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  1. Now Calgary had cleaned house and replaced their bench staff. Wtf this season, man.
  2. They heard other teams trashtalking about how the Texans couldn't carry their jockstraps, so the owners went out and said "get rid of all of them, everyone who carries anything! I want a brand new jockstrap carrying team before monday."
  3. I think that JT Miller non-goal broke them; it was a game at that point but when you have someone who is underperforming, score, then have it be for not, it's deflating. I felt like that sucked the wind out of them. Also, let's analyze their back end: By average time on ice, their leader is Tyler Myers. This is bad news bears, as the guy is fine, but he doesn't contribute much in terms of offense and he takes way too many penalties. There's a reason we call him "Tyler Minors" in Canucks fandom. Then Quinn Hughes. Sophomore, got away and around a lot of guys last year because he
  4. I think the Canucks are just earlier in their rebuild than people give them credit for. Markstrom played out of his mind last year but with Loui Eriksson on the books and a flat cap, this is a bad time to make a run for it. When Eriksson is done and hopefully budgets start moving upwards again, the Canucks will still have Horvat, Petterson, Quinn Hughes, Demko, and Hoglander as their core. If Virtanen makes another step and any of their younger defenders pan out, that is a pretty decent core. Not Edmonton good, maybe not even Toronto good, but certainly pieces in place to make a run. Canu
  5. There is more to the Rutherford signing off than is public knowledge. When I saw the news break there were a lot of people who said they saw this coming and feel he should done it at the draft, and that there was some smoke behind the scenes and the team wants to distract anyone from looking for the fire. ...of course, I now can't find any of those posts, so take that all with a mountainful of salt. I did find this though.
  6. I'd like to drop some ender pearls in your nether regions.
  7. This could be a pretty good deal for the Pirates, they just have to make sure that they don't try and rush Huston to the big leagues too soon, lest he get a big Head.
  8. That kid ran pretty deep.
  9. Which was fucking stupid because when you think Donald Trump you think a short, handsome looking charismatic Latin man.
  10. At this rate there's not going to be a healthy quarterback in the arenas next week if even the analyst QBs are testing positive.
  11. Nothing about Calgary is nicer than Vancouver.
  12. Well I am among those who consider you the lowest rated poster of all time, but thanks for sharing your opinion.
  13. Merry Christmas, everyone.
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