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WCW Lockdown

Guest The Real Deal

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Guest The Real Deal

WCW Lockdown


I sat on the couch, emotionally drained. My evil and destructive plans lay in front of me untouched in a black file which was carefully assembled with a lock on the front. I felt the key to the lock lay jaggedly in the inside of my trouser pocket.

I raised my hand to my face and flicked away the out stretches of hair which crossed over my eyes. I sighed, as the landscape of the room become oh so real to me. He was yet to give me an answer and his smug face wasn’t so smug now. He looked over his financial documents again and again, unsure of what to do or say. I let my mind wander for another 5-10 minutes before coming back to reality by the faint cough. Ted looked at me and then back at the documents. He carefully placed them on his table before crossing his left leg over his right and sitting up straight in his desk chair. His table light barely shone as the room was already lit with sunshine and above all else my greatness and hope.

Ted: so….what…what…I mean.. what can you do for WCW?

I laughed inside! What can I do Ted? I can destroy the WCW for ever!

Me: Well Ted for a start I have numerous years experience in the wrestling industry. I used to work for the WWF until McMahon fired me for circumstances that are unavailable to be discussed at this moment in time.

Ted: A huh!

Me: Not only that as a WWF inside Ted, I know there upcoming plans for the year.

Well, that’s new to me. But it seems to be working on old Ted.

Ted: Do you mind discussing them with me?

Me: Discussing… now? I don’t think so Ted. WCW isn’t the kind of promotion right now that is in any league with the WWF. WCW is going down Turner thanks to Russo and you need to get your damn priorities sorted out first before I start discussing anything with you.

My hateful and spiteful plan seemed to me on the verge of success. I cringed in my chair unaware of what Ted would do next. Ted lifted a pen which was set in a box to the far right hand side of him before scribbling down numerous things on an A4 page.

Ted: Listen.. Please.. I Do not want the WCW to go out of business! For some bizarre reason I am skeptical on your ability to help me.

Me: Im always open to business Ted.

Ted: Oh you better damn well boy sunny Jim! Because if your plans do not work, if they fail then take it from me I WILL have you killed.

Ted smiled before putting his hand out in acceptance.

I gloated inside, Ted was unaware that a WWF insider was out to destroy the WCW for good!

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Guest The Real Deal

The Phone Call

The promising news arrived to Vince McMahon as soon as I got a mile out of Turners office.

Turner has these worms, that will follow any new employee and try and scrape anything and everything up on them to make sure they aren’t a negative danger to the company even if Turner knows them personally or in business terms.

I walked down the steps and the sent of bleach filled my lungs. I continued walking at a fast pace, I put my left hand into the inside of my coat pocket and lifted out my car keys. My steps echoed throughout the building, I walked past the WCW reception and smiled at the receptionist who was typing away at her computer.

I walked through the swing doors and jogged at pace in which I believed I was being followed. I got into my car and headed off in search for a safe location. I drove about for an hour or so before heading off a back lane and to the outskirts of a small town called “Lilao”

The rain trickled down the front window screen, I turned my head round trying to keep an eye out for someone and anyone.

When I was happy I picked up my mobile phone and entered my phonebook. I headed towards “KV” before hitting the menu and dialing the number in front of me.

I lifted the phone to my ear as the ringing noise became clearer and clearer.

The dry voice of Vince McMahon answered steadily.

Me: Hello its me.

The receiver paused before it all came clear and he began to whisper.

Vince McMahon: Well?

Me: Well it seems to have worked.

Vince: Excellent.

Me: But I think he’s got a few people watching me just in case.

Vince: Yeah he probably does. You’ll need to be careful.

I looked around again and was happy to continue.

Me: Im in the middle of no where here and am still quite nervous. What if he has taped something onto my car?

Vince: I don’t think he would.

Me: But WHAT IF?

Vince began to hesitate.

Vince McMahon: Just play it cool. Calm down and go get a nights sleep you’ll be fine in the morning.

Me:I guess so. So anyway Vince..

Vince didn’t answer.

Me: Vince….Vince…Hello Vince you there?

Still no answer. I hung up and decided to get somewhere safe for the time being. What if something happened to Vince?

Was I over exaggerating? Im not quite sure at the moment in time.

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Guest The Real Deal

Self Belief Is What I Need!

The sweat drained from my head. I lifted my hand and with the sleeve of my shirt, I wiped the sweaty remains away. My sleeve had soaked up the sweat particles and I was in a nervous state.

I was defeating myself by worrying and Ted Turner phoning asking for reassurance that the deal was still going ahead made me feel on edge. I wrestled my thoughts over and over again trying to come to conclusion and believe me many conclusions I did come to.

One minute I was at my mobile phone preparing myself to phone Vince McMahon and tell him the plan was off, another conclusion was were I thought of the possibilities. I could get rich, very rich!

The business world is tough, very tough and out of all the people I’ve tried to screw over, I can safely and promisingly say that Ted Turner is by far the utmost and challenging yet. We’re talking about a company’s future being on the line.

My ideas for success are carefully written out step by step. I looked out of the apartment room I was staying in and peered down on the people below going about their business. They had no sense that a con artist if you want to call me that was a few stories above wallowing in self belief. I have to conclude all serious possible outcomes:

1) What if this storyline doesn’t get off the ground and WCW stays open will Vince let me keep my job?

Answer - If the storyline that I’ve prepared doesn’t work, Vince has reassured me that my job at the WWF will still be there. But im a paranoid type of person and don’t know if I can take this answer for real or for granted.

2) What if the storyline is too successful?

Answer - Then WCW will survive, Turner will get rich and Vince will get angry. Vince wants me to go out there and do whatever I have to close this company down by using mind games to get into the booking team and then slowly but surely destroying WCW behind the scenes.

It all has to be said the future of WCW and the wrestling world rests in my hands.

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Guest The Real Deal

The Plan

My plan had been discussed with Ted Turner. He seemed eager to get it off the ground and had no objections in explaining it to the whole WCW roster.

I was quite amazed at the amount of people backstage that accepted the proposed “new” contract. Only 2 people refused to accept the contract and they were Tyngress the valet of The Filthy Animals and Wayne DeBruce which is no major loss at all.

Ted explained the booking rules I had received in order to try and give this storyline the full effect I need to give WCW that extra boost in the market department. I was confused merely because of what happened to Vince the other night but Ted acted normal and that led me to believe that everything was fine.

Sid Justice seemed eager to sign his “new” contract and smiled at me before saying:

Sid Justice - You’re a brave man!

Ted explained to the guys that from now on title shots will be fewer and harder to receive in order to build up the value of such prestigious belts. There will be 2 divisions in the company a cruiserweight division and a tag team division the rest of the belts will be focused on who is where in the ranking table.

If a wrestler is in the top 5 of a particular division he is eligible to challenge the person above him for their spot or challenge someone else in order to gain more points.

Scoring System


Win = 2 Points

Loss = 0 Points

DQ = -1 Points

Backstage Attack Successful = 1 point.

Due to evil management backstage who are yet unknown if someone attacks another wrestler backstage successfully they will receive 1 point.

I have brought in a new title called “WCW Unsanctioned Carnage” were just like the WWF Hardcore 24/7 rule anything can happen anywhere and at anytime.

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Guest The Real Deal

Because Cole if you managed to read the backstory, then backstage attacks are encouraged by evil management.

And The Grifter this diary started on Saturday 1st September 2001.

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Guest The Real Deal

The Lockdown era begins

Ted Turner’s descriptive office didn’t seem to interest me in the slightest. I wasn’t into all the fancy stuff in an office, I was in to getting a job done then way it had to be done. I managed to make another phone call to Vince before Saturday Night Main Event where the new dawn of World Championship Wrestling would kick off.

Ted and I had discussed numerous motives to an on screen character that will bring light and focus to the “lockdown” era and we came to an agreement. A WWF / WCW legend would be taking on the role as the fiction “new” owner of WCW starting at Saturday Main Event.

I discussed the numerous propaganda issues with him and he respected the opinions and ideas I had led down for him to portray this new side of his aged character.

Ted was happy with my decision and he seemed to be eager to get the show started. After all the “Lockdown” era would shape World Championship Wrestling for ever, would WCW make a success of the “lockdown” era and gain more public image and revenue or would WCW break and fall under the first of Vince McMahon and the WWF?

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Guest American Idiot

I beleive the last line in your last post you meant fist?

I'm going to take a guess and say you are going to let the.....ULTIMATE WARRIOR!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!! take on the role of the ficticious owner.

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Guest The Real Deal

WCW Roster



Main Event

Bill Goldberg

Booker T

Sid Justice


Ric Flair

Scott Steiner

Upper Midcard

Diamond Dallas Page

Dustin Rhodes

Dusty Rhodes

Rey Mysterio Jr

Buff Bagwell

Jeff Jarrett

Lex Luger

Rick Steiner

Road Warrior Animal


Billy Kidman

General Reaction

Jim Duggan


Shane Helms

The Cat

Bam Bam Bigelow

Brian Adams

Bryan Clarke

Chuck Palumbo

David Flair

Disco Inferno

Don Harris

Lance Storm

Mike Awesome

Shane Douglas

Lower Midcard

AJ Styles

Big Vito

Corporal Cajun


Major Stash

Norman Smiley

Sergeant A-WALL

Shannon Moore

Alex Wright

Brian Knobs

Chavo Guerrero Jr

Chris Candido

Chris Kanyon

Elix Skipper

Evan Karagias

Johnny The Bull

Kaz Hayashi

Kid Romeo

Mark Jindrak


Mike Sanders

Ron Harris

Scot Nort0n

Sean O’Haire

Shawn Stasiak

Stevie Ray

Terry Funk



Air Paris

MI Smooth

Jamie Knoble





Stacy Keibler

Jimmy Hart


Miss Jones

Major Gunns


Miss Elizabeth


Tammy Sytch

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Guest The Real Deal

user posted image

WCW Saturday Night Main Event Preview

As the new era of World Championship Wrestling is planned out before us, what form of action will be taken to kick off the “lockdown” era?

We have been told that no match points will be awarded at Saturday Main Event Shows but they will determine to the new WCW owner who gets their spot on Nitro or Thunder!

Kicking off the show will be the young and unknown AJ Styles taking on Mark Jindrak for an opening spot on the upcoming Monday Night Nitro show.

In a one off match Elix Skipper will be out to impress the new WCW owner when he takes on Kaz Hayashi and Kid Romeo for a 2 point reward.

And in the Saturday Night Main Event Terry Funk will take on Sean O’Haire for the new WCW “Unsanctioned Carnage” belt.

All this and much much more action only on WCW Saturday Night Main Event.

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Guest The Real Deal

user posted image

WCW Saturday Night Main Event Results


Location - Texas

The WCW Saturday Night Main Event music begins to play on screen followed by the various WCW stars appearing on camera executing moves whilst the light strobe pans out around the arena. The video stops and the pyros blast off showering the front of the ramp as the fans cheer.

We are taken to ringside where we are welcomed by the new WCW Saturday Night Main Event announcing team of Dusty Rhodes and Tony Schiavone.

Dusty Rhodes - Welcome WCW fans from around the world!

Tony Schiavone - And welcome to the “lockdown” era!

Dusty Rhodes - This is edge of the seat stuff Tony.

Tony Schiavone - It surely is, the new layout, ring apron and all that it brings something extra.

Dusty Rhodes - It brings a fresh start.

AJ Styles Vs Mark Jindrak

Both men looked nervous, A spot for a Monday Night Nitro match was on the line here and both men needed to create an impact to further their WCW careers. Both men locked up and Jindrak took no time in going stiff on the young Styles. Jindrak locked in a sharpshooter but AJ managed to wriggle out of it and flip Jindrak over his head into a pin..1..2.. Arm up. Jindrak was outraged by such a move and dismantled AJ with kicks and punches. AJ was tired and his tiredness greatened after Jindrak threw him about the ring. AJ went off the ropes and went for a jumping hurricanranna but Jindrak turned the momentum and hit a wild power bomb for a cover..1...2...3

Winner - Mark Jindrak

Dusty Rhodes - And Mark Jindrak picks up the win.

Tony Schiavone - My God these new rules here in WCW are really going to bring out the best in these wrestlers.

Dusty Rhodes - Only the strong will survive and the weak will fall.

Tony Schiavone - Fans get ready cause after the break we’re going to be introduced to the new owner of World Championship Wrestling.


Dusty Rhodes - Welcome back WCW fans and if you’re joining us now here is what you missed.

Video Replay

Who is the owner?

Ted Turner’s music blasts over the Pa System as the former WCW owner makes his way out onto the ramp. Turner is wearing an expensive suit and is carrying a microphone in hand. Turner smiles, and walks down the ramp before walking up the steel steps and stepping into the ring where he is greeted with a mix reception from the crowd.

Ted Turner - Hello World Championship Wrestling fans! And welcome to the “lockdown” era. As you all know, WCW has changed hands backstage and I am no longer the man in charge. Ever since I bought WCW, It has been my life and honor to be apart of such a prestigious company. I have sold my right to WCW to a man that is respected by millions of people around the world. A former WCW World Heavyweight champion on more than one occasion should I add! I’ve been talking with him and in part of the deal I will still be allowed to have some financial input and an authority like role in the company. Im not going away that easy, Ladies and Gentlemen I give to you’s the new owner of WCW…..

The excitement and tension inside the ring is unbearable, the fans scream as the titintron starts to play. No one seems to come out as the fans look around them in confusion.

Ted Turner - Oh my mistake, Hahaha. He’s on a business trip. I hope I didn’t exceed your excitement there cause your all going to have to watch Nitro.

The fans chant “asshole” at Turner as he arrogantly smiles at the crowd.

Dusty Rhodes - I was so excited Tony!

Tony Schiavone - Turner just came out to play everyone’s hopes up.

Dusty Rhodes - What a smuck.

Elix Skipper Vs Kaz Hayashi / Kid Romeo

2 points were on the line and this handicap match created nothing by confusion and rivalry. On numerous occasions Hayashi and Romeo had Elix defeated but neither could agree on who would pin him. They wasted valuable time and when Elix gained consciousness he tossed Romeo out of the ring and hit the surprised Hayashi with the overdrive for a cover..1.…2.…3

Winner - Elix Skipper - 2 Points

Tony Schiavone - And Elix Skipper picks up the first ever 2 points gained in WCW with a win over Kid Romeo and Kaz Hayashi.

Dusty Rhodes - Elix was dominated by Kaz and Romeo but this scoring system is creating tension already.


Tony Schiavone - Welcome back.

Dusty Rhodes - Up next is the WCW Saturday Night Main Event.

Tony Schiavone - The new WCW “Unsanctioned Carnage” belt will be on the line between Terry Funk and Sean O’Haire.

WCW “Unsanctioned Carnage” Title

Terry Funk Vs Sean O’Haire

The match was pure carnage, O’Haire battled with the Funkster in the ring, on the ramp and backstage. O’Haire smacked Terry’s head against a guard railing before dragging him to the parking lot where he hit a suplex into a pin onto the concrete floor..1...2.… arm up. O’Haire argued with the referee. And Dunk was able to get onto his hands and knee’s and hit a viscous lowblow. Funk hit a few stomps before picking O’Haire up and body slamming him onto the bonnet of a car for the cover…1.….2.… kick out. O’Haire’s bloodied arm managed to break up the pin. Funk hit a few punches to O’Haire’s midsection before picking him up and going for another body slam but O’Haire piled on his weight and fell on top of Funk for a cover..1.…2... Kick out. O’Haire trailed Funk around the parking lot using whatever he could as a weapon, Funk was bleeding and proceeded to walk back to the ring. But O’Haire caught up with him and threw O’Haire off the ramp onto a table as the crowd cheered. O’Haire signaled to the crowd before running off the ramp and hitting a Seanton bomb for a pin…1.……2.……..3

Winner and new WCW “Unsanctioned Carnage” Champion - Sean O’Haire

O’Haire was unconscious as his broken body lay covering the bloody Terry Funk.

Dusty Rhodes - MY WORD!

Tony Schiavone - Pure and utter carnage!

Dusty Rhodes - The “lockdown” era is truly under way.

Tony Schiavone - I can’t wait for Nitro.

Dusty Rhodes - That’s all we have time for folks thank you for watching WCW Saturday Night Main Event.

The show goes off the air with the paramedics wheeling both Terry Funk and Sean O’Haire backstage on stretchers.

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