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Multi-region DVD players

Timmoru Suzuki

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Ok, my current DVD player is getting very old (It's easily 3/4 years old), and i've been entertaining the thought of getting a new one - ideally a multi-region one. However, I'm not really well up on good makes/brands whatever, or good places to buy from - and i'm the suspicious type. I've mostly been looking around on amazon.co.uk, but if anyone can reccomend a good, cheap multi-region DVD player, or a good site to look at, that would be great. I am on a budget though so nothing way expensive.

So, can anyone reccomend a good cheap DVD player, or a good site to look at/buy from (i'm gonna keep looking around myself). Thanks.

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This is the player I have, has been very good to me, it's region free and PAL compatible, to change regions you just have to put in a quick 3 button code on the main screen<with the tray closed and no disc in it> just push menu, 1, 9 and the menu to change the region will come up.

Best Buy is currently out of stock as you can see but I'm sure ya can check around other places.

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