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  1. apparently the second one is kinda popular on tiktok, so if she can keep up the quality of these songs I could see her breaking out in the next year or two
  2. some majorrrr early nicki minaj vibes; that first song is like the gen z version of the nicki verse on monster
  3. Considering Norse Loki's level of trickery is literally "hey, you know these apples you're protecting? There's even better ones right over there *yoinks the apple*" him being kinda dumb feels right
  4. Ooooh I'm gonna have to check out Mdou and Tinariwen -- I love Les Filles de Illighadad but that is basically the extent of my Tuareg knowledge.
  5. Not a Beatles fan either, but I don't think I've ever actually listened to Abbey Road so I'm willing to have my mind changed! Also I'm gonna guess that the 1995 pick is either Only Built 4 Cuban Lynx or Liquid Swords because there's a serious lack of killer bees on this list.
  6. yes! I'd definitely recommend their mixtape from last year "FREE I.H." its more in line with this sound than their debut album "Kiss Yr Frenemies"
  7. Wasn't sure whether to post em in here or the punk thread, but the past couple days I've had either the new illuminati hotties single and this song from smol data stuck in my head, love em both
  8. And in a similar vein...
  9. i saw them at the height of my fandom and yeah, I'd say that was the worst live show i've been to
  10. I looooved De-loused and Francis the Mute when I was younger, no way do I have that kind of money but fuuuck the De-loused demos would be cool to hear.
  11. tbh I can't think of a single time anything in the MCU has hit me emotionally 🤷‍♀️ wait, no, i forgot agents of shield exists
  12. Yeah, it was a perfectly fine ending. I still definitely lost a lot of interest when it moved away from tv pastiche, but the finale was easily the best of the plot episodes.
  13. I way late on this, but Hospital Bracelet's debut is real good. It suffers from the problem where previous versions of some of the songs are better (Sober Haha Jk Unless in particular is just too slowed down for my taste), but the new stuff (especially Feral Rat Anthem and Summer Friends) is great.
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