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  1. I think I got tickets for Konta/Williams on Thursday. Ticketmaster all went through but no email confirmation as of yet, so have to give them a ring tomorrow.
  2. Murray-Berdych felt really deflated after the incredible match that was Federer-Raonic. Definitely want to go back next year.
  3. Adrian noticed that my friend's disabled brother is a regular at games, so raced over after the match to give a signed shirt. Lovely guy.
  4. Bianca's song was so bland that even Leona Lewis turned it down. :/
  5. Does Fresh Off The Boat get any better? Two eps into series one and it's just so bland.
  6. 1) The Bridge 2) Master of None 3) Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4) Parks & Recreation 5) Narcos 6) Elementary 7) Dave Gorman Modern Life is Goodish Whilst I love a good binge-watch, I've found lots of shows too hit-and-miss to be up there on the list. Although, I'm guessing I'll be editing the list and adding Luther on Tuesday.
  7. I'd think more Frankie Cocozza. For me, Ryan Phillipe or vintage N'Sync Justin Timberlake.
  8. Watched Drive for the first time today. Loved it.
  9. Shawn Wright-Phillips too. I know he started there, but Michael Johnson's illustrious career never happened.
  10. Getting your money back for a 30 year old winger isn't bad business at all.
  11. You know England are fucking shit when you find yourself rooting for the other team. Even if it was England vs ISIS, by the second half you'd be thinking 'Oh, come on you jihadi bastards, score!'
  12. It's just like how yesterday, The Times claimed Man City see Aaron Cresswell as a main target this summer. I think journalists are having a competition of what shit they can get published without anyone noticing.
  13. I'm gonna be a mighty king, so enemies beware.
  14. GK - Can't think of anyone LB - Paul Konchesky RB - Glen Johnson CB - Rio Ferdinand CB - Bobby Moore DMC - Michael Carrick MC - Frank Lampard MC - Martin Peters MC - Joe Cole ST - Tony Cottee ST - Sir Geoff Hurst
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