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  1. I mean I wouldn't say Boba Fett was introduced in the Mandalorian. Don't forget he was in the Holiday Special.
  2. The r/hockey thread is a goldmine.
  3. This is the Pension Plan Problem: Sports teams are a business and are designed for maximum profitability. Chasing success is not always how you do that. Teams being successful is in the better competitive interest of the league but not always the best interest of the teams themselves and anti trust laws etc etc etc. Sports and money just shouldn't mix. Slightly unrelated, but probably one of smartest minds for sports and sports business that I know is Jer/GYS, if you ever want to hear his thoughts on stuff you should check out his socials, and or his twitch.
  4. Okay, so I actually sent an email to Beeker about this earlier (cause the Canucks beat Montreal, and they should have, and they looked okay), and he's not allowing me to drink soda so I made myself a hot chocolate and time to dive into the stats. So let's analyze the top producing players from three teams: a surprise, the Flames, someone who is about what we expected them to be, the Leafs, and the Canucks. Rk Player Age Pos GP G A PTS +/- PIM EV PP
  5. I love it. Meanwhile the offseason swap where Arizona and Vancouver traded each other a car trunk full of hot garbage is actually working out for both teams.
  6. Teams are already playing prospect camps so let's make a new thread.
  7. Sorry, Eichel is not coming to Calgary, he played for Buffalo not Vancouver.
  8. I love that the punter for the Cowboys is named Anger.
  9. A nice reprieve for fans who are used to getting fucked.
  10. I'm not around as much; I never work alone and having someone else around means I have less time by myself to screw around online. I lurk more than anything else. BUT I did think of you the other day. Youtube's algorithm randomly decided that I would be interested in watching an hour long documentary on the renovations of Wrigley Field and after a few minutes I realized the damn algorithm got me again. I really enjoyed it and I have no connection to the place other than going there once, so I figured you might get a kick out of it.
  11. I mean this is the first year he has had it, so a fair assumption to make it effects him more than years past.
  12. Man Indy has just had no Luck at Quarterback the past few years.
  13. Pretty sure that with everything fucked up about the world right now, "Mets fans suffer through another year of torture" is one of the few things that feels comfortably correct.
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