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I was just wondering if you any of you had heard of the band Instruction and what you think of them. I've heard a couple of their songs but can't determine whether it's rock, or if it's like a punk/rock hybrid. Anyways, I would like some thoughts on them, as I'm thinkin' about pickin' up the cd. If I don't buy the cd, then I'm gonna go see Friday Night Lights when it comes out.

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:unsure: ...I was juat asking a question to help me figure out whether or not I should buy the cd or not. Excuse me for trying to get some peoples' opinions on a band they've heard. Because if I spend the money to buy it and it blows chunks except for what I've already heard, then I just wasted that money didn't I? And it's not like I could get money back if I return it, as most places only give you store credit, thus I can't get that cd 'cause it blows and I didn't go see the movie I wanted to go see because I didn't ask for the opinions of people that have listened to them before.
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