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  1. Today's game features a position player pitching the 9th because it was such a beatdown by the Orioles. Been on the other side of these games in the Bronx for most of my life.
  2. Croatia seemed to have more trouble with Albania than Italy did, which I would say bodes well for Italy in the next match.
  3. And we thought Italy would struggle putting it in the net. Honestly that's probably more on Donnarumma, if you're going to hit it into traffic like that you're gonna have a bad time.
  4. Rodri with the potentially strategic second yellow to get the reset for the round of 16.
  5. Spain has clearly dominated but Italy has certainly done well making the chances difficult. They're certainly playing to steal a goal on the counter, and can't say I blame them.
  6. That's NBA Champion Jeff Van Gundy to you
  7. I thought we'd get the red vs blue classic kit matchup but remembered they rightfully don't do that due to color blindness. The Italy away kit does not look great unfortunately, it looks like something they'd be selling at the tourist shops in Milan and assuring you it's "official" while also letting you haggle them down to whatever.
  8. It's not a wrong point but is he actually saying "I'm trying the same tactics but without the guy who made them viable"? That's just not a good place to have your squad in midway through a major tournament. Especially when you now can build your squad around Jude Bellingham .
  9. Surely could be trusted to play his natural position when England need some more countering in a match they're level/down late?
  10. And there goes Trent. Maybe for the rest of the tournament. Just dire play.
  11. Well I caught the last 10 minutes. Quite the group stage we've had.
  12. Yankees have shown their whole ass over the last 24 hours and change. I won't get into everything because it's all over the social media. Anyway they intentionally hit Gunnar Henderson in the 7th today as their act of retribution for Aaron Judge getting hit by a pitcher whose MO is high & inside. Gunnar would come around and score. Orioles would win in extras by a single run. Also the Orioles walked nine batters and still somehow won. Wild game overall.
  13. I guess in theory they could worry that after Chicago traded up someone would trade with Chicago to then wind in front of Atlanta. Granted nobody thought they were taking Penix but maybe you move up ahead of some other potential QB teams to guarantee your guy. I'm thinking too much about this because of how poorly Atlanta handled the draft.
  14. Wasn't a big reason he got hired because he and Troy Weaver were friends? Sounds like an organization that's a mess if the GM can just convince the owner of doing that.
  15. Shaqiri is the first player from an MLS club to score a goal at the Euros.
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