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  1. If anyone with Instagram wants to do an old man a solid can you like/comment on this post??? https://www.instagram.com/p/CLxM3EGrb9Q/?igshid=aylzwly2yw93

    My first PR / Gifted post, the more engagement and interaction I can demonstrate the more chance of further free food for me!

  2. I tried to watch it on Disney+ and I can only stomach about three minutes at a time before I have to turn it off.
  3. When I was a young and dumb kid I rented The Big Green on VHS a frankly embarrassing number of times.
  4. That's why I went with "fanny" instead of "prick", "bastard" etc.
  5. Dude, seriously if that is your definition of a "horrible comment" never venture north of the border. You'll get to Stranraer, somebody will call you a fanny and that'll be all she wrote for Tigerstyle.
  6. Started playing the tutorial and became King of Ireland but then messed up attacking Scotland (who controlled Ulster) and got soundly trounced. Went back to an older save and set myself to an observer and weirdly Lapland invaded Scotland for control of Strathclyde and won that war with the help of the Finnish. The Holy Roman Empire began to eat into the Byzantine Empire and expand eastwards taking over Hungary. England was divvied up between the English, Irish, Scots and Norwegians who all owned bits of territory but then it all changed and the Irish took over parts of Wales while th
  7. Here's my attempt at a Rangers squad: GK: Andy Goram, Stefan Klos, Allan McGregor DR: Fernando Ricksen, Alan Hutton DL: , Arthur Numan, Sasa Papac DC: Richard Gough, David Weir, Carlos Cuellar, Lorenzo Amoruso, Jean-Alan Boumsong (was shit for Newcastle but a leviathan for us for a whole 6 months), MR: Brian Laudrup, Andrei Kanchelskis ML: Jorg Albertz, Claudio Caniggia MC: Paul Gascoigne, Ronald de Boer, Barry Ferguson, Giovanni Von Bronckhorst, Mikel Arteta STR: Ally McCoist, Michael Mols, Kris Boyd, Dado Prso
  8. Fun fact I’m actually having coffee tomorrow with the senior writer of this new Fable game.
  9. For a 17 year old those physicals and mentals are really good. His positioning and work rate would need focus but that's doable at such a young age.
  10. Ah the year of John Barnes at Celtic. Good times...
  11. Halfway through my third season with Queen's Park now and I'm sitting top of the Championship after back-to-back promotions in years one and two. Annoyingly my original thought was I could make the club bigger and successful to the point that perhaps one day in the very distant future we'd go from having 200 fans inside Hampden to a 50,000 sellout. Alas the moment I was promoted from League 2 and the club turned semi-professional the board decided we should move to the 2,000 capacity Lesser Hampden and I can only assume we sold Hampden itself as the finances of the club got a massive increase
  12. 33 years old and this still made me laugh.
  13. Oh how the mighty have fallen. From earning fuck knows how much money every week to playing for free on an amateur contract in the Scottish fourth tier (and not even being good enough to make the match day squad).
  14. The kits all come in individual league/country packs but there was a guy on Reddit who put them all in his Stack and if you click Download Map it'll download them all in one go.
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