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  1. Learned from Jumbo Pat and only gave him 1 year.
  2. I think you'd really dig it; it seems to have a few target audiences, one being fans who will get all the injokes and references buried in it, people who enjoy jjtrek, and people who like the Rick and Morty, zany hijinks kind of humor. I was very meh for eight of the episodes but there are a couple good ones in there, and you can tell the people who wrote it spend time on the Star Trek wiki cause it is loaded with inside baseball that usually draws a smirk. On the contrary, I thought the first episode of Disco3 was surprisingly good! Still more jjtrek then I really want but it satisfied a
  3. So the draft is over, it's now free agency, fuck the Calgary Flames, season in January maybe? Also possible we do bubbles again? Anyway, since no one eats well during a pandemic, here are predictions for what NHL players will look like when they show up to camp out of shape:
  4. Vegas has to work on their consistency and playing sixty minutes. They outclassed Vancouver, that series had no business going seven games.
  5. Speaking of nudity (nsfw) https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/im119h/this_happens_when_you_try_to_put_crusader_armor/.compact
  6. I didn't love it but I don't hate it either.
  7. Joint statement from the western conference bubble teams: (that's pretty much everyone)
  8. To me this means a lot more than the NBA guys. A lot of those guys never wanted to be in the bubble and an excuse to get out was an easy sell. For baseball, this is probably the closest to a normal season we will have in American sports so to me it is a much bigger commitment to step away.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qn_fQiU1MDo
  10. That hair is luscious though.
  11. I dunno, those guys look pretty short to me.
  12. He looks like a guard from Oblivion.
  13. Boston has looked like shit since bubble games began. Expect a lot of brostonions complaining about how this season wasn't even real.
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