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  1. First episode is such a genuine delight, loved it. Also totally here for long credits, one of the things I love about Disney+ is that it doesn't skip the credits as quickly as Netflix - the length of credits and subsequent demonstration of the size of production make this era of Marvel TV feel more akin to a cinematic event. Genuinely crazy to see this universe transitioning onto TV in the manner it is.
  2. Guess who forgot to change his team this week. I have 4 players playing out of 15.
  3. Hoj has been amazing also Tanguy completed 90 last night what a time to be alive
  4. No intention in my opinion, but was nasty. Job done, can't wait to Spurs the final.
  5. Michael Oliver was shocking in the game - never a pen and let the United players get away with kicking lumps out of Villa without booking them until he had to at the end of the game. That said, United are great going forward and the scary thing is there's still quite a few moments where they're not quite clicking. Impressive if they get that sorted & an impressive turnaround overall.
  6. Just finished the third volume of Gideon Falls, which continues to be a totally engaging and mind-bending read. It's one of the most visual comics I've ever read, very much a volume that was about atmosphere over narrative, Jeff Lemire has me gripped. Also used some time in Lockdown to jump back on Marvel Unlimited and just finished binging House of X / Powers of X, which I thought was great. I've always loved the X-Men and was keen to dive into something of this size and ambition and was left really impressed and fulfilled by its scope. Think I might stick with it and try and read a bun
  7. Play with no ambition, get what you deserve. Those results against City etc with the low block don't mean anything if you can't ever play on the front foot. Kane and Son looked knackered, we were toothless once Ndombele went off.
  8. Ndombele a class above this evening. Average otherwise, Kane looks knackered.
  9. This sounds up my street, MGMT, Jamie XX, Blood Orange and Leon Bridges as features is something I can get behind.
  10. I mean, if you're scared of injuries, you do. Again - what? We didn't steal chances, we had a game plan to counter Liverpool (who are the best team in the league) and it nearly worked. We even have the mighty XG on our side on this one. We created good chances, they weren't lucky, they weren't stolen. The difference was finishing and a bit of luck going against us. You can argue it's not as an attractive way of playing football, but the game plan was legitimate and nearly worked.
  11. Klopp didn't make a sub last night, I don't wanna hear it. The scheduling is not great, I agree, but it's also give-or-take the same for everyone (Liverpool have more rest over Christmas than nearly any other team), so you have to start looking at the idea that it's also possible these injuries are a culmination of these players playing high intensity football, without much rotation, for the last few years where they've all been relatively injury free. There have also been freak injuries. That last sentence is just, I dunno where to start with that. Unless your point is that our be
  12. have a day off, Klopp's been far worse this year And you dominated the ball, showed more intent, played some beautiful football, I'd say you shaded it - I admire this side hugely - but massively the better side? You dominated us first half, second half we were good and I'd argue we had the better chances overall. also, ha, I wish we could disown Tactics Tim
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