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  1. Merc have got to be starting to have doubts about Bottas at this point, surely? The way Hamilton was breezing past the likes of Perez, there's no reason really that Bottas couldn't have been putting up more of a fight I feel like...yes, he might have had a little damage, but even then, this is the kind of race where if they do fuck up with Lewis, he should have had an easy victory.
  2. Genuinely a bit teary at that for some reason.
  3. Badoer even beat Barrichello and Coulthard in F3000 in 1992. The 09 Ferrari was pretty trash but that was mainly through their dogged insistence on running KERS for a lot of the races when they didn't need it. The only time it really paid off was Spa, because Kimi was able to use it to hold off Fisi even though he was much slower.
  4. Followed up the first podium at Monza by getting pole and then winning in Singapore. Still on 95 difficulty so not quite at 100 yet, but I think I might push up to that for Season 2 and just fight it out from there. Was a pretty crazy race. Led fairly comfortably from the start, but then it started to rain. Got the switch to Inters just right, and then went to Wets maybe a lap early, but the AI fucked up and went to Inters and then Wets within two laps which definitely helped. Still, had an 18 second lead on Lewis with 8 laps left and ended up having to spend the entire last lap defending
  5. I think the big problem with comparing Lewis is that so often he's been in the best or second best car on the grid, so you can never really compare him to the likes of Senna who had to fight his way through early on in his career, or what Alonso managed to do at times at Ferrari. At best, you could say he had no right to be in the fight for the title to the final race in 2010, but then you look at 2011 & 2012 and he really wasn't anything too special those years from memory. Jenson even beat him in a fair fight in 2011 which is the one year that always really stands out against him.
  6. The only bit of Slime Climb I'm really struggling on now is the the two yellow tubes you have to walk along; everything else I've pretty much got the hang of. It's really just a case of patience and getting the right line for it, but the balance beams are a nightmare regardless.
  7. I won on like my fifth overall game! The servers seem to be totally busted and haven't tracked any of the games I play (yet) but I won a game! Block Party wiped out 16 of the 20 that were playing it and then ended up getting a last second win on Royal Fumble.
  8. I went with Zhou for my teammate, since I'm with Renault engines and figured I'd play it "realistic".
  9. Hulk is in again for this weekend. But more important, Renault won the case against Racing Point, who have now lost 15 points. And presumably have to design a brand new brake duct?
  10. It took a fuck ton of flashbacks (though I would manage a stirng of like 5-6 good laps at a time) but I managed to finish a pretty clean 5th in Monaco, even though it started raining in the last ten laps. Ended up having a very lonely race for that part though; Bottas was like, 15 seconds up the road, Magnussen and Verstappen were 15 seconds behind. Also: Max is having an appalling season so far. He's finished 3rd once but otherwise it's been lower half of the points or retirements.
  11. Had a pretty great race at Zandvoort. Quali was dry but the race would be wet, so I set the car up with a little more downforce etc. so it'd be okay in the wet. Qualified 11th, was up to 4th by the end of the first lap and kept up with Bottas for the entire race, until it started to dry out and then Vettel/Albon behind me breezed past. I ducked in to be the first guy on the Soft tyres, and literally as I ticked over the pit speed limiter the safety car came out and fucked any advantage I'd have had. Ended up P5 for the best result of the season, but I reckon if it had gone alright on the first
  12. ...that was a perfectly calm final three laps.
  13. Apparently Racing Point are saying that Perez might be back next weekend, as his test was on Wednesday and that technically was when the isolation period was 7 days...
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