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i got some chicken feed, and i gave it to the man in the lake

the lady who had the chicken feed told me to steal her money back from Jhonka, but there's no way to get inside Jhonka's cave

i can't get a room at the Inn cause I don't have a robe

i can't get into Trogdor's cave because i don't have a robe, i don't stink, and i'm not on fire

i found the super trinket in a berry bush

i have 7 points out of 150

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ok, i think now i have to find a robe, get stinky, and catch on fire.. and people keep tellin me to go to Kerrek to get stinky, but i've typed everything i could think of with him and none of it worked

any ideas?

i killed Kerrek btw

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If you can't find Kerrek you're fucked as he's right there in town.

He's the monster that bashes your head if you get close to him and he's got tracks right by him.

After you united the two archers, you'll play a bow and arrow game. After you win, they give you a bow. You get your own arrow. Go back to the place you found the second archer. Take an arrow. Go to Kerrek. Type something like Kill Kerrek With Bow. Kerrek will die.


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