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  1. I spent all evening adding in all the necessary packs and changes (not easy on a Mac and not knowing what you’re doing) Setup a master game to use, a Liverpool game and have now created a team in Vanarama South based on my draft team with some self imposed rules of only allowed players on free transfer or under 21, i ramped up the rep and shit to try and entice some of the decent wonderkids. Lets see how it works out.
  2. We can only hope Ozil has some hidden one year extension option
  3. They have every right to moan, it’s on other managers if they don’t want too - They’re not wrong about fixture congestion, and if they don’t speak up, nothing will get done about it (like anything would get done about it) Honestly, the league and the FA doesn’t give a fuck about the players and the teams, they’re just commodities to make more money for them as nothing can change that. The FA (and FIFA) should’ve taken the hit on there being no League Cup, no international football this season to try and make it easier seeing as there is a whole season to play plus multiple internatio
  4. Ugggh won’t put it behind a spoiler tag
  5. Well, nobody would get past him if that’s the case
  6. What does ‘light training’ even mean?!
  7. So I bought in to a new card game called Flesh and Blood while it was only available in APAC and limited in the US. I got so in to it, I launched a website selling it, then selling magic and well, now i’ve ordered 150 boxes of February’s huge Pokemon release after clearing £10k profit in the last of weeks. Fucking lockdown.
  8. I regret selling Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Diamond and Black at a carboot sale a while back
  9. We got TLOU2 as they only had about 4 games
  10. Origins story and mission to mission game was fucking boring af which was the big hurdle. We also played it straight after RDR2
  11. What do you mean by infrastructure? I actually got the PS4 for it, and obviously it was awful. I do intend to rebuy it. We love Far Cry, I’m not sure how Emily feels about Ninjas though. Emily LOVES the Ass Creed games, except Origins (not played the other one) - and the videos we watched really compared it to Origins, is it like Oranges?
  12. We got a double up voucher to spend £60 on tech in Saino’s by the end of tomorrow - any recommendations for a PS4 game? We think RDR2 is the best game ever made and like open world stuff in general, also like a bit of basebuilding.
  13. Honestly, didn’t even know that, but I guess it’s because those teams don’t actually matter.
  14. The league shouldn’t be null and void at this point, but serious questions need to be asked about what’s going to happen this year, I know it’s only mainly effected Liverpool, but Liverpool is in Liverpool, you know, where the government have told us it’s the end times.
  15. I mean it was a fucking joke guys, chill out. But fuck unnecessary international football this season.
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