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  1. Kingdom Death have a preorder up, I think I should get it. $350 though?
  2. Yip. I’d said before Liverpool are probably secretly wishing for elite sports to be suspended, they will benefit the most from a rest. However, this is definitely a City win season otherwise, they’re back in form, have most of their squad available and looking pretty decent all round.
  3. My free transfer and loan only save has got to the Premier League. I did an edit on a random bottom tier team and set them to basically be able to get almost anyone. Players like Demaeri Gray and Max Mayer going on free transfer really helps, haven’t been able to tempt anyone who are still at a club and their contract runs out, only when they actually go on a free. Luckily my youth academy started to kick in to gear when I got to L2/1 because of the wage restriction but I walked the championship.
  4. I dunno man, there’s a lot more to the spread than ‘people went to party, got it’ All of our electricians have to self isolate as we had an outbreak, it came from one of the guys kids schools and he went to a team meeting - they were all socially distanced wearing masks but several people have picked it up and everyone else is isolating. I think it’s quite easy for an entire football staff to have to consider that this could happen to them. I also think cancelling elite sport sends a message that things aren’t ok and things aren’t normal.
  5. Just no finishing, one shot on target. The last two games both the same. Liverpool must be praying elite sports gets stopped.
  6. Just 2 of 12 managers made it to 100 matches in 17 years? And I want to say those were the first two?
  7. The Boys The Mandalorian Big Mouth My Hero Academia Queens Gambit The Plot Against America The Crown The Good Place F is for Family Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Hunters Tiger King Umbrella Academy Masterchef Australia The Floor is Lava
  8. PL app just updated that the postponed United game has been moved to 4 days before they play Liverpool
  9. Ducks is always the one but when it’s mentioned we don’t need to mention it again
  10. I used to have a soft spot for Bad News Bears and Kicking And Screaming. oh and Space Jam
  11. I’d be amazed if we still get elite sports in 16 days time.
  12. Someone suggested in a chat he lost the locker room, with player power being such a thing, that doesn’t just come back. I understand there’s top down changes they need to make, a lot of clubs seem reluctant to make changes between the boardroom and the coaching staff, which is where Arsenal’s problems seem to start, but it’s part of a larger overhaul isn’t it? I dunno, I just find it quite interesting as neither Arteta, nor the club or the players should be in the position they’re in, and most don’t deserve it.
  13. I asked a friend of mine and thought I’d ask in here, should Arsenal move on from Arteta now? Is it prudent to appoint a good interim manager for the season (the kind of Ancelotti/Hiddink model) to steady the ship, get a cup run with the long term successor ready come the day the season ends or should they stick out with Arteta for the season and see how it goes?
  14. It’s 2020, being an internet cool dude isn’t a thing anymore 🤷‍♀️
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