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  1. Good for Daley. He's been waiting a long time for that.
  2. If that's Geralt of Rivia, I can completely believe it.
  3. I thought that would be something we'd see in the near future. I'd assume that it will only be a top leagues to begin with, but it could be a really interesting dynamic nevertheless. Transitioning between managing men's and women's teams should add another layer to career saves and gives more visibility to the women's game. I'm struggling to think of any other features I'd greatly care to see added. I'd be happy enough for them to focus on improving the match engine and manager AI, and perhaps making international management a bit more interesting.
  4. I see that Amazon Prime Gaming is sponsoring Stevenage's shirts next season.
  5. It will be nice to have some company.
  6. They ended up losing in the final, but won the competition the next year. With two consecutive victories in the playoffs as well, the early-to-mid nineties were a golden time for Wembley finals for Notts.
  7. I normally love the Olympics, but I'm really struggling to care much about these games in much more than a concerned capacity. The atmosphere won't be good without the full crowds, while packing competitors together in a small space is a recipe for disaster. Team GB is highly unlikely to repeat the great medal hauls of the last two games, but a predicted fifth place in the medal table would still be a very good result. I remember when there was only one British gold medal in 1996, by comparison. Track cycling looks as though it's going to be a sport that sees a major drop in British medal
  8. I quite like the idea, although I can't see it being a Switch killer at all. The Switch largely thrives on its exclusives, so its audience isn't likely to be abandoning it in the near future.
  9. Here's an interesting BBC article about James Coppinger.
  10. There are some decent Youtube tutorials to help you get used to the game. The in-game tutorial isn't great, so I'd seek them out.
  11. It doesn't seem to be the most popular one, but some people like it. The biggest complaints I've seen were the motion controls (no longer mandatory in the new version) and an excess of busywork.
  12. I'd rather England had a likable manager who didn't win tournaments than a nasty one who did.
  13. This batch of England players is really challenging the whole "footballers are thickos" narrative.
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