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  1. Speaking of open world burnout, I adore the Assassins Creed games. I'm about 15 hours into Valhalla and my initial reaction when seeing the map is that I'm happy it doesn't look as gigantic as Odyssey. Has anyone played it yet and can kinda let me know some things to make sure I do early?
  2. I'm definitely late to the party but this game is all sorts of fun. And the kids live it too. I'm awful. Made it to one final, though, and lost rather quickly. It was Thin Ice.
  3. Had my PS5 since Sunday and I'm absolutely loving it so far. Sackboy alone has been much more fun than I'd have ever guessed. Watched my boy play it for a bit then had to get down on co-op. Haven't gotten into Bugsnax or Demolition yet. Definitely been enjoying Astro's Playground. I remember trying out the Playroom on PS4 when I first got it and definitely wanted to play more, but didn't want the camera thing. This is basically a game filled with basic fun and loads of nostalgia. Pre-kids I never had a desire to play Sackboy back on PS3 and I kind of regret it now. I'd never guess that w
  4. I finally lucked out and snagged one via Gamestop. Comes in a bundle with Spider Man and Sackboy. I don't even mind, wanted to try Sackboy out for a long time.
  5. Is anyone playing WWE Battlegrounds? It's definitely fun, kids are loving it.
  6. That's awesome. Been wanting to try Street Fighter V for a while.
  7. Games like this I'd rather Boogeyman. I wish they'd go all out with the characters though and only put in wrestlers with gimmicks. Papa Shango, Ultimate Warrior, Giant Gonzales, The Goon, Fiend, Shock Master, Undertaker, and so on with a handful of top selling performers and legends. But with wacky games like this, if rather play as Doink than Daniel Bryan.
  8. I'm glad to see this game getting some love. One of my absolute favorites from the PS4 generation.
  9. The way Madden does packs in Ultimate Team is pretty straight forward. Albeit in my opinion far too expensive. It's a hard thing to decide because not everyone will ever be 100% pleased.
  10. I think the newer Assassins Creed games are prime examples of how that's perfect. You can buy time saver stuff, or you can buy cosmetics that don't make a difference to the gameplay. And of course they have a feature in game where you can actually get those cosmetics without spending real money.
  11. I honestly think so long as you don't HAVE to pay to win, optional loot boxes and microtransactions are fine. It really is easy to just not buy something you don't want.
  12. I've had my 3 and 4 both since launch and I've noticed how loud my 4 had gotten. 3 still runs brand new. So the other day I unscrewed my 4 and was disgusted with how much dust was inside. I even took a Q Tip to all the fan blades and sprayed the whole thing out with air. It is practically silent again!!
  13. Finished the MyPlayer story modem definitely enjoyed that! Glad I pushed through and beat it. Fun story and some cheesy stuff and unrealistic stuff, but on the whole I I definitely enjoyed!
  14. The single player campaign is a lot of fun! I really enjoyed the game. Tried a bit of the multiplayer but it's not my jam. I enjoyed the campaign quite a bit though. Especially if you're a Star Wars fan I'd suggest it. Really cool story.
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