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  1. Story came out yesterday that Mark Cuban picked up West at a gas station in Texas, put him up in a hotel, and is offering to pay for West to go to rehab.
  2. Yes, let's go from one coach who can't win in the playoffs, to another coach who can't win in the playoffs!
  3. Doc Rivers is out as head coach of the Clippers.
  4. So, do the Heat win one game or none against the Lakers?
  5. And a big draw of Trolls World Tour was younger kids and WTH parents. Paying 20 bucks for a couple hours peace of mind? Easy. Paying 30 bucks to watch Black Widow? Not sure my kids would be interested in it quite yet.
  6. Did any Jets players get hurt in the game with the 49ers? Don't remember seeing any reports about it. Just seems weird that it would be one team getting injured if the field is the problem.
  7. Jesus. Glad the Niners are winning but these injuries suck.
  8. But does it really surprise you with Lebron? Dude has always been very petty.
  9. Giannis wins MVP, becoming only the third player to win MVP and DPOY in the same year.
  10. MDA is in the same boat as Rivers, to me, just minus a championship. His style didn't win in Phoenix, New York, or Houston. I'll give him a break with the Lakers, due to injuries. But, why should teams keep giving him chances?
  11. If Doc Rivers being the only coach to lose multiple series after being up 3-1 doesn't get him fired, he must have some blackmail against somebody high up. Also, Dame and CJ's tweets last night were excellent. Love seeing it. And that block has got to be in the top ten blocks of all time.
  12. Its one of the things I hate about fantasy football. Also, one of the reasons why I try not to take players from any division rivals of the 49ers. But then you still get those weird situations..i want the 49ers defense to play good, but i also need Kyler Murray to go off...
  13. I'm not invested in it because its not even a question. Los Angeles will always be Lakers first. Even if the Clippers some how managed to win some championships, the Lakers will still be number one. Always will be.
  14. If Doc Rivers never gets another coaching job, it'll be good for every team in the NBA. I've said it before, I'll say it again, I'll never understand how he's made it this long as a coach. I hate seeing Denver doing this good, but I am rooting for their players. Good bunch of guys they got there. I think the Lakers have a leg up on everybody tho. I'm having a hard time seeing anybody beat them.
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