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  1. I thought the first two episodes of The Underground Railroad were stunning. Barry Jenkins has done such a wonderful job so far. Also enjoying Starstruck and The Investigation, both on iPlayer. The latter had kind of gone under my radar, but as a massive fan of Tobias Lindhom and Pilau Asbaek's other collaborations, A Hijacking and A War, I knew I'd do be into it.
  2. Yeah I think that'll be a good gig to book in for the end of 2021, feel like November could be mad for gigs.
  3. Duh of course you have great taste 😍
  4. Just watched Herzog's Nosferatu The Vampyre and I thought it was brilliant - one of those rare films where beauty and horror co-exist. I think it's now a toss-up between that and Stroszek for my favourite Herzog film.
  5. Been using some time recently to catch up on some films I just should've seen by now. Finally watched The Elephant Man, which was obviously great. Went on a catch-up binge of some of the Italian classics; really liked L'avventura, La Notte and I Vitelloni, but found La Dolce Vita one of those films I really appreciated but found quite hard to love. I actually think, in exception of I Vitelloni, that's basically my experience with Fellini. Also finally ticked off watching Safe, which is just another example of why Todd Haynes and Julianne Moore are one of my favourite cinemati
  6. Of course not Matt, he played for Spurs amirite lads??
  7. Fassbender as Magneto in the MCU is something I'd definitely like to see.
  8. Absolutely meant it, didn't he? Football is nice when you play on the front foot
  9. On some level I appreciated what it was trying to do. But...it's hard to get away from an initial reaction of feeling somewhat underwhelming.
  10. You boy's done it - all caught up on Line of Duty, ready for the finale!
  11. Welcome to the British revolution. Do Small Axe after! I really liked the first two episodes, it's incredibly well cast and Kate Winslet is so good in it.
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