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Rumble Roses , Call of Duty for the ps2


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I rented both for the ps2.

so far i'm really liking rumble roses. The Smackdown vs. raw crew could learn something from the animators of this game. most moves are awesomely animated. I love the entrances and all the camera angles. the lack of game modes really hurt but its a good multiplayer.

as for call for duty. not too sure yet it all seems cool if I can actually survive. when i first start i'm supposed to get a gun but instead all i get is ammo and thus i get slaughtered. I hate that it doesn't have offline multiplayer

whats your opinions

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I've beat the story mode with 3 people so far. the story mode as a whole is mostly comical but i like the fact once you beat the game with the Face version of the character then you can use the heel version of the character(which has a different looks and moveset)

my only problem is that you cannot pit say the face version of Miss Spencer against the heel version of herself in exhibition mode. if you want to play as the heel version you have to complete certain vows(set before the match) when you reach 100% heel or face you cna then challenge for the title.

some speculate that theres a way to play as the heel and face versions in single player but as of yet the only way to do it is hacking device..

When i first rented this game i thought it would be the type of game that is to rent only , but man its addicting and fun and its on my Christmas list now

and man some of the humiliation moves are just sickening

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I've played DOA and imo its nothign special the fighting engine isn't up to par as say Virtual Fighter 4. Doa jsut uses the graphic to get buy. at least RR has a decent engine imo , your right about the cliches but its still enjoyable

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After reading this, went ahead and rented it yesterday...and it's really not that bad. Hell, it's not bad at all. Only problem is it gives you that..'DOA, why the hell am I playing this?' feel sometimes, but it's actually a good wrestling game. There's a lot (Well, I guess) of indy moves. Even did the Red Star Press earlier...with the exact taunt and everything. Like Doc said...if Smackdown had some of the animations this game does, it'd be liked a lot better.

And the characters are...interesting. But I like the heel/face thing, as well as story mode, even though, it's corny in a way lol..

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whcih character has the red star press ? I've heard about it but have yet to do it. yeah i love the nice selections of indy moves. So far who's your favorite character . I like Becky , Aisha , and the Cowgirl .. Miss spencer isn't that bad either.

also do you happen to know how to reverse the killer and lethal moves. I've heard yu can but don't know how cause i didn't get a manual. I know to block strikes you have to time it right and hit R1+ Square and for grapples its R1 + Triangle

is it me or do all the characters have the same top rope diving attacks ? it seems like everyone has the diving spear

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