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  1. I never watched it during the original run, but I watched it all ~2009 and then watched the first twoish seasons again earlier this year. While some episodes are definitely better than others, I do think overall that the monster of the week episodes are generally good fun. Was never a huge fan of the convoluted conspiracy storyline, but the strengths of the good episodes are enough to make it worth watching I think.
  2. Human Mute Ultimate Friendship Forever Alliance forever!!
  3. Does anyone know a non-wrestling fan that was a big fan? I suspect we might be overhyping its fanbase tbh
  4. buncha history youtubers (only a couple of which I'd heard of) put together a playlist talking about different aspects of history of the Indian subcontinent, so if you're like me and always want new talky smarty youtubers to check out here ya go! also, re: dan olson, yeah I think that flat earth/Q video he did was easily one of the best things he's done (and he's already really good)
  5. This is a smaller channel that I like that doesn't upload super regularly -- they generally make videos on Central and South American history. This one is a timelapse of the map of the Mexican War of Independent set to Marquez' Danzon no 4 that I didn't think I would find interesting but the music synced up great.
  6. Eh, that third point doesn't seem so bad honestly. Its already a violent show, but the romance bits would be kind of awkward with Aang being eleven or whatever.
  7. lol some bronies are piiiiiiiissed at her for that video/her not being cool with sexy little kid ponies on body pillows. its a good video though, love jenny nicholson! so yeah, I'll go with the bronies and also joe rogan fans
  8. these discord screenshots have got to be the lamest "this you?" in history
  9. The big one for me is Chris Clavin, the dude who ran Plan-It-X Records and was in Ghost Mice and a shitton of other bands that were really influential on me when I was in high school and college. Then it came out that he's an manipulative asshole who would groom teenagers and I haven't been able to listen to any of his music since then, plus a lot of bands who were on Plan-It-X because, like, it was a very tight-knit scene and community, so how the fuck didn't some of those people know?
  10. Yeah, those Quentin Reviews videos about awful History Channel were great! Lindsay Ellis did a hot take video about JK Rowling going mask off. Also, Innuendo Studios (home of The Alt-Right Playbook) has been making some shorter, less-polished videos during quarantine and I just noticed last night and they're all real good! This one about Guillermo del Toro is my favorite so far:
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