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  1. Nintendo has been doing a surprisingly good job with demos lately. Pikmin 3: Deluxe, Hyrule Warriors, Bravely Default II and Monster Hunter Rise have all have free demos over the last few months. It's sad how archaic the practice has become, so I hope it's making a comeback of sorts.
  2. PC Game Supply has US gift cards equal to the exchange rate, and it occasionally has special offers. I think it's possible to get them on Amazon as well. There are also grey market key sellers, but those can be very risky.
  3. I feel as though the new Hitman games are the result of a series finally achieving its potential. The games were always good at their best, but they were frustrating too. The new ones strike a great balance between accessibility and depth, which makes them so fun to experiment with. Obviously, the recent rise of game streaming has helped too. Hitman games are some of the most entertaining to watch.
  4. I'm looking forward to it as well. If you're playing on PC, you apparently can't play the older levels if you have the previous games on a platform other than the Epic Store. That's annoying. I've been playing on Xbox One, though, so I'll be OK, albeit with inferior graphics.
  5. You'll have to hope that Daniel Levy plays a series of blinders.
  6. This is looking very pleasant, even if I don't know who almost all of the Pokemon are.
  7. The "excuse" that they focused primarily on the PC holds little weight when you consider that even that version released with a lot of game-breaking bugs. There's no way they didn't know they were releasing a product that didn't work properly.
  8. I didn't realise that. Interesting. I don't see a direct sequel happening this many years after Jedi Academy was released, but maybe Kyle Katarn could come back in some capacity. I wouldn't hold your breath on it, mind.
  9. I've wanted KOTOR 3 for years to finish the story, but I think too much time has passed now for it to be the sort of thing I was hoping for. I'd be perfectly happy for Obsidian to just do a sequel with the same old engine, but that obviously wouldn't fly with today's flashy graphical showpieces. SWTOR apparently had an expansion pack that effectively acted as the next chapter in Revan's story, which is a shame because MMOs really aren't my thing. A good single-player RPG without any microtransaction bollocks would be nice, I suppose. The Jedi Knight series is a little different because Je
  10. As long as Obsidian writes KOTOR 3. Keep current day Bioware away from it.
  11. I'm sure we'll see a good number of games delayed to 2022 in the coming months.
  12. It looks as though EA's exclusive rights to publish Star Wars games is coming to an end. Lucasfilm has revealed its own games division and that it will be working with Ubisoft to make a game over the next few years.
  13. Well, that's not the only reason to hate Ubisoft at the moment.
  14. Newcastle were the only team Derby beat in their record-breaking 12-point season. Historically poor teams seem to have form against them.
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