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  1. Charli only deals in bangers
  2. lol at us giving one of our better players to Lyon to facilitate giving Newcastle a player we would improve us
  3. I think our interest has made you act now? That's what I've gathered from reading. We're in a weird position, Conte has made it clear he wants to get rid of our three most creative midfielders (Ndombele, Lo Celso, Dele), and so far we've been linked to a safety first out of favour midfielder in Amrabat, and lost out on Adama and Diaz. A bit worrying.
  4. They'd been tracking him for ages, right? I don't really get where he'd fit for us, in all honesty. I still wanted him because he's obviously pretty good.It's been a mess of transfer window for us, hasn't it?
  5. You think Spurs, after an impressive (potentially) season-defining late comeback at Leicester, that has reenergised fans and completely changed the mood around the club, will follow that up by beating picking up points against an out of form Chelsea? Fucking no chance.
  6. Haha, you think they're gonna go down the route where they actively acknowledge how bad his accent is?
  7. As far as I know, it's the first where there's only been one case of COVID. Using AFCON and suspensions are a ridiculous excuse, especially when Arsenal loaned two players out this week. I'm mostly bummed out just cos I had tickets to my first NLD and was excited!
  8. North London Derby has been postponed. Absolutely farce. They have one covid case.
  9. For any Toast of London fans, Toast of Tinseltown has landed on iPlayer (from little advertising as far as I can tell) and it's mostly fantastic. I think it's my favourite Matt Berry thing - I'd defo recommend both series to people who only know him recently from What We Do In The Shadows.
  10. Conte's refusal to make subs was testing me there because the original plan wasn't work. I think we desperately need to back him in January because he clearly doesn't trust some of his players - we particularly need a right wing back who can deliver against teams are going to sit deep. A little disappointed we haven't seen the 352 we deployed against Liverpool, I thought we looked dangerous in that game.
  11. Black Honey are good live mate, defo worth catching em @Jeringle All The Way
  12. I remember like Garfield, but they're not great films. minor NWH spoiler
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