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  1. Since Chadwick Boseman’s passing, all I wanted was Michael B Jordan to be Black Panther anyway.
  2. That article just sounds like they should replace her with Esposito.
  3. Squid Game was… fine? Like not bad, but every ‘twist’ you could see a mile away.
  4. It’s only the second league game Liverpool have conceded in, it’s not the end of the world but this was a huge opportunity.
  5. That people think there's a better FF than FFX.
  6. I’m in the ‘I hope Killmonger is Black Panther going forward’ a redemption story is so easy
  7. the chanting at progress at Zack Gibson is what really turned me off them, awful stuff about people from Liverpool being poor and what not. I get it was the easy heat but be smarter.
  8. There was one mention of it in passing early on. Fucking can’t workout spoiler tags
  9. The Wire is the best TV show of all time and Omar Little is it’s best character. This sucks.
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