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How badass was the Wonder Years. I've been watching heaps of reruns lately and I forgot how good this show was. The on again off again relationship with Winnie = television gold! GOLD!


Finale - real tearjerker, when he's talking about his dad etc.

The one where their dog runs away and it shows them all kinda neglecting him before, then when he's gone they realise how much they miss him and go looking for him everywhere cos of Kevin... the voiceover at the end, <3

The one where Kevin meets Chuck for the first time at soccer and Chuck is acting like a total dweeb

The episode where they're in the school lunchroom examining all the different cliques and their problems etc.

where Kevin has to take a Maths exam and complains he can't do it. Mr Collins believes in him and gives him extra tuition but on the day of the test Mr Collins is mysteriously not there and Kevin acts petulant. He does see Kevin later but the Kevin finds out that Mr Collins died. Takes test and passes. "You don't need to mark it, it's an A". Lump in throat moment

When Winny gets in a car accident and Kevin stays outside her window so when she wakes up he'll be there

What a great show.



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Off-topic but on your sig:

Is Mean Girls really better than the greatness of Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins in The Shawshank Redemption?

Now, on-topic, The Wonder Years worked because of its innocence while still being powerful at intervals and, like Boy Meets World would do later on in the 90s, managed to get better with age and especially with its finale. One of the better finales in TV history, really.

Lest we not forget Winnie Cooper, either. :P

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Off-topic but on your sig:

Is Mean Girls really better than the greatness of Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins in The Shawshank Redemption?


what channel is it on these days?

btw.. Beatles > Joe Cocker

It's on a channel here called TV1 which is like all old classic shows (cheers, seinfeld, married with children, etc). I have no idea if it's on in the US, but I heard they're bringing it out on DVD soon.

And I actually like the Joe Cocker version better. Both are fucking classics, though.

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The Wonder Years is indeed one of my favorite shows of all-time and I'd shell out big bucks for the series on DVD.

There's so many good episodes, but I think the ones named above are some of the best.

And off-topic: Mean Girls is suprisingly good.

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On the subject of Wonder Years, it's also my favorite show ever. if they got every show together on one big ass DVD set, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

On the subject of Mean Girls: Yes, it is surprisingly good. I still can't figure out if that's because of the hotness...or if that's because of the actual acting and story. Further investigation may be required.

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"Things never turn out exactly the way you planned. Growing up happens in a heartbeat. One day your in diapers, the next your gone, but the memories of childhood stay with you for the long haul. I remember a place, a house like alot of houses, a yard like a lot of yards, on a street like alot of other streets. And the thing is, after all these years I still look back in wonder."

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