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WWE February 2005

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WWE 2005


For the last few months WWE has gone downhill, so downhill that they have had to bring in more PPVs(which didn't work) got rid of some unwanted talent(which didn't work) and brought in some new talent(well we'll just have to wait and see) so WWE writers had to come up with something BIG! Something Earth-Shattering! And this would become the end of The SD!/RAW Roster split, Creating new rivalries, re-uniting old friendships and starting from scratch!

And Then:

New Year's Revolution was the 'Beginning Of The End' when The whole McMahon family (Linda, Stephanie, Shane and even Vince!) came out to the ring and anounced that January would be the Last Month of the Brand Extension and at The Royal Rumble The Two World Titles and the two tag Titles would be unifyed so the The champs would have to face each other Also Eric Bischoff and Teddy Long have been Fired from WWE (Not really, Just for show) and The US, Cruiserweight, Intercontinental and Woman's Titles would all be vacated to give everyone an even chance. Vince Then then stated "It's the beginning of a new era Folks!"

Royal Rumble 2005(Jan 30):

Match for a place in the Royal Rumble:

Eddie Guerrero def. Booker T

(The catch was that place in the royal rumble was the first place)

Tag Unification:

(World)William Regal and Eugene Def. (WWE)Kenzo Suzuke and Rene Dupree

Fatal Four Way for no. 30 In The Rumble:

Randy Orton def. Batista, Ric Flair and Triple H

WWE vs World Title Match:

(WWE)JBL def. (World) Chris Benoit (with The help of Orlando,The Bashams and Edge)

Royal Rumble Match

Winner: John Cena

(Final Five: John Cena, Kurt Angle, Triple H, Eddie Guerrrero and Randy Orton)

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Wow, the WWE is planning on making Orton the winner of the Rumble and Cena wins it in your game. Doesn't he have the US Title anymore? More info please.

OMG, JBL is still the champ but now he is the World Champion of the ENTIRE WWE! *thinks about it and dies*

*gets back to his feet after puking for 5 minutes*

Push Stevie Richards and Batista.....

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I like Batista and Stevie Richards to so I might think about pushing Richards to about US Title level and Maybe turn Batista and put him in a nTag Team with um, I dunno, Big Show or even Undertaker.

Oh yeh and I mentioned that If it's the start of a new Era why not Vacate all the belts to give people and even chance. It's in there somewhere.

And I hate JBL so giving him The grand-Daddy of all titles seems to Piss people off which is kind of what the WWE like to do, Take HHH for instance everyone loves him much better as a heel.

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WWE.com Announces the new full roster:

Key: Face Heel Tweener

Main Event


Eddie Guerrero

Randy Orton

Big Show

Chris Benoit

Triple H

John Bradshaw Layfield

Kurt Angle


Upper Midcard

Rob Van Dam

John Cena

Chris Jericho


Shelton Benjamin


Booker T




The Hurricane


Harcore Holly

Rey Mysterio

Charlie Haas



William Regal

Chavo Guerrero

Gene Snitsky

Carlito Carribean Cool

Simon Dean

Bubba Ray Dudley

Spike Dudley

D-Vone Dudley

Luther Reigns

Mark Jindrak

Doug and Danny Basham

Rene Dupree

Sylvain Grenier

Billy Kidman


Kenzo Suzuke

Lower Midcard

Val Venis


Paul London


Scotty 2 Hotty

Shannon Moore

Steven Richards

Orlando Jordan


Muhummed Hassan

Tyson Tomko

Rob Conway


Mick Foley

The Rock

Shawn Michaels

Al Snow


Jerry Lawler

Jim Ross

Michael Cole


Todd Grisham

Josh Matthews

Jonathon Coachman

Bill DeMott


Miss Jackie(Charlie Haas)

Stacy Kiebler(Nobody)

Paul Heyman(Hiedenriech)

Ric Flair(HHH/Batista)

Koshrov Davari(Muhummed Hassan)






Christy Hemme

Joy Giovanni

Melina Perez

Michelle McCool

Torrie Wilson

Amy Weber

Dawn Marie

Molly Holly

Trish Stratus


The Bradshaw Administration(JBL,Orlando, Doug & Danny Basham)

Team Angle(Angle, Jondrak & Reigns)

Evolution(HHH, Batista & Flair)

The Dudleys(Bubba Ray, D-Von & Spike)

On-Screen Authority Figures

Vince McMahon

Undisputed Champion: JBL

Undisputed Tag Team Champions: Regal and Eugene

Intercontinental Champion: Vacant

US Champion: Vacant

Cruiserweight Champion: Vacant

Woman's Champion: Vacant

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imo, getting rid of the brand split is B-A-D BAD because without the split, John Cena, Eddie, Benoit, Shelton, Christian, and even Edge wouldnt have gotten the push they have been getting.

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Guest nWo4life

Layout sux at the mo soz dude, the content is gr8 , i dont like the idea of a diff GM evry week just have Vince appoint a WWE Commissoner again. u got a reader though im interested in how this one unfolds.

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user posted image


February 1st week

(live from Las Vegas)


Vince Mcmahon makes his way to the ring with a smile on his face and microphone in his hand.

Vince: Ladies and gentlemen I am proud to say that a new era, DEFINATELY has begun with most of the titles vacant and no power of authority. But I wil be introducinganew authority SYSTEM there will be a random general manager system were on every major WWE show (e.g. Raw/SMackdown) there will a lottery where I or one of the stff will pick out anyone with a WWE cntract to be GM fr ne night so, even someone like Scotty 2 Hotty or Lilia Garcia can be in chare for one night only!

So Ladies....

The Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young come out dressed as show girls with a lotto wheel

Vince: How ya doing Ladies

Mae: Very well Mr. McMahon but not as good as you look.

Vince: Why thanks, but no thanks. Let's justget this show on the road

Vince dips his hnd in the tub and pulls out a name

Vince: And, Tonight's General Manager Is... Vince looks very unhappy Paul Heyman!


JR: Wow King a new GM every showthat mensyou or me could be in charge very soon

King: You're right JR, I can't wait for my turn. See I never doubted Mr. McMahon for a second. He's always got something up his sleeve

JR: But yu gotta remember King, Paul Heyman is our GM tonight so we better watch our mouths

King: I know I'm not scared of Heyman but I'm scared of that GM position being pt into the wrong hands, like Paul Heyman fo example.


Backstage Paul Heyman is talking to some backstage taff

Staff: Mr. Heyman ir wat are yu gonna do about the main event tonight

Heyman: Listen My friend, The main event tonight will be my client Heideneich against JBL for the WWE Undisputed title in a lumberjack match with Paul Heyman as the secial guest referee and JBL' administration will be the lumberjacks aswell as All three Dudley Boyz,

Hows that for a main event!

Staff: But sir what about all the other superstars who want the title and franky deserethe title more than Heidenreich

Heman: Are you saying that Heidnreich isn't good enough for the Undisputed Title, Get out you're fired!





Overview: The crowd were pleased to see Jericho team with RVD and Mysterio, but they gave a thunderous BOO to Christian/Kidman/Carito because they had Tyson Tomko and Jesus by their side. Anyway, Jesus/Tomko kept getting involved(e.g. pulling on Mysterio's ankle, throwing RVD into the steps etc.) untll Jericho got angry and chased them both up the ramp and out of sight. It ended up being a three on two match as Tomko/Jesus double chokeslamed Jericho onto the concrete floor backstage.

Match Ending: RVD got thetag to Mysterio, Christian is down on the rope here it comes, 619! Rey jumps up onto Christian's souldrs Wst Coast Po... No Christian reversed it into a powerbomb. Outside thering Carlito starts distractng RVD Christingets the tag to Kidman, He's going Up Shooting Star press on Mysterio. 1.2.3!!! It's over.

Winners: Carlito/Kidman/Christian



Paul heyman bumps into Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit and Booker T Backstage

Heyman: Hi, Guys hat can I do for ya?

Benoit: We want a title shot, tonight!

Eddie: Fatal-Four-way Essa

Booker: Former WWE Champion Eddie Guerero vs Former World Heavyweight Campion Chris Benoit vs The 5 Time WCW Champion vs the current Undisputed champion JBL!

Heyman: Well I'm afraid I can't do that fellas, You know that Heidenreich has a title shot tonight...

Eddie: Well what about a Fatal-Five-Way then homes

Heyman: I can't do that either but I'll tell youwhat I wll do. You thre will be lumberjacks in the Title match later on tonight

Benoit: Hwat's in it for us if we are gonna be lumberjacks?

Heyman: What's in it for you? everything guys. Last year t The Great American Bash JBL beat you, Eddie Guerrero and last year at Survivor Series JBL beat you too Booker T and just last nigh JBL even beat YOU Chris Benoit. So i yu guys help Heidenreich win the Title tonight it wil be an easy ride for any one of you to beat Heidenreich Next Week.

Booker: Are you saying that if Heideneich wins then us three will get a fatal four way match on Smackdown?

Heyman: That's exactly what I'm saying. But untill the main event you three are going to have title matches Chris Benoit will fight for the Interconinental title on Smackdown this Week but tonight Booker T will go for the US Title and Eddie Guerrero for the Tag Team Titles.

Heyman walks off with a smug look on his face


JR: I didn't like the look on Heyman's face just then,who will they face and who will be Guerrero's Partner?

King: Wellit looks like we're going t hve somegreat Matches tonight, Three Titles on the line in one night and One of them we're going to have a definate new chmpion, that's maing JR. This new WE is going to be Great!



Overview: Booker T came out first eagerly awating his apponent and then Gene Snitsky's music played and he came out. It was Booker T vs Gene Snitsky for the US title. Booker T carried the match with Snitsky working really stiff.

Match Ending: Snitsky went outside and grabbed the steel steps, Booker T then Baseball Slide Dropkicked The Steel steps into the face of Snitsky. Booker staed in the ring waiting for his apponent to get back in, Sitsky got back up te his feet and into the ring Snitsky walked straight into a BOOK-END!! 1.2.3!!!

We have a new US champion

Winner: Booker T


King: Will there be anew Undisputed Champion Tonight we aready have a new US champ!?

JR: well King I don't know about ht but what I DO know is Paul Heyman has made another Match for tonight andRandy Orton is backstage with Maria to tell us all about it

Orton and about 20 other superstars appear next to Maria on the titantron

Maria: That's Right JR, I'm here with Randy Orton with what looks like the entire WWE roster

Orton: You know what Maria this isn't the whole roster this is 20 former RAW supestars excludig me who on the last match of the night (after the title Match), live here in Vegas will be apart of Randy Orton's Raw 10 minute Royal Rumble Invitational where 20 superstars will have a Royal Rumble Were every 30 seconds a new superstar enters and the winner will face Randy Orton On Smackdown this thursday and ifthey beat me wil face John Cena at No Way Out for the Title Shot at wrestlemania 21!

Maria: Thank Randy, JR King it's back to you.




Overview: All tree competitors came out to a massive ovation untill Guerrer's partner Came in, The Game, Triple H!

The match was very entertaining but every time Eddie went or the tag Triple H kept walking away but William regal grabbed HHH when Eugene/Eddie were fighting in the ring Eddie then ave HHH a blind tag when HHH wasn't looking.

Match Ending: William Regal and HHH were the Legal men as Eddie Guerrero ot out a chair and sat on it untill Regal got the tag to Eugene and Eugene hit HHH with a Guerrero frog SPlash 1.2.3!

Eddie Guerrero then got back into the ring and started celebrating with Eugene/Regal

Winners: Regal/Eugene


JR: Ladies nd gentlemen it's now time for the Undisputed Title, Special Referee Lumberjack match between John Bradshaw Layfield and Heidenreich

King: and Booker T, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit are Lumberjacks.




Overview: The Bradshaw administration were on one side of the ring, dudleyz on the other and Eddie/Booker/Benoit in the middle. Basic brawlng mainly in this match pretty basic wrestling moves aswell, To be honest if it wasn't for the lumberjacks this match would have been terrible.

Match Ending: The basham brothers kept helping JBL which ended up in a brawl outside. Hedenreic accidentally got hit with a shoulder barge by Heidenreich. Heideneic turned around, lothesline from hell. Another referee runs down, 1.2. (Eddie Gerrero has put Heidenreich' foot on he rope but the ref han't seen it) 3!

Winner: JBL

JR: Nobody saw it, Guerrero put Heidenreich's leg on the rope dammit!

King: Calm down JR, the match is over and the ref's made his decision. and JBL is still the champ.

JR: I know King but it just pisses me off that that creep JBL is still champ. I I get picked as GM I would vacate that belt an give it t soeone who deserves it like his man... Randy Orton has already made his way to the ring with the lotto machine

Orton: I know my invitational match is next but before it gets underway would like to announce the General Manager for Smackdown this week... Orton puts his hand into the tub The Big Show!

King: Wow the Big Show!

JR: It's sure to be a hell o a show on Smackdown his week with the 50 pounder calling the shots.



-Every 30 seconds a new person enters

-If you are throw over the top rope you are eliminated

-The winner will face Randy Orton this week on Smackdown

-And if they beat Randy Orton they will face John Cena at No Way Out for the title shot at WM21

-Participants will only be former RAW superstars

Order of Entry / Eliminated By(Not Order of Elimination):

Val Venis/Ric Flair

Edge/Val Venis


Shawn Michaels/Edge

Viscera/Rosey, HBK, Venis & Hassan

Muhummed Hassan/

Hurricane/Simon Dean(Double Elimination)

Ric Flair/Benjamin



Chris Jericho/Batista

Simon Dean/Hurricane(Double Elimination)

Tyson Tomko/Rosey



Stevie Richards/Tajiri & Rhyno

Shelton Benjamin/ Triple H

Triple H/Batista

Garrison Cade/Batista

Rhyno/Triple H

Batista and Orton have an intense stare-down after the match untill John Cena appears and Runs them both off. His music hits and the screen fades out.

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