be a place a lot of people go to.
  8. Base.com has become the first retailer to list a price for these games. They're selling last-gen versions for £55 and current-gen versions for £65. If that's an accurate reflection of their recommended retail prices, it's a "sod off" from me.
  9. You can't swim in GTA 3 and Vice City.
  10. But GTA 3 does have a jump button.
  11. Rockstar has stated that they're going to retain the feel of the old versions, but with better graphics and modern enhancements. They absolutely need mid-mission checkpoints and better shooting controls. Keeping the original soundtrack is big for me as well. If it's just a simple set of ports with minimal changes, like Super Mario 3D All-Stars, it won't interest me much.
  12. The worst kept secret in video games this year is finally official. Rockstar says the games will have better graphics and "modern gameplay enhancements", which hopefully means mid-mission checkpoints. They're coming out on Xbox, Playstation, Switch and PC. Rockstar will also be removing the current versions of the games from digital stores. The last time that happened, San Andreas was replaced by a worse-looking and more bug-filled version, so I'm hoping that won't be repeated. I very much hope they get all the music back in too. Starting the first mission in Vice City to a song that isn'
  13. I find that a lot of new features they've added over the years lose their appeal very quickly. Press conferences and team meetings sounded interesting, but you're soon clicking through them mindlessly.
  14. There's a game called Football Mogul that seems to be less in-depth than Football Manager.
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