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  1. Sorry, Eichel is not coming to Calgary, he played for Buffalo not Vancouver.
  2. I love that the punter for the Cowboys is named Anger.
  3. A nice reprieve for fans who are used to getting fucked.
  4. I'm not around as much; I never work alone and having someone else around means I have less time by myself to screw around online. I lurk more than anything else. BUT I did think of you the other day. Youtube's algorithm randomly decided that I would be interested in watching an hour long documentary on the renovations of Wrigley Field and after a few minutes I realized the damn algorithm got me again. I really enjoyed it and I have no connection to the place other than going there once, so I figured you might get a kick out of it.
  5. I mean this is the first year he has had it, so a fair assumption to make it effects him more than years past.
  6. Man Indy has just had no Luck at Quarterback the past few years.
  7. Pretty sure that with everything fucked up about the world right now, "Mets fans suffer through another year of torture" is one of the few things that feels comfortably correct.
  8. listening to cast members reading the hatemail the show generated is amazing. I could watch just two hours of that.
  9. Montreal Canadians also have expressed interest in bringing in Tony DeAngelo. If he seems familiar it is because he made a name for himself for tweeting his support of the capital rioters and other Donald Trump initiatives and for getting suspended and cut for fighting with a teammate. Pretty sure their next move is to bring in Jake Virtanen.
  10. Heard Suter and Parise was as much about the locker room as their cap hits. Supposedly they were a camp of divas and the team wanted to move on from that.
  11. The state of journalism is openly on display with what is happening in the NHL right now. Former players are suing a team because they covered up a sexual assault and almost no one is covering it.
  12. Guy has been clutch. In sadder news; https://www.tsn.ca/alleged-assaults-of-chicago-blackhawks-players-an-open-secret-source-1.1659115 I seriously thought we had rooted out this shit. This was an epidemic in junior hockey in the 80s and 90s and the fact that it can still happen in the fucking NHL this late in the game is disgusting.
  13. I feel like it's much better to lose 8-0 than 2-1. You might be able to convince yourself that if you played the game again, it might be 2-1 your way. Tougher to sell that when the difference is 8 goals.
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