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  1. I thought the television charter meant that the Olympics had to be shown on free TV?
  2. Didn’t the IOC threaten to ban a team who wanted to wear shorts? Just wear whatever it is that makes you comfortable. The skateboarding I felt wasn’t a great showing on the world stage for it in 2021. Street skating was never that big in the late 90’s/early 00’s days as visually very skating is a lot more exciting, in more recent years with purpose built courses and the likes of SLS it’s really helped, but when you spend the whole event fawning over someone who finishes second to last, not a good look. I feel the SLS style of 2 runs, 5 best tricks just leads to a lot more 4 best tric
  3. Seriously where the fuck is Babymetal and Ash Ketchum? This being batshit has been a victim of Covid
  4. Italy have gotten away with lots of cynical fouls
  5. Benitez is a good manager and will do well for Everton with the players they have. They weren’t getting another Ancelotti level manager and hot young things aren’t available everywhere. Nuno on the other hand, is definitely grasping at straws for Spurs, he’s fine and likeable but eh.
  6. Just drop Kane as he’s not playing well and he doesn’t fit in with any of these players. Play a front three of Grealish, Sterling and anyone else. Midfield three with Henderson actually being someone with some vision and you can keep your two defensive midfielders.
  7. Haven’t they got about 630 Pokemon games to talk about?
  8. Yeah I feel like the TVA are part of a lie they’re not aware of, they’re created by a cosmic being that is using their naivety fo keep them in line. Or not, probably not.
  9. If Norwich sell him and get £30m and invest £15-£20 in new players it’s really good business for them, they seem to know who they are and where they stand and I respect it
  10. You used to be able to get a season out of date international and foreign shirts from Sport & Soccer for under a tenner, I had Netherlands, Spain, Juve and Deportivo off the top of my head. Miss those days.
  11. The only name I had on a shirt was the glorious yellow Liverpool shirt from I wanna say 95, when you had to pay for numbers and letters, Fowler was number 23 at the time and Ian Rush was far too popular so I opted for Rob Jones. Got that done in Birthdays
  12. They had one player leave and got what kind of increase in prize money versus selling no tickets for a year?
  13. How are City going to fund this bajillion pound spending spree and not fall foul of FFP? /s
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