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Unlimited Saga


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So I picked this game up today, haven't had chance to play it yet though since I left it at my mates :pinch:

Anyway, I'm quite a big RPG fan but i've never played any of the Saga series so I was wondering who here has played this game and whether you like it. I know two guys who have played it, one says it's awesome the other says it sucks, and most reviews on the internet seem bad.

Yeah...so any help is appreciated

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You have my sympathies.

Scary German Guy loves it, apparently. I don't.

I bought it at Wal-Mart for about $19.95 + tax, and its the ONLY PS2 game I've regretted buying. I tried playing two different storylines and gave up, because its crap. I traded it in at Gamestop for store credit (which was only about 2 or 3 dollars, but still.....).

The graphics are crappy, the combat is lame, and the music blows chunks (It took me a week to get that suck-ass opening theme music out of my head completely). The only thing its got going for it, in my opinion, is fairly decent (but not great) voice acting.

But....if you do decide to play it, try the storyline with the female pirate character (I forget her name). There's another female character who shows up later and uses guns, and the combat is much easier after she joins the party.

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it´s a brilliant game, the more you give it out of the ordanary style a chanse the more you will fall for the awsome story betwen the 7 main characters (and the world story, wich you will start understanding wen you play more characters)

i can fully understand that some people don´t like it, it is special and gamers today are used to one style wen it comes to RPGs and not realy willing to let annything elth come cloth to them (you know, being scared of thinking, not being able to level like crazy just to finish every ennimie in the game like a pice of cake without using anny tacktics and so one) ore just are techwhores that hate games that don´t have the newest hyper 3D grafix . . .

this game is a great pice of art like rarly seen on gaming consoles (actualy i think only Ico might be able to come annywere near cloth, even if that is for way different reasons), people just prevere macdonalds over the museum.

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Thanks for the opinions you guys.

I played the game a little today and so far it looks good, albeit very different, but good nonetheless. I'm definately looking forward to playing it more. And I have to say, although the graphics are 2D when you meet other characters, they are very nice to look at.

Oh, and Matzat, Ico is one of the greatest games ever made.

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