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PS2/DVD Question!

Asuka's Gonna Kill You

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Most probably a bit off a dumb question but I honestly have no clue.

Can English PS2's play Region 0 DVD's? Also can most DVD players play Region 0?

Curious because I'm about to buy a DVD from E-Bay and it's Region 0 and I don't want to be wasting my money to find out it cant be played on the PS2.

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Guest Crimson Nightmare

Uh..is Region 0 kinda like having a Regionless DVD? If so, then yes. The PS2 will play it. (Mine has played "The Legend of Speed" (HK film), "Battle Royale", and my imported "Initial D" DVD's with seemingly no problem). As will pretty much any DVD player I've stuck them in.

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Region 0 will play on anything, including PS2s.

The only problem I've had playing Region 0 on my PS2 is that it came out black and white when using the aerial connection (because it wasn't PAL). Once I switched over to the SCART/those three coloured things connection, it worked perfectly.

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