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  1. I've seen 33 films in the cinema over the last 9 days as a part of London Film Festival. There is so much good stuff that's going to be hitting the big screen over the next year. There are so many highlights, but the two films standouts are probably Pablo Larrain's Spencer and Celine Sciamma's Petit Maman because they both fully hit me like an emotional wave. Spencer is a melodramatic fable, a gothic fairytale masquerading behind the facade of the royals, was completely swept up in the tragedy, overwhelmed by the visuals, Johnny Greenwood's score and Kristen Stewart's unhinged perfo
  2. Jimmy

    EWB Musicians

    Cannot wait to hear this, even if it's in all it's janky glory, I'm sure it'll be ace!
  3. Ha yeah, I thought that scene was absolutely incredible.
  4. Haha, no worries mate I just mean there was a slightly toxic attitude in the film industry for a while, wherein people were expecting creatives to use this time, kind of ignoring everyone was suffering the effects of a pandemic. It took a while for people to speak out and normalise everyone just being like "yeah, I didn't feel like writing when I thought my family were gonna die" etc. So while there's been some amazing art made during the pandemic, defo not gonna hold anyone accountable for not creating, if you get me.
  5. I mean, the biggest con was the pandemic. Which amongst other things, can be a creatively draining, anxiety-inducing time. Wouldn't judge anyone on their inability to turn a pretty horrid time into something creatively fruitful.
  6. holy shit Titane is the most wild film I've seen in years and I absolutely loved it - will be right up there in my end f year list and the fact it won the Palme D'or is brilliant for future filmmakers who have bold visions
  7. London Film Festival press screenings have kicked off, so I'm watch a whole lot at the moment. I'm going to see Titane today at 9:30am and I am still so excited. Took a day out to catch some new releases. The Many Saint of Newark turned out to be exactly what I feared it'd be, which was an absolutely okay film that I didn't need. It's got some great performances, and it's nostalgic to spend time in that rich world, but it's inescapable to hold the film to higher standards considering the strength of The Sopranos. And I'm baffled, but I didn't love Green Knight. I love David Lowry fi
  8. I think Portrait of a Lady on Fire and American Honey are my two standout films of the last ten years. Staggering, monumental pieces of work that shattered and enthralled me. They live in my head rent free - both films were films I walked out of the cinema in a daze and just needed a few hours to process them. I'm just gonna dump a list of films I loved over the last 10 years or so and happy to expand on any / sell em to ya. Another Round Midsommar Shoplifters Private Life Paddington 2 Wonderstruck Jackie Moonlight Toni Erdman Certain Women Manchester by the Sea
  9. Jimmy

    FIFA 22

    I'm doing I'm breaking it - maybe 10 years that I won't be buying. I completely lost interest last year, it seemed to be completely back to pacey wingers and all that & don't have the patience to learn all the skill moves which seem to make it playable. Hopefully I don't cave.
  10. The finale ofThe Leftovers Season 1 is wild. Getting a lot out of this show.
  11. Harvey Elliot's also come out and said he didn't think it was a red. His public handling of all of this is starting to make me think he might be maturing a bit, which is definitely a good sign for his future and his ceiling within the game. As long as there's no serious ligament damage, you wouldn't expect him to be out for too long, right?
  12. Enjoyed it - some really nice fight scenes and choreography. Nice to watch something that feels distinctive in the MCU, did a good enough job that was left with that familiar feeling of wishing it could have more freedom to do its own thing. Tony Leung is fantastic.
  13. We've started The Leftovers and really enjoying the first four episodes. I'd heard good things over the years, to the point where I'm really not sure why I never gave it the time of day before, especially because the cast is phenomenal and filled with actors I like a lot. Also thought Feel Good Season 2 was great. Got a lot of time for Mae Martin and Charlotte Richie and I think this season felt like it had found its feet and was really confident in trying to tackle messy, complex, traumatic subject matters while still being candid and funny.
  14. For Those I Love's self titled debut. It's not something I've binged again and again, but I think it's a very special record.
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