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  1. That was insane. Cooper Kupp is a beast.
  2. Hahaha this is awesome. Fuck the Rams.
  3. That game made me even more nervous then last week. And the week before. 49ers are going to give me a heart attack next week.
  4. As someone with little to no knowledge of the Moon Knight character, they looks fantastic and his custome looks amazing.
  5. The referee was completely out of position to spot the ball is the only thing I can think of.
  6. On the subject of bad fans, I had an old coworker that used to do security for both the 49ers and the Raiders back in the 90s. He said that the 49er fans were the worst and more likely to start fights, while Raider fans were some of the nicest people he ever met.
  7. Holy shit was that last quarter insane. So many penalties. Thought for sure we were going to blow it. Have no idea what the refs or Dallas were thinking.
  8. I understand mixing up Joey Bosa and Nick Bosa once. But doing it twice in one game? Come on CBS.
  9. Well, fuck this year already.
  10. Same way as it feels we should always kill the Seahawks this year, but just can't. What a game. So glad the Niners are in the playoffs.
  11. Klay Thompson will make his return tomorrow after not having played the last two years. As good as Golden State is playing and as much as I know it'll be harder with him around for my Jazz to get pass them, I'm excited to see him play again.
  12. This was fun. Don't know about everybody else, but it would be cool to do this again next year.
  13. Utah/Ohio State game is so fun. Like 4 touchdowns in just over a minute of game play? Geez.
  14. Man, that really sucks. Between coaching, announcing, and video games, Madden did so much for the game of football. Really shocking.
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