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  1. Its fine. Totally fine. Didn't need those 3 anyway. The first week was just a test. Wanted to make y'all feel good about your chances this year. Everything is fine.
  2. I know y'all are scared of my team, especially when my kicker is my highest scoring starter.
  3. Trey Lance will lead the 49ers to a couple victories, have a bad game but we manage to win thanks to Jimmy G. Jimmy G will lead us into the post season, while the media questions why Lance is still on the bench.
  4. I kinda want to draft a team of nothing but Texans and see how they do.
  5. Yea, the Broncos Def will be my last pick up.
  6. Who is the Philadelphia Phangers? They picked up the defense I had put in a claim for.
  7. The universe would implode if Fitzpatrick was ever a back up QB for the Eagles.
  8. I forgot to draft a kicker last year. Didn't want that to happen again.
  9. After Maxx has put the teams in, I'll make my selections from the waiver list. After that, everybody will be able to make any changes that they need to, up until the start of the season. Everybody OK with that?
  10. Am I allowed to pick players up over the course of the season? Or am I only getting players when I beat other teams?
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