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December 2004

I am Huw Hay and up until 12 hours ago I was a writer with the WWE, nothing major or anything I helped write Heat with some other low-key writers that were working for the WWE with me. Now we had our instructions from above make the monsters look good at all costs no matter what it did to the smaller and more talented workers that they were mowing down in their path. Now I have always been a big believer in talent first booking but that was something the WWE didn't care about at times when it came to making Vince's monsters look good. I had been involved in a few arguments backstage about having to cut the legs from under talented wrestlers because Vince wanted his latest Hoss to go over them, the problem is in the WWE the other writers are so shit scared for their jobs that they will not stand up against the boss even if I did, so whenever I told the boss no to one of his ideas I got the rest of them going on about how great the idea was and that they would get right on it. Now this had been going for about 2 years by the time the boss called me into his office earlier today

Vince: Hello Huw

Me: Hey boss

Vince: Now Huw over the last few months you have continued to disagree with me on many issues, mainly to do with the pushing of certain wrestlers

Me: Yeah you want to push the Luther Reigns of the world whereas I want to push the talented wrestlers of the world

Vince: Damnit Huw, this the sort of attitude that has lead to several complaints from fellow writers about you, and I believe it has something to do with your departure from WCW before you came here

Me: I'll admit I can be a bit stubborn, but I refuse to see the benfit of pushing Luther Reigns instead of Paul London

Vince: I'm not here to discuss my booking style with you Huw I here to offer you a opportunity. Now your position in the WWE has become unstable, people want you out and they want you out now, so you are going to leave the WWE, but not in the way they think you are

Me: I'm listening

Vince: I have decided that you will own and run your own Wrestling Federation and will run it with $5,000,000 of my own money

Me: Ok, why are you giving me a promotion and $5 Million of your money to use?

Vince: To make a point, you may have all of these ideas but you will never make it be in the wrestling world and neither will your promotion. However to give you a chance I have given you someone my wrestlers to help you out

Vince slid a list of wrestlers over to me, which read:

Luther Reigns

Mark Hendry

Matt Morgan


Tyson Tonko


Me: You know Vince a list of people where Maven is the most talented person on it is a very sad list indeed

Vince: Also I have convinced a few people outside the WWE to join your roster

Me: Who

Vince: Scott Steiner and Nathan Jones

Me: Wonderful, just fucking wonderful anyone else?

Vince: Your old friend Kevin Nash

I could of gladly punched him right there

Vince: And because of my business power I have even gotten you a TV show, the Graveyard slot on a Monday Night with Color Vision.

Me: Well I guess that gives me a chance of making an impact early on until I move to Prime Time and then get swallowed up by RAW. Anything else?

Vince: Nope just sign here and you will have your own federation which I have taken the liberty of naming World Professional Wrestling, oh and your TV show is called WPW Worldwide

Me: Don't suppose there is any chance of changing either name?

Vince: Nope

Ah Well I thought and signed on the dotted line and I then became the owner of:

World Professional Wrestling

Size: Regional

PI: 50%

Cash: $5,000,000

Production Values: 60%

Advertising: 35%

Merchandising: 26%

You would think that I would be happy to be my own boss even with the 'talent' I was given, but about a hour or so after my meeting with Vince I discovered an extra page to the legal documents I signed named simply:

'The Rules'

Rule #1 In your first year you will only hire Brawlers, after your first year has passed you may hire Technical wrestlers and Cruiserweights but you must have twice as many brawlers as you do Technical and high flying wrestlers, e.g. if you have 20 Brawlers after a year you may hire 10 technical or high flying wrestlers

Rule #2 The 6 people from the WWE will be used in important roles until their contracts expire, i.e. you cannot refuse to use them

Rule #3 The 3 people in your roster that were hired by Vince from outside the WWE will be used in important roles as well

Rule #4 You will run the full contract of your television deal with Color Vision even if you become too big for them

If any of these rules are broken then all former WWE wrestlers will be taken back and the $5,000,000 will have to re-paid in full with 50% interest added on

This was why 12 hours later I was drinking heavily in my hotel room trying to think of a way out, until I decided that I would beat Vince even with these rules governing me. It wasn't going to be easy but who ever said life was easy?

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January 1st 2005

Today was the day we officially opened our doors and accepted the 'talent' given to me by Vince. Most of them were fine to be here because they knew about the rules governing my federation so they knew I had to use them in some of capacity and not just wheel them out every now and again to please Vince. Then the one man who I never thought I would have to work with again walked in the door, Kevin fucking Nash

Kevin: Huw! Good to see you my friend

Me (Through gritted teeth): Hey Kevin

Kevin: It's been what 4 1/2 years since I've seen you? Ever since..

Me: Since you got me fired from WCW

Kevin: Well Huw it was simple, you were trying to take the company in a direction that wasn't good for business

Me: In other words I was moving the focus away from you and to the more talented bunch of wrestlers

Kevin: Yep and I wasn't prepared to let a bunch of high flying idiots take over from me, but with the rules you have I should have no problems here should I?

Me (Here comes the sarcasm): None what so ever Kevin, but can I ask you something?

Kevin: Sure

Me: Why are here when you had a deal with NWA?

Kevin: Well Jeff's a good bloke but Vince is a far more powerful man and the fact your paying me $150,000 a month guaranteed whereas I was on a pay per appearance with NWA. Anyway it doesn't matter about money does it?

Me: No Kevin it doesn't

Kevin: Good now for my first feud I'm thinking something to blow off at our first large show you know the end of month thing. Think of this Huw, Kevin Nash Vs Nathan Jones for the World title when you get one

I would of started crying there if I hadn't remembered my promise to myself that I would beat Vince even with these rules and this talent he had given me. After a a couple day I had a roster that was big enough for the level I was at

World Professional Wrestling Roster as at 2nd January 2005

Main Event (Overness in brackets)


Kevin Nash (85)


CW Anderson (60)

Mike Awesome (65)

Scott Steiner (84)

Upper Midcarders


Brandon Robinson (50)

Harley Lewis (45)

HC Loc (45)

Invader #1 (45)

Maven (71)


Gino The Punisher (45)

Luther Reigns (73)

Mark Hendry (67)

Matt Morgan (53)

Nathan Jones (68)

Tyson Tomko (59)

Wenzel (42)



Viscera (50)

Lower Midcarders


Iceman ACW (30)



Shadow WX (20)

Green Phantom (10)


Skull Murphy (17)

The Flatliner (18)



Alicia Webb (45)


Gary Hart (30)

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WPW Worldwide Preview

Tonight on Color Vision history will be made when WPW makes it's début on television. See the stars you have known for years Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner who will want to keep their spots at the top and then there are the young up and comers Maven and Luther Reigns who will want to take out the veterans at the top. Also there are the newest people that will making their breakthrough into the wrestling world, The Flatliner and Shadow WX to name a couple of talented but as yet unknown superstars who will be shown to the American public.

Also there will be an announcement about the WPW Heavyweight Title which has just been created and will be put up for grabs at the first large show Against All Odds, but who will be fighting for this title? Tune in on Monday to find out!!!

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WPW Worldwide

3rd January 2005

A nice little set of pyros set off our first ever TV show, it had to be a short set of pyros because this is only an hour long show. The announcers Steve Johnson and Jean-Francois Kelly run down what they know of the show which is very little so they resort dropping in Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner's names in there to remind us all of what I'm stuck with here. Before the announcers run out of names to drop into the start of the show the fans are treated to some nice heel music and the entrance of Gary Hart who none of the fans have heard of but they are about to hear what he has to say

Gary Hart: So this is the newest federation on the block is it? Well I've got to say I'm not really impressed with it really and I'm defiantly not impressed with the fans that this federation attracts

This naturally generates the heat the statement was looking

Hart: Get over it people, it's my opinion and therefore is better than anything you lot could say. Now while I may not be impressed with the fed or you fans I have a job to do here. Yes I Gary Hart am the commissioner of World Professional Wrestling! And since this my first show as commish I will get on with my job by unveiling the belt that all the wrestlers in WPW will be wanting to have around their waists, the WPW Heavyweight Title!

Gary hart removes the title from the case he was carrying with him and shows it to the fans.

Hart: Now I could just award it to someone but even I believe that a belt has to be earned by the person wearing it so at we are going to have 2 matches to decided who will wrestle for this belt, one will take place tonight and the next will take place on next weeks Worldwide. So tonight's match will be a 4 man elimination match and the winner will go to Against All Odds to wrestle for the Heavyweight title. The 4 men who will face off tonight for that honour are Scott Steiner, Kevin Nash, Maven and Luther Reigns. Next week there will be another 4 man elimination match that will be announced at the time but now on with the show!

Gary Hart then walked off with the WPW Heavyweight Title in hand with the announcers having fits over the main event tonight

Gino The Punisher Vs Shadow WX

These two had the honour of having the first ever match in WPW history and truth be told they did much better than I could of expected. Well when I hired I thought they were two more brawlers that I was forced to hire but after seeing this match I was warming up to the idea of having these two in WPW. Shadow WX took early control but Gino soon asserted himself with him own brawling skills. This was unsurprising a match which was mostly brawling but it was entertaining brawling from the two. Gino established himself as the heel by poking Shadow in the eye when Shadow was building momentum against him and this started getting the fans into the match who were to be fair not really tearing the house down during this match which was a pity considering they had a Kevin Nash match coming up soon. Shadow got himself back into the match which some rapid fire brawling with even a couple of technical moves thrown in to appeal to people who don't want just to see people brawling all the time, though why those people would be watching this show is a mystery. This match came to an end when Shadow was getting in a series of near falls only to rolled up out of nowhere by Gino who placed his feet on the ropes to steal this one.

Winner: Gino The Punisher (Via pin at 9:32)

This was a very surprising match from the two brawlers, and it was the good sort of surprising because they went out and entertained the fans for 9 1/2 minutes and got a **1/2 for their efforts

Green Phantom Vs Viscera

Oh. Dear. God. After the good first match this monstrosity was put before the fans and managed to wipe the memory on the good opening match from everyone's memory. Viscera can't sell and Green Phantom wouldn't sell a very bad combination when put together. These two put together a match which if there was an award for worst TV match ever they would be a guaranteed nomination. This was the sort of match that I was dreading when I hired brawlers. An nice little side note is that Viscera never left his feet during this match and Green Phantom only left his feet once but it was this one time that cost him as he was hit with a Big Splash from Viscera to end this mercifully early

Winner: Viscera (pin at 4:11)

I won't go into detail here because I want to forget this match ever happened. DUD and leave it there

Before our main event gets started we get our 2nd promo of the night, this time from Mr Ego himself Kevin Nash who got a big cheer from the fans who went down a notch in my estimations

Kevin Nash: Well this is a change of scenery isn't it? From WCW and WWE to NWA:TNA and now Big Sexy comes to WPW to rule yet another promotion with the iron fist that only Big Daddy Cool can give. Now WPW Commish Gary Hart seems to think that he can order Kevin Nash about, Hart listen to me carefully, Kevin Nash takes orders of nobody! Never have, never will! Now I have a 4 man elimination coming next with Steriod-zilla Scott Steiner, some little kid with silly eyebrows called Maven and Luther Reigns who always seems to look like he to visit the crapper whenever he's on TV. But rest assured people I will not become over-confident in this match because when your Kevin Nash there no such thing as over confidence, so let's get this squas.. I mean main event underway shall we?

Love him or hate him (like I do) Nash brings the goods with this interview, which leads nicely to our main event

Scott Steiner Vs Kevin Nash Vs Maven Vs Luther Reigns (Winner gets a shot at the Heavyweight Title)

This one would either be a travesty to the wrestling world or a acceptable main event, somehow it became the second one. Maven being the jump-start shrimp in this match went after Scott Steiner for some reason in the beginning of this one leaving Nash with Reigns for the start. As expected Steiner threw Maven around for fun for a while Nash and Reigns brawled for a bit before Reigns and Maven were down and hurt leaving Big Daddy Cool and Big Poppa Pump facing each other, these two worked on the crowds heat for a while as they engaged in some lacklustre brawling for a few minutes while Reigns and Maven recovered and then started fighting each other with Maven holding his own for a bit with Reigns who sold for Maven unlike Steiner and Nash who were engaged in a no sell battle in the middle of the ring which the master of the no sell Kevin Nash won. The first pinfall came about when Steiner and Nash were brawling in the corner and Steiner taking control over Nash for a bit before he got hit with a massive boot to the face that staggered Steiner who turned around into a Missile Dropkick from Maven! Maven covers Steiner 1...2...3! (Maven pins Scott Steiner at 8:58) Nobody could believe this especially Steiner who just went nut and beat 7 levels of shit out of Maven before finally locking on the Steiner Recliner which rendered Maven unconscious. After Steiner finally left the ring Kevin Nash simply put one foot on Maven's chest for the 3 (Kevin Nash pins Maven at 10:21). This left Kevin Nash and Luther Reigns alone in the ring after Maven was helped to the back. Reigns fought bravely against Nash and looked good while doing it but we could see how this was going to end, and end it did with Kevin Nash Jacknife Powerbombing Reigns for the 3 count and the right to wrestle for the WPW Heavyweight title at Against All Odds

Winner: Kevin Nash (pinning Luther Reigns at 14:43 after Maven pinned Steiner and Nash pinned Maven)

This was by no means match of the night but it was also not the worse match tonight thanks to Viscera and Green Phantom, the crowd helped this match make **1/2

Overall Rating: 62%

Attendance: 177

Match of the Night: Gino The Punisher Bt Shadow WX

DUD of the night: Viscera Vs Green Phantom

TV Rating: 0.46

Color Vision have moved Worldwide to a Late Evening slot and given us an extra 1/2-hour to use

PI: 51% (+1)

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Backstage after the first show

???: Damnit Huw I told I wasn't happy about being the first eliminated and by some little kid with big eyebrows

Me: Scott, we did it that way so it look make Maven look strong and then you could be the crap out of him to keep you look strong and we did show it as a fluke

Maven: But showing it as fluke doesn't help me and remember your supposed to use me as an important part here

'Fuck, fuck, fuck!'

Me: Yes Maven and over the next few weeks you will be made to look better than one person with a fluke win over Scott Steiner

Steiner: How the fuck will that be done? It better not involve jobbing me out, read the damn rules

'And again I say FUCK!'

Me: Look guys I'll give you both the information you both need about what's going to happen in a bit and it will make the pair of you look good

With those two dealt with I walked away only to be met by Kevin Nash

Kevin: Hey Huw, didn't that go well? I went over like I should do and I get a shot at the World Title at our first large event

Me: Yes wonderful isn't Kevin

Kevin: Have you given any thought to me facing Nathan Jones for the Title?

'Thought about it? I've been vomiting over it'

Me: I'm still deciding who is the best person to face you Kevin, you know soon enough

Kevin: Just make sure it is someone who will make me look good

Me: Sure Kevin

'Kevin Nash look good in the ring, remind me does God come in wrestler form?'

One week in and I'm already thinking of killing half the fucking roster

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WPW Worldwide Preview

Last week on Worldwide we saw Kevin Nash earn the right to wrestle for the WPW Heavyweight title at Against All Odds and tonight we find out who will face Kevin Nash at Against All Odds. Like last week it will a 4 man elimination match and it will be Mark Hendry Vs Matt Morgan Vs Nathan Jones Vs Brandon Robinson, you can tell Big Sexy Kevin Nash will be watching on in the back.

Also last week we saw Maven a massive upset over Scott Steiner in the elimination match, but it was short lived as Scott Steiner then beat the hell out of Maven before finally allowing Kevin Nash to pin Maven. Tonight Scott Steiner explains his actions in a interview with Steve Johnson.

For all this and more tune into WPW Worldwide tonight on Color Vision

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WPW Worldwide

10th January

The second TV show for WPW kicked off with a small video package showing Kevin Nash's win in last week's main event, it also shows Maven upset over Scott Steiner. Our announcers talk about the main event and Scott Steiner's upcoming interview about his actions last week before the first match gets underway

Iceman ACW Vs Gino The Punisher

Like last week Gino takes on a another face and cheats his way to the better start in this one by low blowing Iceman before the bell rings which gains him some heel heat from the fans in the building who watched him cheat to win last week. The problem this is that last week Gino's opponent was selling and they had a good match there, this week however Iceman decided that he wasn't going to sell a damn thing which brought the quality of the match down in a hurry. Gino battled on and got some selling out of Iceman during this but it wasn't enough to save this match. Iceman fought back and even though he wasn't selling very much he expected Gino to sell like nobody's business and looked less then pleased when Gino didn't do some Shannon Moore like selling which seemed a bit rich in my opinion. This one went one a bit shorter than Gino's last outing and ending when Iceman was in charge of the match and looking certain for the win and then got rolled up by Gino with Gino's feet clearly on the ropes for the 3 count and another tainted win for Gino

Winner: Gino The Punisher (pin at 8:32)

Iceman's no selling helping nobody in this match and dragged it down to the *1/2 rating

Next is the interview with Steve Johnson and Scott Steiner about his actions in last week’s main event

Steve Johnson: Now everyone it is time for my interview with Scott Steiner, so can we all Scott to the ring please?

Steiner's music kicked in then and Scott walked to the ring being booed by the 180 fans in the building who were less than happy with Scott. Once in the ring he was handed a mic by a stagehand

Steve: Welcome Scott now can I get right to the point could you please explain your actions after Maven beat you last week?

Steiner: First off Johnson Maven didn't beat me, he may have got a fluke pin fall on me but I could break he in half if I wanted to

Steve: If it was such an obvious fluke why did you beat the hell out of Maven after the pin fall which lead to his elimination from the match?

Steiner: Listen little man Big Poppa Pump does what he wants when he wants and he does it to who ever he wants. Maven just pissed me off and I dealt with him like I deal with all Bushy eye browed kids

The brought Maven out with a mic of his own and he was looking a big beat up from last week and very pissed off

Maven: Scott Steiner I'm sick and tired people going on about my eyebrows, and your not exactly one to talk Steriod-Zilla to coin a phrase

This unsurprisingly pissed Steiner off something rotten

Steiner: F**k you Maven, if your such a man get in this ring with me tonight and take on the Big Booty Daddy one on one

Maven: you want me in there? You got me! But it'll be a bit later so you can get another steroid shot in

With that Maven walked away leaving a very pissed off Steiner in the ring

Harley Lewis Vs Invader #1

And to add to my troubles tonight another of my wrestlers decided not to sell for his opponent, this time it was Invader #1 deciding that he shouldn't sell for Harley Lewis who was looking the stronger at the start of this one which was when the no selling started and the fans were treated to the sight of one wrestler having to force the other to sell for him which affected the match rating like it did with the first match of the night. Harley Lewis continued his early control of Invader for most of the match but was being worn out by having to force the selling from Invader who throughout the match no sold anything but the most hard hitting moves from Lewis. When Invader was given the chance to mount a comeback he did so with Lewis showing him how selling is supposed to be done by brawlers but being careful not to overboard as he didn't want to look weak himself in the ring tonight. Invader had Lewis dead to the world when he decided to go for a weapon, he grabbed a chair from ringside and threw in the ring and then tripped the ref, but when he climbed in the ring he was met with a massive shot to the head by Lewis with the chair and then covered Invader and the groggy ref counted the 3 for the win

Winner: Harley Lewis (pin at 9:49)

Another wrestler decided that selling was beneath him and dragged this down to *1/2 rating as well

Maven Vs Scott Steiner

Right after that match had finished Steiner made his way to the ring to wait for Maven who came through the crowd and slid in the ring behide Steiner and hit him with a big dropkick to the back to get this one underway. Maven knew he had to keep on Steiner in order to survive in this one and for 2 minutes he did exactly that getting himself a 2 count by the end of it but just got throw off by Steiner who sat up and glared at Maven. This is where Maven offence ended, Steiner over powered Maven from this point on but could not get the 3 count as Maven would not stay down. This proved as the end to Steiner's short temper and he just grabbed a chair and right in front of the ref hit Maven right between the eyes with it drawing the DQ from the ref. This didn't stop Steiner from giving Maven a beating for the 2nd week in a row, this time he not only beat the hell of Maven with suplexs and the such he also nailed Maven with the chair several more times which cause Maven to start bleeding heavily and then Steiner locked Maven in the Steiner Recliner before Gray Hart's music hit

Winner: Maven (DQ at 5:22)

With both wrestlers selling the right amount i.e. Maven sold the fact that Steiner was bigger and more powerful than him and Steiner sold Maven's comeback before the DQ this one got a **3/4 rating. Think soon Maven and Steiner could be involved in a *** match, go figure

Gary Hart walked out with a mic in hand while Steiner kept Maven in the Steiner Recliner

Hart: Scott let him go!! Let him go!!

Steiner just ignored Gary Hart's pleading and kept the hold locked in with Maven still bleeding heavily

Hart: Scott tell what you want in order for you to let him go

Gary Hart motions for a mic to be put by Steiner mouth

Steiner: I want this punk at Against All Odds No DQ

Hart: Fine you got him, No DQ Against All Odds, now please Scott let him go!

Steiner finally lets go of the Steiner Recliner and Maven is put on a stretcher and wheeled to the back and Steiner walks off booed all the way by the fans

Mark Hendry Vs Matt Morgan Vs Nathan Jones Vs Brandon Robinson

Before the main event gets started Kevin Nash joins the announcers for some special guest commentary, Nash who is looking to find out who he will face at Against All Odds and wanted to see it first hand. All 3 heels started this match by beating down Brandon Robinson to the displeasure of the fans who were solidly behide him in this one being the only face involved in the main event. Before long however it was heel vs heel as Nathan and Matt Morgan squared off with each other and Mark Hendry started with Brandon Robinson who was able to hold his own against Hendry now it was one on one, that was until Mark hit with a huge legdrop for a very close 2 count. Meanwhile the two other men in this one Matt Morgan and Nathan Jones were going all out in this and Nathan managed to hit a huge kick to the face of Matt Morgan only to be attacked from behide by Mark Hendry who had thrown Brandon Robinson out the ring to be started to be counted out, Robinson made in back into the ring at 9 and starting fighting with Matt Morgan, just as Nathan Jones nailed Mark Hendry with a huge kick to the face like the one he hit Morgan with earlier and covered Hendry for the 3 and eliminates Mark Hendry (Nathan Jones pinned Mark Hendry 9:22). Brandon Robinson quickly hit Matt Morgan with his finisher called the Ice breacker for the 1,2,3 at 10:03. This one went on for a couple of minutes before Jones nailed Robinson with a Chokeslam for the pin and to earn the right to face Kevin Nash for the WPW Heavyweight Title at Against All Odds! After the match Kevin Nash got the ring and the two starred each down to end the show

Winner: Nathan Jones (Pinned Brandon Robinson at 14:55, after Robinson pinned Morgan and Jones pinned Hendry)

This one wasn't as bad as expected with all 4 performing well and getting themselves a **1/2 rating

Overall Rating: 61% (-1%)

Match of the Night: Maven DQ win over Scott Steiner

DUD of the night: Gino The Punisher Pinned a no selling Iceman ACW

Attendance: 180 (+3)

TV Rating: 0.88 (+0.42)

Color Vision want improved ratings

PI: 52% (+1)

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World Professional Wrestling

With 2 weeks to go before Against All Odds we now know who will be facing each other for the WPW Heavyweight Title it will be Big Sexy Kevin Nash taking on Nathan Jones for the gold! Tonight on Worldwide both men will be in tag team action, it will be Kevin Nash and Maven taking on Nathan Jones and Scott Steiner.

Talking of Maven and Scott Steiner last week we saw the two in singles action at the request of Scott Steiner. Scott Steiner dominated the match but could not get the pin fall on Maven, this lead to Scott Steiner grabbing a chair from ringside and hitting Maven with it right between the eyes with it in front of the referee causing a DQ in favour of Maven. This didn't stop Steiner who beat the hell out of Maven again making Maven bleed heavily. Will Maven be able to compete tonight or has that beating done too much damage?

You can see this action only on WPW Worldwide!!

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  • 2 weeks later...

WPW Worldwide

17th January 2005

Harley Lewis Vs Gino The Punisher

Two men who were so far undefeated in WPW met in the opening match of the night. These two were completely opposed in their fan support and the way they have won their matches, Harley Lewis won his match fairly while Gino The Punisher won both of his matches with unfair methods. These two went at right the start of the match not giving each other anything to begin but after a while Harley Lewis started to dominate the heelish Gino who seemed overwhelmed by the popular Lewis until he simply nailed Lewis with a low blow when the ref's back was turned. This allowed Gino to take control of Lewis for a good long while in this match. Like his first match on WPW against Shadow WX Gino The Punisher had a very good brawling match with his opponent who was just as talented as him. This match went over 10 minutes in length keeping the fans entertain for every bit of it. Harley Lewis started his fightback after Gino missed an flying elbow drop attempt after Lewis moved out of the way and Gino elbowed the mat hard. After this Harley Lewis took over on Gino for got lots of near falls but not being able to pin Gino in the ring and before his could carry on his fight-back Gino hit him with a Massive Powerbomb in the centre of the ring for the 3 count

Winner: Gino The Punisher (pin at 11:21)

A very good opening match between two very talented brawlers who are not stopped by no selling opponents and they gained our first *** rating

We now see WPW Commissioner Gary Hart sitting in his office when Kevin Nash stormed in the office looking annoyed at something holding a piece of paper in his hand

Nash: Hart what the hell is this?!!

Hart: Well Kevin that would look like tonight's matches

Nash: I know what it is! You still have Maven's name down on here to compete. You saw what Steiner did to him last week, you think that boy's ready to compete tonight?

Hart: Well in my opinion what Steiner did to him last week wasn't as bad as you say it is and I believe he can compete

Nash: Your an asshole you know that right? The kid's a determined little sucker I'll give him but what Steiner did to him last week was bad. He cannot compete tonight!

Hart: Fine, if he can't compete tonight Kevin you will take on Scott Steiner and Nathan Jones 2 on 1! That's IF Maven can't compete. Now get out Kevin before I make a 2 on 1 no matter what Maven does.

Kevin Nash stormed out the office leaving a very smug Gary Hart behide him

HC Loc Vs Skull Murphy

In our second match of the night we debuted two new wrestlers to the WPW viewers HC Loc and Skull Murphy who were quick to establish their face and heel roles in this one. HC Loc showed respect to the fans while Skull Murphy actually took a swing at one of our fans who luckily ducked before he got knocked out, this will be one of few times he will get to compete in front of TV cameras if he ever does that again. Once this match got started both showed themselves to be good brawlers who were what I was looking for when I went out to look for brawlers. While Skull Murphy was the heel in this one he didn't resort to normal cheating tactics in this match, he went at it full tilt with HC Loc who was just as willing to see who the better man was tonight. Murphy got the better of the early exchange and managed to keep the advantage going his way until HC Loc started to fight his way back into this match which was when the heel tactics started to be used by Skull Murphy who seemed to like going fair and square as long as he was winning the match. HC Loc managed to win it in an instant when he hit him with a DDT in the centre of the ring for a 3 count which surprised everyone with it quickness. Skull Murphy looked very surprised at his loss but just walked away with out doing anything about it

Winner: HC Loc (pin at 9:54)

A second good brawling contest which gained a **1/2 rating

Matt Morgan Vs Shadow WX

It is now time for out first ex WWE worker match of the night with Matt Morgan taking on Shadow WX in our last singles match of the night. Matt Morgan looked as cocky as anything before this one started knowing that I was going to have a hard job doing anything with him that included him losing to anyone. Shadow WX looked lively at the start of this one having the slightly better speed in this one and managed to dodge some of the power moves that Matt Morgan tried to hit him with. This didn't last long as Matt Morgan soon took complete and utter control of this match and refused to allow Shadow WX any sort of offence for the rest of the entire match. I tried to get him to make Shadow WX look good in this one but the only reply I got was 'Fuck off I'm the only one looking good in this match'. This comment didn't give me a lot of confidence about this match but Shadow WX managed to keep the match acceptable in the eyes of the fans but it was clear that he was Matt Morgan fodder here and this prolonged squash ended when Morgan hit a massive Sit Out Powerbomb on Shadow WX for the 3 count

Winner: Matt Morgan (pin at 7:43)

Despite the fact that Matt Morgan refused to allow any sort of offence from Shadow WX the selling that Shadow WX did made this match a ** affair

We now see Kevin Nash warming up for his match up next when Nathan Jones walked in and look Nash right in the eye

Nathan Jones: G'day Kev, looking for to your beating? I mean two on one? Your in trouble mate

Kevin Nash: Listen Jones I don't care what Gary Hart says I am the baddest man here and you and Scott Steiner can't do a damn thing about that

Jones: You talk the talk Kev but can you beat two men by yourself?

Nash: I've made a living out of beating the odds and tonight's no difference, you and Scotty may have the extra man but I promise you both that neither of you can take Big Sexy down. Now get to the ring you little Aussie bitch

Kevin Nash then walk right past Nathan Jones who just glared at the back of Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash Vs Scott Steiner and Nathan Jones

Kevin Nash was the first to the ring and stood in the middle of it and waited. Once Nathan Jones and Scott Steiner had made their way to the ring there was a small discussion between the two about who stood start against Nash. As it was Scott Steiner started against Nash and these two like in the first show got some brawling done with both men refusing to give the other anything, this was won by Nash who backed Steiner into the corner but before he could really go to town on Steiner Nathan Jones ran it but got decked by Nash who saw him coming, but this was what Scott Steiner needed and so when Kevin turned around to continue his brawl with Steiner he got his head taken off with a massive clothesline by Steiner. This started the domination of Kevin Nash by both men who kept tagging in and out keeping themselves fresh and making sure Kevin Nash couldn't gain any sort of momentum going. This went on and on until while Scott Steiner was beating Kevin Nash in the corner Maven's music hit and Maven came running to the ring with a good pop from the fans. Maven slid into the ring and went after Scott Steiner who was taken back by the young Maven's atack. The ref couldn't DQ Maven because Gary Hart said earlier that if Maven turned up he could be part of this match. Maven and Steiner brawled on the outside but in the ring Kevin Nash was going for a Jacknife Powerbomb but Nathan Jones hit a low blow while the ref was trying to break Steiner and Maven up. After Nash got low blowed Nathan Jones hit a huge chokeslam for the 3 count and the tained win. After the match Steiner and Maven were finally broken up and Nathan Jone posed over Nash's fallen body

Winner: Nathan Jones and Scott Steiner (pin at 12:08)


Overall Rating: 66 (+5)

Attendance: 178

TV Rating: 0.88

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