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Nine Inch Nails TDS Re-Release, Closure DVD


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Typed up by me from the nin.com site, since they upload their news on .gif images :rolleyes:

the downward spiral deluxe edition will be released on November 23rd.

the two disc set will feature a redesigned deluxe package which includes a hybrid CD/SACD with the original album in sterio, high resolution sterero, and high resolution 5.1 digital surround sound. this will play on regular cd players as well as SACD players.

also included is a bonus disc featuring a new compilation of remixes, b-sides, demos, and non-album tracks, including previously unreleased material.

DISC ONE (hybrid cd/sacd):

the original album digitally remixed and remastered in SACD high resolution stereo and 5.1 surround sound.

1. mr self destruct

2. piggy

3. heresy

4. march of the pigs

5. closer

6. ruiner

7. the becoming

8. i do not want this

9. big man with a gun

10. a warm place

11. eraser

12. reptile

13. the downward spiral

14. hurt

disc two (cd):

digitally remastered remixes, b-sides, demos, and non-album tracks.

1. burn

2. closer (precursor)

3. piggy (nothing can stop me now)

4. a violet fluid

5. dead souls

6. hurt (quiet)

7. closer to god

8. all the pigs, all lined up

9. memorabilia

10. the downward spiral (the bottom)

11. ruiner (demo)

12. liar (reptile demo)

13. heresy (demo)

also in stores November 23rd is a dualdisc dvd-audio version of The Downward Spiral. this includes the original album digitally remixed and remastered in stereo and 5.1 surround sound. the dvd side includes an image gallery, discography, and three bonus videos: closer (in surround), march of the pigs, and hurt.

the dual disc will be playable in dvd-audio players, standard dvd players, and regular cd players.

detailed information about these releases can be found here and here.

unfortunately, the closure dvd is tied up in legal problems at the moment and looks unlikely to see release until early 2005. we apologize for the delay, we're as frustrated about it as you are and we'll let you know of any changes.

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