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  1. I mean he’s right though, it’s barely a sloppy performance when all but one error, it was clinical. Liverpool executed their game plan and stopped arsenal doing theirs. They scored 3 goals against a team which they drew 1-1 with a few weeks ago and had won their first 3 competitive matches of the season. Can’t ask for much more, it’s not like Arsenal were BAD.
  2. Good test for Liverpool and Arsenal will be fine, they’ll be in and about the CL conversation but there’s a good chance Leicester and Everton will be joining them. Liverpool’s next two games are against teams who can potentially be 100% by the time they play (Everton are against Fulham so it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion on that) meaning they could prevent teams from being 100% in each of their first five games
  3. My mums an Everton fan, she needs the support.
  4. Everywhere I look it’s handball chat. Let’s chat about how everyone has a soft spot for Leicester and Everton and hope they continue doing well?
  5. Maupey can do the stupidest goal celebration as much as he wants still more likeable than United and Madjack. I’m glad Everton are doing well, they have built a good team. I’m also glad Chelsea are not.
  6. I thought Suarez was at Barca for like 4 years. He’s their fourth top scorer of all time and 33. Didn’t realise it had been 6 years. It’s been so long since he’s done anything outrageous, probably half his professional career, I hope he does well at Atletico, I imagine if fans were still in stadiums, there could’ve been a push for a Liverpool return, but he probably wants another 2/3 years of regular football.
  7. I only started watching this last season, were they always this awful? Maybe it’s watching Australian Masterchef which blinkers my view of the quality of cooking shows
  8. I’m in the UK. I just thought I remembered reading something about a Harry Potter film once and it was talking about how they got an obscene cut
  9. With movies and shit right, don’t the actual studios make most their money selling prints and only get a % of ticket sales if it’s a mega hit? $90mil is straight in to Disney’s pocket, but I dunno how it works tbh
  10. Quite a few of their originals have been all at once, but the marquee things seems to have been weekly
  11. What a world we live in when still quality strikers like Suarez are just bouncing around for free What a world we live in when still quality strikers like Suarez are just bouncing around for free
  12. Wout Weghorst of Wolfsburg is too cool a name to have him leave
  13. Those passing stats on Thiago, a man who must’ve trained with Liverpool 2/3 times are mad. More successful passes than any Chelsea player all game, most successful passes for a player who played just one half of a Premier League game since they started collating stats.
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