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  1. Hockey did reinvent their sport with serious rule changes when they came out of the lockout, reworking their financial systems to force more parity and overhauling a lot of neutral zone play with things like new icing rules, removing the red line and allowing two line passes, obstruction enforcement etc. The problem being it came after a labour shortage wiped out their season, so they had to win their audience back instead of growing it.
  2. You're a bum wrist. The fiasco around the dops and hockey ops is not gonna go away. NHL made the wrong call backing Parros, but Parros isn't the problem. It is Colin Campbell. How he still has a job after openly cheating on behalf of his son is a fucking disgrace. NHL needs to scorch the earth and start from scratch. The old boys club jerking each other off over ole timey hockey eh needs to go the fuck away. There was a time when the NHL was primed to pass both the NBA and MLB and the NBA woke up, got their shit together, and put a stop to it. Now if the NHL isn't careful it will sli
  3. May Ed Balls be forthwith with you.

  4. I have always thought that what happens in a game is part of the game but if you're hitting vicious dunks on a dude's family that is a step too far.
  5. Rittich had a rough night tonight, but he was hardly the only Leaf to do so. There are essentially right now two outcomes to the season from what I can see. The Canucks could go hard right to the end but just fall short, giving them a worse draft pick which would be typical mediocre Vancouver hockey. That or they actually push their way all the way to fourth, take on the Leafs, and squeak by them, which would be hilariously memetastic and very consistent with how this season has gone.
  6. I don't have a problem with game management. The NHL needs to admit that game management is the goal of officiating. To make sure that things are relatively fair and to try and make sure that things don't get out of control. I don't mind make up calls if they diffuse tension or balance out a bad call. Some of the stuff is just absurd, though. Like Auger telling Alex Burrows that "you made me look bad last game, so I'm going to make this a bad night for you". The whole debacle, where your head of officiating has a son who actively plays in the league, and then makes it to the finals. And
  7. I'm going to go against the grain and say I don't really think it was that bad. Wilson hits him from the side, not behind; if he is scanning the ice, he can see Wilson coming but he lowers his head and thus puts himself in a vulnerable position. Primary point of contact from Wilson looks to be the shoulder, in fact it almost looks like he's tucking his arm and grabbing it with his other arm to avoid throwing a forearm. And the point of contact on the defensive player is the head, but that is because he lowered his head. Wilson doesn't follow through but pushes off with his opposite hand,
  8. I wish your streams were a bit earlier in the day. My internet at home doesn't like me watching Twitch so I only popped by for a few minutes. Sad too because Chaos GTA V is amazing.
  9. Now Calgary had cleaned house and replaced their bench staff. Wtf this season, man.
  10. They heard other teams trashtalking about how the Texans couldn't carry their jockstraps, so the owners went out and said "get rid of all of them, everyone who carries anything! I want a brand new jockstrap carrying team before monday."
  11. I think that JT Miller non-goal broke them; it was a game at that point but when you have someone who is underperforming, score, then have it be for not, it's deflating. I felt like that sucked the wind out of them. Also, let's analyze their back end: By average time on ice, their leader is Tyler Myers. This is bad news bears, as the guy is fine, but he doesn't contribute much in terms of offense and he takes way too many penalties. There's a reason we call him "Tyler Minors" in Canucks fandom. Then Quinn Hughes. Sophomore, got away and around a lot of guys last year because he
  12. I think the Canucks are just earlier in their rebuild than people give them credit for. Markstrom played out of his mind last year but with Loui Eriksson on the books and a flat cap, this is a bad time to make a run for it. When Eriksson is done and hopefully budgets start moving upwards again, the Canucks will still have Horvat, Petterson, Quinn Hughes, Demko, and Hoglander as their core. If Virtanen makes another step and any of their younger defenders pan out, that is a pretty decent core. Not Edmonton good, maybe not even Toronto good, but certainly pieces in place to make a run. Canu
  13. There is more to the Rutherford signing off than is public knowledge. When I saw the news break there were a lot of people who said they saw this coming and feel he should done it at the draft, and that there was some smoke behind the scenes and the team wants to distract anyone from looking for the fire. ...of course, I now can't find any of those posts, so take that all with a mountainful of salt. I did find this though.
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