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  1. I really wanted to like that NFT video more, the problem is that crypto and NFTs are such a dreadfully dull subject compared to stuff like flat earth or bad movies, especially when you get into as much of the technical stuff like he did as opposed to the weird shit like "hey who created bitcoin anyway?"
  2. he's an executive producer on the show, and out of the first ten years he only missed one, so yeah I think it has more to do with overexposure (and that's coming from a non-brit, I'm sure its even worse over there). but if you haven't checked out the backlog of shows I definitely recommend them, they're generally good fun!
  3. that's last year's btw. this year's airs in march iirc and put me down for the "ugh jonathan ross is in this? fineeee, whatever" camp
  4. LittleDaniel

    The Punk Thread

    I don't hate it, but it sounds more like it should be called "Outlaw Girl" or something. But I'm also still into folk punk in the year of our lord 2022 so like who am I to judge?
  5. I'll have to go back and watch the video next time, but I listened to it while doing other stuff and it sounded like a dope, kinda grimey theme song for a 90s cartoon
  6. okayyyyy so i forgot this thread existed but i love this btw this is exactly the sorta shit i would see at a dive bar in front of like thirty people max and it was great, gonna have to go through the rest of the thread too i got wistful about my old band so i uploaded a demo from like a decade ago, it's pretty good until it isn't! this was only 2/3 of the band and my drumset in general was so shitty, as was our recording equipment, but i still love it tbh and am so glad i found it in my emails tonight
  7. LittleDaniel

    The Punk Thread

    whoops wrong thread uhhh origami angel's album was a good pop punk one eh?
  8. This is more holiday tv than holiday films, but I know a lot of people here have fondness for Hey Arnold!/this particular episode. I'd never seen this article about the making of the Christmas special with Mr Hyunh; it's such a sweet and wholesome read. (Also the episode "Arnold's Christmas" is def on vimeo and it really does hold up super well)
  9. I really like Jenny's video on this shitty, shitty musical but also! if you haven't seen it Sarah Z's video is also quite good. Jenny's more focuses on the terrible plot while Sarah spends more time talking about how awful they did adapting it from stage to screen, so they're both long videos of people staring into a camera and talking about a bad movie but they're kinda complimentary!
  10. i hope this doesn't mean i'm about to learn about another spawn of tom hanks and have a white walker winter or whatever
  11. When I worked retail my answer would have been "fucking all of them." Now that I don't spend 40+hrs/week listening to it from October through MLK Day...my answer is "all of them, yeah, but they're more annoying than awful."
  12. 1. Taskmaster (NZ) 2. Res Dogs 3. Only Murders in the Building 4. Taskmaster (UK) 5. What We Do in the Shadows
  13. exactly, it was kinda interesting for a while and then turned into just another boring marvel laser fight.
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