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  1. Yea, I was joking about wanting Mitchell for myself. DeAndre Ayton and Rudy Gobert @C-MIL
  2. Trae Young and Stephen Curry @C-MIL
  3. Ouch, now I don't feel so bad for picking up a kicker and forgetting to put him in my starting lineup.
  4. Tony Bradley being traded twice in one off season is hilarious to me. I wish him all the best since he's worked his butt off to improve the last couple years, but he's got to be top 10 worse players in the league.
  5. Donovan Mitchell has signed a 5 year, $195 million extension to remain with the Jazz.
  6. Crowder going to the Suns surprises me. I thought he was going to stay in Miami or at least sign with another winning team.
  7. Hayward got a bigger deal then Fred VanFleet did. Insane.
  8. Sounds like they're more wanting to build around Beal, at least the next year or two. But, yea, finding a trade for Wall is going to be next to impossible.
  9. Nets will only bring misery, especially if they trade for Harden. Might when one championship, if they get lucky, but it'll be just like the last time the Celtics had a big 3. Jazz re-signed Jordan Clarkson and brought back Derrick Favors all within the first 90 minutes of the off-season. Now to just extend Mitchell and Gobert and that's our off season sorted.
  10. I remember watching Hill play at BYU and how bad the fans there hated him and all the jokes they used to make about him. Its amazing to see him starting in the NFL now.
  11. No years of misery ahead? Hmm...the Lakers? Although, once Lebron leaves, it might be rough again for a year or two.
  12. Root for individual players while still rooting for the Bulls. At least it gives you something to still cheer on, with not feeling like you're cheating on your team.
  13. I hope Hayward can return to his all star form. Him going to the Knicks is going to hurt him tho. That media is going to tear him apart if they give him a big deal.
  14. Feel bad for Klay. He's a likable guy that is fun to watch play. Doubt anything happens to his contract, since he was playing pick up basketball to rehab his last injury. Guess we'll find out just how far Curry can carry a team by himself.
  15. Any team with Luka is the best team.
  16. Oh, wasn't expecting that from the Jazz. But not having to watch Tony Bradley attempt to play basketball anymore and having somebody that is 7 foot and weights 270 pounds backing up Rudy makes me excited.
  17. It's a lot like the NFL draft in that after the first round, its not as good. Mainly just the announcers talking while the draft picks are displayed on the ticker.
  18. Another couple hours. Its usually around 3 or 4 hours. I think he's going to be one of the better players in the draft. Has the potential for sure.
  19. This draft feels so weird for me. I barely know any body that is being drafted.
  20. Teams are selecting players from out of college or overseas. The draft is two rounds, 30 picks each round. Teams are allowed to trade picks or any players any contract currently. I'm not watching it live, just following on my phone. But ill still try to help best I can.
  21. Let me know any questions you have and I'll try my best to answer.
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