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  1. Cool seeing Damon Herriman (Dewey Crowe) on The Tourist, I had no idea he was Australian.

    1. Adam


      I watched the first two episodes last night and didn't even realise it was him until the end credits, he's such a versatile actor.

  2. I don't think I watch enough TV to get me through to fifteen but I'll certainly give it a go. Taskmaster (UK) You Drive To Survive Great Pottery Throwdown Line of Duty Baptiste Staged Deceit The Cleaner The Outlaws Clarkson's Farm The Chase Great British Bake Off Time Death in Paradise Best new character... Greg from the Outlaws? I'm struggling there.
  3. Not sure if it's just me, maybe worth a check: Impact has no second announcer. The wrestler box is ticked but D'Lo not selected. CMLL Tag Team titles have Mistico and vacant as his partner.
  4. Charlie Tango


    This may paint me in a poor light but I had absolutely no idea who Mike Wozniak was until this series. I've since began watching Man Down from the start, I'd been told to watch it for years but it's been one of those on my Netflix list I never got round to.
  5. I've only just seen this thread, Justified is my all-time favourite TV show. I had been obsessed with Lost for six years, Justified came just after with plenty of crossover actors and actresses. Just when I was at a low ebb (we all remember the last season of Lost and how it ended), Justified came along to save me. The Harlan Roulette scene with Duffy and Raylan is some exceptional TV, as is the Colton/Tim standoff.
  6. Charlie Tango


    Did anybody else notice the points for Sarah (I think that's her name) being neutered somewhat with the prize task? Her guitar was the best prize of the bunch but picked up just a couple of points. Greg going a bit early this time to pull everybody together in the season standings.
  7. If I was doing it again, I would have created them in the Vanarama North at the very start and cut out anything previous. We do tend to score a bucket load of goals but also concede them, I think in one season I counted something like five clean sheets in the whole league season. Already in the new campaign we've had a 5 - 5 draw. While I wouldn't say I've done a lot of squadbuilding as I've kept the majority of the players from the very beginning up to this past summer when we got promotion to VNN, I think staffbuilding (if that is a thing) has been massive. I gutted my entire staff befo
  8. Having started with the squad that was already there for the Level 10 side my created club replaced (Atherton LR), I've only ever signed players who either come up on the scouting report or we've played against. Never touched the player search screen. My top players are from L10 sides the Holker Old Boys and AFC Blackpool. Unbeaten start to the Vanarama North season thus far.
  9. Charlie Tango


    Mike Wozniak is going to be the standout of this series, thought he was excellent and I've never seen anything of him before to my knowledge. Everybody had their moments, apart from Sarah Kendall, I thought. Can't warm up to her. Can see Jamali becoming a favourite as the series goes on. Really good start.
  10. So far, my experience of Football Manager 2021 is that it is the easiest game I have ever played. Having started with a created club in Level 10, we have now secured Vanarama North/South for next season in just four years. That's a promotion every season and along the way we've won every trophy on offer (bar the FA Cup); Counties Cup, Velocity Trophy, FA Vase and FA Trophy. No cheating involved, we play a simple counter-attacking 4-4-2 and I've only ever signed players who either we've played against or came up on the scouting report. We haven't lost a league game in three seasons. Our to
  11. Charlie Tango


    Going to be a good couple of weeks for shows returning as not only do we have Taskmaster but Stand Up 2 Cancer bake off is back on with some really good comedians and personalities. I've seen John Bishop, David Baddiel, Dizzee-Rascal, KSI, Kelly Holmes, Tom Allen, James McAvoy, Katherine Ryan, Daisy Ridley (good fun on My Dad Wrote A...) and Rob Beckett all listed. The one I'm looking forward to is Reece Shearsmith, who would just be exceptional on Taskmaster.
  12. Looking forward to the new season. I write for a website that pick an MLS team at the start of the season and follow them through the year with match reports and keeping on top of news. Last year we hit the jackpot with Columbus Crew (previously NYRB and DC United) so we've soon got the chat to come about which team it'll be in 2021. I quite like the idea of sticking with the Crew given their recruitment in recent weeks.
  13. Charlie Tango


    Just finished all ten episodes of the NZ version, which are on YouTube. The irony is that I found it much like the UK version, there are some on it I like and others I couldn't care less about. Lee Hart was the star for me, found him to be the hilarious one despite him being quite understated. Good actual Taskmaster, not entirely sold on the NZ Alex Horne but he's not far off. Last few episodes, the quality of the tasks really picked up. Enjoyed the 'leaves' task.
  14. Charlie Tango


    Has anybody watched the NZ version of Taskmaster? It popped up on my YouTube suggestions. At first glance I thought the Taskmaster was Matt Parkinson from the Aussie Chase (who would make an excellent Taskmaster) but it seems not.
  15. Charlie Tango


    100% this. I LOVE Taskmaster. If ever I need something to be on in the background while working from home or while having dinner, that's my go-to. There are very few bad shows, except possibly the series with Iain Sterling on but even that had Paul Sinha and whatsherface from Car Share... swings and roundabouts. I get the impression that the tasks are chosen to be aired in a specific order and they're much more aware of the scoring now compared to previous series. I think they were bitten in the Liza Tarbuck series when she entered the last episode so far in front that realistically
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