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  1. Isn't there quite a big exodus of Chelsea youth team players at the moment, who are turning down contracts in pursuit of a better pathway for first team football?
  2. I think it'll always be sad how much criticism he got for not being the player people thought we bought and his injuries. He was fully COYS, always played for the shirt and completely underrated as one of the first players to completely buy into Poch's philosophy. He was integral to our pressing and team as a whole during the 15/16 season. You can see in the All or Nothing doc how desperate he is to help the team and play, even when he's basically crocked. He was also an absolutely brilliant shithouse and there's always gonna be a "what if" for me if he wasn't consistently injured. A pla
  3. Which is a shame. Seems like good business, we can access if he's potentially good enough to succeed Lloris without putting all that pressure on him. Glad it's option instead of obligation. Ali Gold was saying this week and next week could be busy for Spurs. We were being heavily linked to Cristian Romero last night, as well as continued links to Takehiro Tomiyasu. Would love to start seeing some outgoings as the squad needs refreshing.
  4. I see what you're saying, but in that tournament, Portugal also didn't win a group game or a game in normal time until the semi finals. For a country like us, who have often had a mental block about knockout matches, this tournament has been huge in terms of winning matches, controlling matches and handling the occasion, regardless of opposition. I'm not saying we're world beaters, I'm saying Southgate is changing our mentality. He's also actively united the whole England squad, whereas past squad couldn't put their club rivalries aside. I think there's so much in what he's doing, in
  5. Might've agreed with you before the tournament, but not now. The team has evolved for the better since 2018, we didn't concede any goals from open play, I back Southgate to continue helping us evolve. We're a really solid team who shown a lot, now we have a solid base, I'm sure he'll try and push the team onto be more attacking. It's a process, right? You can't just turn up and be an attacking team - but right now we're a very decent team who could kick on and get even better. Also, to add onto that, we were the underdogs, we haven't achieved anything on the international stage for
  6. Up the lads - had the best time watching England over the last month, what an amazing group of young men who are the role models we need in spite of representing a country whose Prime Minister encourages fragile racists to abuse them. Ready to do it all again & very much ready for Rashford, Sancho and Saka to have a deciding say when we do.
  7. Alright, hope everyone has a lovely day regardless of the result. I'll be off to queue up outside the pub in under an hour to watch with a bunch of pals. It's been quite a shit year and a half, so would be super sweet to celebrate something like this with a bunch of people I love, but proud of this team regardless. I've loved this Euros, I very much love this England team, hope they can bring it home. Hope everyone here enjoys the game and has a great day however they're spending it! It's coming home.
  8. It's something you can apply to any art and just every day life - it's about authorship, power dynamics and consent, amongst other things.
  9. Nope (although I would say I didn't clock those at all). Firstly, it's about authorship. A female filmmaking team making a film where Black Widow is the hero, is complex and where they actively make fun of her showmanship. In this film, there's a feeling of empowerment throughout and she would've been heavily involved in the creative process. It's about intent, right? Black Widow isn't presented as a sexual object, she's an empowered assassin trying to make sense of her past. She literally watches a Bond film, it wouldn't surprise me at all if anything like that was an attempt to r
  10. Yeah, I thought it was fine. I had a good time. Was nice to be back in the cinema with a comfort film. Scarlett, Florence and Rachel sharing the screen is worth celebrating in its own right.
  11. I think it's fair to say that, more often than not, those fights scenes are conflict at their most basic. Especially in the case of say Black Panther, for me, they do such a good job of making Michael B. Jordan's Killmonger three-dimensional and a villain you understand. All that good work feels a little undone in the third act as they clearly define him as a villain and some of that nuance goes. So for me, those big fight scenes can often come at a time where it feels like they've made a less interesting narrative choice. Wandavision spoilers. At this point, I'd say I love
  12. last night was fucking great get it up ya Kaney 😘
  13. Because of the overwhelming amount of Film & TV I haven't seen, and the want to see as much as possible, I don't often re-watch stuff. Which is weird, because obviously you get so much out of re-watching things you love. So with that in mind, I'm finally re-watching Firefly for the first time in about ten years and I am loving it. It's just such a good comfort watch, tinged with that same sadness about what could've been. I've just watched 'Out of Gas', which is a really standout episode of TV. Already sad that it's going to end all over again, but also super excited to revisit Seren
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