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  1. Just to make sure I’m correct, this is like a closed door Champions League? They’re still playing in their respective home leagues right?
  2. This episode definitely felt like they were moving towards Bucky getting the shield than Sam, right?
  3. I’ve never been a fan of international football. I like the pageantry of a big international event, but hate all these qualifiers and friendlies.
  4. One of the pundits on MOTD did say ‘with these four attacking players playing, why aren’t they attacking’ and I imagine it’s much the same as Liverpool’s problem, confidence. The team don’t seem confident in finding the pass, so don’t try. That’s my limited view, anyway. Arsenal are much better than they’re playing, and sadly maybe it is down to the coach, I like Arteta but look at how T2 has gotten Chelsea to play compared to the chancer who was there before. (Except for yesterday)
  5. Aguero is still so so good. I guess things like him and Suarez leaving are because they’re wanting 4-5 year big contracts?
  6. The lower bracket could be anyone, the upper bracket could be anyone. The upper bracket could obliterate anyone in the lower bracket.
  7. It wasn’t good, I can’t remember what the first one was like tbh so came in pretty fresh, but some of the CGI was still very ropey and it felt like it had no stakes still. I guess the fact it’s also (guaranteed?) the end of the line for the main part of this franchise felt eh
  8. I’m what feels like 6 years in to the film, the aspect ratio is scaring me, the CGI is awful and nothing’s happened.
  9. I’m watching Vikings. This show certainly went off a cliff
  10. If taking a year out of Europe is all that’s needed and Liverpool don’t lose more than Wijnaldum and one forward or lose out on both Mbappe and Haaland because of it, then it is what it is. I think at this point, not being in the Europa League is pretty key, they need to rest and play the 38 league games with the core group, not another 10+ midweek games, usually in some far flung places compared to CL Football. And having an extra 200 days injury over any other team is telling. Yes everyone has injuries but that’s an extra 7 months of injuries there than any other team.
  11. A slightly different gaming channel to the regularly scheduled gaming channels. You probably don’t know, but I run a Gaming store for card games and tabletop games. In lockdown I’ve been trying to find things to keep me occupied and in the last few months I’ve gotten in to making content! I currently do a lot of case breaks and box openings for Flesh and Blood, Magic the Gathering and Pokemon TCG I also started streaming online games including MTG Arena drafts and Flesh and Blood webcam/tts tournaments. I’m about 10 followers away from the next level of their love so if you
  12. He can use dem stones in his shiny mitten but Wanda and CapM are living embodiments of the stones power innit.
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