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  1. I'm assuming Sainz will get the Ferrari seat, Danny Ric moves to McLaren (as he probably regrets not doing last year) and if I were Renault, I'd be looking at bringing the Hulk back. Safe pair of hands, won't rock the boat, all that experience. I'm still surprised that Haas didn't go for him instead of Grosjean, even if he does have issues with Magnussen, I'd have looked for a change. Following DTS, Haas are my favourite team - I've previously gravitated towards drivers rather than teams.
  2. I'm using a 4-3-3 very similar to stokeriño but I tend to alternate for away games to switch one of the central midfielders to a defensive mid (Segundo Volante and the role that works well with that, I can't remember which one off hand), just to give us a little bit more stability that has previously been sorely lacking. As the years have gone on I've increasingly found that tactics are best used 'horses for courses'. If you want to play three at the back but haven't got the wing-backs for it then you end up getting gubbed down the flanks. You used to get away with forcing players into unfamil
  3. Nail biting stuff at Melbourne Victory at the moment. We've played all our regular season games and are two points inside the top six, which means entering the Finals Series. Three teams below us are within striking distance and have a game remaining. Luckily, they are all playing teams at the top and there is still a title fight on.
  4. I've read a lot on the Steam workshops/message boards about playing with screen resolution or clearing different things from the folder but nothing worked for me. It starts, screen goes black as if it's booting up and then returns back to the Steam view. I haven't seen anything from the people behind it so I get the impression they moved on. I did try the mobile version but I went off that quickly. It looks like with this new 'create a team' mode that F1 2020 is going down the FIFA/PES route of trying to offer playing the game with a management element, a sort of halfway house.
  5. I know the one you mean, I think it was just 'F1 Manager'. That was an awesome game and I still have working copy on an old laptop. Motorsport Manager was a lot of fun, it managed to have a bit of balance between doing more but not going too in-depth if that makes sense but for some reason it's packed up on my Steam. I'm guessing it's something to do with Windows 10 and the screen resolution maybe but I haven't been too interested to fix it.
  6. Not sure how popular Formula 1 games are these days, but just thought I'd pass on that the new F1 2020 game from Codemasters (to be available on PS4, Xbox & PC) will be released on 10th July. With the season currently scheduled to start on 28th June in France (although things are changing all the time in the current climate), that means the game will come out within a couple of weeks of what is intended to be the first race of the season. The big features are that Formula 2 will again be part of the game, better multiplayer and there will be the option to create your very own team in
  7. It is indeed my local team, I'm in Kirkham not far from the ground and have a season ticket at Mill Farm. It's quite a confused area, the football ground and its surroundings dominate but it's only a non-league club so not overly popular. There are such big clubs within a stones throw with massive histories. Throw in the unrest with fracking and an ageing population, its an odd place really. But I'm thankful to the club, I get a fair bit of access and a free copy of FM every year for doing the research so it all works out in the end.
  8. Sadly we don't quite have that relationship yet, there's about 15 layers of people between me and him! I do think as more gets added on, it does seem to struggle.
  9. Hi all, I'm AFC Fylde researcher for SI so as you can imagine, spend a lot of time playing the game and just noticed this thread. I've put my Fylde game on the back burner for the moment, I'm currently over in the A-League with Melbourne Victory trying to resurrect their Finals Series hopes. With Fylde, I've been playing three at the back (due to the defenders not being that brilliant and needing to cover for each other) but I've switched over to a wide 4-1-2-3 as they have some decent wingers. Two games to go with Victory and we have a very narrow shot at the top six.
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