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WWE Raw: 2005-2006


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December 13th 2004

Eric Bischoff returned to Raw, and was greeted immediatly with the World Heavyweight Championship dilemma. The title was vacated one week earlier by the Chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment, following a dispute over the victor of a triple threat match. A triple threat match which saw Edge, Chris Benoit, and Triple H, square off. Eric announced following a night of hype that at New Year's Revolution, there would be an Elimination Chamber match, to decide the World Heavyweight Champion.
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Current Roster of the Raw Brand

Red = Heel : Blue = Face


Edge - World Heavyweight Champion

Stevie Richards - Intercontinental Champion

Rob Conway/Maven - Tag Team Champions

Lita - Womens Champion

Raven - Self-Proclaimed Hardcore Champion. *Note, title not recognized by the WWE

Main Eventers

Chris Benoit

Chris Jericho

Randy Orton

Shawn Michaels * Injured

Triple H





Ken Shamrock


Scott Steiner

Shelton Benjamin


AJ Styles

Al Snow


Matt Hardy



Rob Conway

Simon Dean

Stevie Richards


TAKA Michinoku

The Hurricane

William Regal


Garrison Cade

Gene Snitsky

Mark Henry


Val Venis




Molly Holly

Stacy Keibler

Trish Stratus



Evolution - Triple H: Leader, Ric Flair, Scott Steiner/Ken Shamrock: The Problem Solvers

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Former Evolution members Batista and Randy Orton team up to take on their former stable mates, Ric Flair and The Game Triple H.

Intercontinental Champion, Stevie Richards defends his newly won Intercontinental title against Christian.

Plus! Raw General Manager, Eric Bischoff announced that taking place this Monday would be the contract signing between Rhyno and Edge, to make the World Heavyweight Championship match at WWE Mayhem, official.

All this plus more, as Raw comes to you live 9 Eastern, 10 Pacific on Spike TV!

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AJ Styles already unhappy with WWE.

It's already being reported that AJ Styles, who just recently signed with World Wrestling Entertainment, following financial disputes with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, is already unhappy with his treatment in the WWE. The young talent feels like he is already being lost in the shuffle of things on Monday Night Raw. The other talent on Raw has reportedly welcomed the young AJ Styles with open arms. Time will tell if the young superstar ever finds his niche on Raw.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Returning To The Ring @ Wrestlemania

It is more or less confirmed that The Rattlesnake, who recently returned to the WWE as General Manager of Sunday Night Heat, will be stepping back into the ring for one final match at Wrestlemania 21. There are several candidates for who Austin's opponent might be. We've heard everyone from Kurt Angle, to The Rock, to Vince McMahon himself.

Perry Saturn Returning

There are strong rumors coming out of Titan Towers that Perry Saturn is in negotiations with the WWE about a possible return to the company.

Hardcore Championship News

It was reported that it was Raven who pitched the idea to Vince McMahon about him returning with the unsanctioned WWE Hardcore Championship. This storyline is expected to be cover several months.

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Monday Night Raw

February 7th 2005

Freedom Hall, Louisville Kentucky

The opening video to Raw fills the screen, and we cut to the inside of Freedom Hall in Louisville Kentucky. The pyro explodes from the stage, as we get a glimpse of the hot WWE crowd. Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross welcome us to the show.

Bischoff Says “Tonight’s About Opportunity”

Eric Bischoff’s theme music blasts throughout the arena and the fans begin to boo heavily. The camera follows up the rampway, as Eric Bischoff emerges from the curtain area. The Raw General Manager walks down the ramp, swinging his arms and looking all business. He enters the ring, as Lilian Garcia tells the world to welcome the Raw General Manager to the ring. Lilian hands Eric the microphone, as he theme music slowly fades.

Eric Bischoff: “If you people could excuse me for one second, the General Manager has something he’d like to say!” The fans boo. “Last week on this very show, the Chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment, Vince McMahon, reinstated a man who not once, but twice, walked out on the company, leaving it high and dry! I’m talking about Stone Cold Steve Austin!” The fans cheer the Rattlesnake “That’s what I don’t understand! You people to this day, still accept that S.O.B.! And if it wasn’t bad enough that Vince McMahon, once again, gave him a job, he went further. Vince McMahon took my biggest goal since being named General Manager of Raw, and handed it over to Stone Cold Steve Austin. If it wasn’t for Eric Bischoff, Sunday Night Heat would never have made it to primetime! Sunday Night Heat would never have become a show, where the stars could be seen! I took Sunday Night Heat from being a recap show, with the occasional wrestling match, and I turned it into Raw’s second showcasing, of nonstop, in your face, action!” Mixed reaction from the fans. “But what does Vince McMahon do to show his appreciation? He hands the reigns of Sunday Night Heat over to Stone Cold Steve Austin. He makes it so that Stone Cold Steve Austin is now the one who determines what matches take place, and what disputes are settled.” Eric lowers the microphone, and wipes the sweat from his brow. “But you know what… I know what Vince McMahon is trying to do. Oh yes, I see through all of the smoke, and the mirrors, and I see what the true goal in Vince McMahon’s eye is. Vince McMahon wants to spark some type of competition between Eric Bischoff and Stone Cold Steve Austin. You see, this isn’t Raw versus Smackdown. This is Raw, versus Raw. Vince McMahon in his own right, in a distraught, blurred sort of way, is a genius. I mean, what’s better than seeing two great minds, each be handed the same phenomenal talent, with the thought of seeing, who could do a better job?” Eric pauses. “This is a challenge. This is a challenge from Vince McMahon, directed squarely towards me, and Eric Bischoff, just like in 96, 97, 98, 99, is not one to turn down a challenge from Vince McMahon!” Crowd cheers “So tonight… on MY WWE Monday Night Raw! Tonight, is a night, of opportunity! Tonight’s a night for me to prove to Vince McMahon that I am the best thing for Monday Night Raw. And so tonight… I’m all about giving you people, the fans, what you want to see. Tonight, I’m giving you the matches that I know, will be for the ages. I’m-“

“Stand Back!” The Hurricane’s theme music blasts throughout the arena, and the lights change. Eric Bischoff’s jaw slowly drops as he looks towards the entry way in utter confusion. Jerry Lawler goes crazy on the commentary, distraught over Eric Bischoff being interrupted. Hurricane appears, sparking a pop from the crowd. The residential superhero walks down the ramp, and enters the ring. Bischoff is still in complete shock. Hurricane grabs a microphone, and walks center ring with Eric Bischoff.

The Hurricane: “Holy hypocrite!” The crowd cheers. “Citizen Bischoff, you say tonight is about opportunity, so tonight… The Hurricane is taking this opportunity to ask you one small thing… WHATSUPWITDAT?!” The crowd cheers. “If The Hurricane’s memory serves him correctly, it was you Eric Bischoff who was the one, who in WCW, did anything BUT give guys opportunity.” The smarks of the world rejoice “Once upon a time, many, many, many, many moons ago. The Hurricane was a young cruiserweight star, by the name of Shane Helms. And it was you Eric Bischoff, who did everything you possibly could to cap off the cruiserweights at a certain level, and keep them from achieving anything greater, than what you had in mind. So I just-“

Eric Bischoff steps forward, as Hurricane stops mid sentence. Bischoff looks Hurricane in the eyes, as his face slowly becomes distorted with anger.

Eric Bischoff: “Who the hell do you think you are?!” Crowd boos. “This isn’t some type of after school, Saturday morning, television show! How dare you come out here, and interrupt me. How dare you come out here, and degrade me in front of all these people.” Crowd boos. “I’ll tell you what… SHANE HELMS!” Hurricane nervously smiles, taking a step back, and running his hand through his hair. “You want an opportunity so bad? Fine! Tonight, you’re going to be the first person I give an opportunity.” Crowd cheers. “I was recently the key orchestrate in bringing in several new WWE RAW talents. Me, not Stone Cold Steve Austin I might add, but that’s beside the point. One of those men, was a former WWF Light-Heavyweight champion, by the name of TAKA Michinoku.” Crowd boos the Japanese Heel “I brought TAKA back, with a fresh, new attitude as far as professional wrestling goes, and tonight, I know, he’ll just be itching to show it to you. So Hurricane, Helms, whatever the hell your name is… I’m going to give him… the opportunity!” Mixed reaction from the crowd. “And it’s going to happen… in just about… 3 seconds!” Bischoff glances at his watch, as the fans begin to murmur about something. Suddenly TAKA Michinoku attacks The Hurricane from behind!

TAKA Michinoku vs. The Hurricane

Following the attack from behind, TAKA Michinoku held on to the offensive side of the match for some time. TAKA had definitely changed his style a bit, even from his debut match with Tajiri a few weeks ago. TAKA focused more on brawling, with the occasional roundhouse kick, and chain-wrestling maneuver. One of the better spots of the match came when Hurricane was still on the defensive end of things. Michinoku placed him on the top turnbuckle, and brought him off with a jumping head scissor take down, sending Hurricane across the mat, and into the other corner. TAKA quickly jumped up, and readied himself. Hurricane pulled himself up, and TAKA charged, jumping up on to the second rope across the front of Hurricane and kicking him in the jaw. The shot was stiff, instantly bloodying the mouth of Hurricane, and sending him through the top and middle rope to the floor below. The ending of the match came when Hurricane had just finished a series of left and rights, followed by a drop toe hold. Hurricane brought TAKA to his feet, but Michinoku reversed his neck shot, kicking Hurricane in the gut, allowing himself to hit the Michinoku Driver for the pinfall. TAKA’s theme music hit, and the fans began to give him a lot of heat.

Hurricane brought himself to his feet, and stared down TAKA. Hurricane slowly extended his hand, as the fans begin to cheer. Suddenly tho, TAKA roundhouse kicked the hand of Hurricane, and rolled out of the ring. In the ring, The Hurricane rolled around the mat, grabbing his hand and screaming in pain, as the commentators sold the incident as a potential breaking of Hurricane’s hand.

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SmarkMark187: "Yo, they should start a storyline where Tajiri and TAKA Michinoku are a tag team called 3 second warning!"

HurriFan4: "I hope this leads to some type of Hurricane push!"

LosaFace: "Bischoff vs. Austin? Same old stuff. But I like the idea where their going head to head, trying to punch out better shows while using the same guys. Make's Sunday Night Heat mean something. BTW, where's Maven/Conway?"

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Perry Saturn Signs with World Wrestling Entertainment

Perry Saturn has signed a contract with WWE earlier today. It's expected that he'll return on the Raw brand.

Jerry Lynn Looking To Return?

There's talk that Jerry Lynn has apparently contacted the company about a possible return.

Sunday Night Heat to Get New Name?

There's talk about possibly changing the name of Sunday Night Heat, due to the show now being primetime, and having a more important role in the Raw brand.

Shane McMahon Returning To TV

Shane McMahon who went on a leave to be with his wife and new born son, will be returning to television shortly in some capacity.

Big Show Coming To Raw

Two weeks ago on Smackdown, an angle was conducted where Smackdown General Manager, Theodore Long, fired Big Show due to Big Show attacking John Bradshaw Layfield, and seriously injurying Orlando Jordan. It's expected that this is merely a angle to explain Big Show returning to Raw shortly, which was an idea by Vince McMahon.

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Shawn Michaels returned to Raw last week, coming down and saving Randy Orton from a two on beating at the hands of The Problem Solvers. On Sunday Night Heat, General Manager Stone Cold has made a match putting one half of the Problem Solvers, Ken Shamrock, against The Heartbreak Kid.

Also on Sunday Night Heat, WWE Women's Champion has issued an open challenge to any diva in the back, who wants a title shot. Who will answer her challenge, and will Lita be able to walk out the victor?

Last week on Raw, Stevie Richards told Shelton Benjamin that he'd discuss a title match between the two, with Heat General Manager Stone Cold. Did Stevie keep his word? Will Shelton get his title shot?

We'll also hear from World Heavyweight Champion Edge, involving his attack on Rhyno last week, at the conclusion of the World Heavyweight Championship title match contact signing.

All this and more on Sunday Night Heat!

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February 17th 2005

Freedom Hall, Louisville Kentucky

February 17th 2005

Freedom Hall, Louisville Kentucky

The opening video of Sunday Night Heat begins to play. At its conclusion, we immediately cut to the arena floor, and the glass is heard shattering from the p.a. system. The crowd erupts as the theme music of Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Sunday Night Heat General Manager, begins to play.

New Sheriff In Town

The lights change over, and Stone Cold comes marching out from the back, a black tie strung around his neck loosely, and looking clown like over his leather vest and blue jeans. The general manager enters the ring and after his signature pose and taunt to the crowd, he is handed a microphone.

Stone Cold: “If you came here tonight, to see some grade A ass whoopin, gimme a hell yeah!” The crowd erupts in to a collective Hell Yeah. “It seems like some dumb son of a bitch has given the rattlesnake power over this here show, and now there aint a god damn thing he can do about it!” The crowd cheers. “So tonight, and from here on, I’m going to do what I see fit! I’m going to inflict the law upon the WWE Raw superstars, as I see fit!” The crowd pops again for Stone Cold. “There’s a new sheriff running things on Sunday Night Heat, and this sheriff promises to do three things! Drink beer!” Austin holds out a single finger, as the crowd cheers. “Curse!” Austin extends a second finger, and the crowd cheers. “And above all else, kick the ever loving hell out of those jackasses who see differently!” Big crowd pop. “So tonight, I’m going-“

“Feel The Burn!!” Simon Dean’s voice echoes throughout the arena, and his theme music starts up. The crowd instantly begins to boo, and Stone Cold glances towards the stage. Sure enough, Simon Dean comes waltzing out from the back, all smiles. Dean wear’s a microphone headset, and talks as he’s walking down the ramp.

Simon Dean: “Mr. Austin, if you could excuse me for one second, I’m here for an extremely important matter!” Simon Dean enters the ring. “Good evening Louisville!” Simon smiles, and glances out to the stage. A shot of Stone Cold looking on, stone faced. “Mr. Austin, as acting general manager of Sunday Night Heat, I believe it’s your duty to show these people first hand, just how great my Simon System truly is!” A thumbs up from Simon Dean, who seems to not be noticing the anger of the General Manager. “Now Mr. Austin, it’s no secret that you have been away from the wrestling ring for quite some time, and it’s also no secret that you yourself… well, you’ve been known to have a few alcoholic beverages every now and then.” The crowd cheers as Stone Cold smiles. “Well Mr. Austin, let’s examine what those two elements have attributed to… The Stone Cold physique!” Simon Dean again smiles big, in the direction of Austin. “Face it Mr. Austin, since you’ve been gone from active ring training, away from the cameras and spotlight… you’ve put on a few pounds… That combined with the constant intake of alcohol, or ‘Steveweisers’ if you will, has given Stone Cold, quite the Stone Cold belly!” Austin looks over himself, as the fans boo. “But don’t fret Mr. Austin, with my help, and my patented Simon System, you could once again be the rock solid, back side kicking athlete, you once were!” Thumbs up and a smile from Simon Dean. “So I’m asking you Mr. Austin, to right now, in front of all these people, shake my hand and sign on to be a member of the Simon Regime! Let’s transform Stone Cold back in to the physical superstar, we all loved and cherished!”

Smile from Simon Dean, and he extends his hand out to Austin. Stone Cold slowly glances down at the hand, and then raises the microphone.

Stone Cold: “You want me to shake your hand?” Simon Dean nods, smiling. “The first thing I want to do, is tell you that I have no damn clue who you are!” The crowd pops, Simon goes to answer. “The second thing I want to tell you, is that you interrupted me, the General Manager, and you stepped foot into my ring. That’s two things, a person, just doesn’t do!” The crowd pops. “So let me tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going to give you to the count of five, to get your Bodydonna ass out of my ring, and out of my sight.” Simon Dean’s smile disappears. “One!” The crowd cheers. “FIVE!”

Stone Cold suddenly drops the microphone, and kicks Simon Dean in the gut. Austin quickly hits Simon with the stunner, sending him up and on to his back across the ring. Stone Cold’s theme music hits, as the fans continue to cheer. Austin rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp, looking pleased with himself. A shot of Simon Dean in the ring, rolling on to his side, and looking up the ramp in sheer hatred. We go to commercial.

user posted image

Divert: "They should make "Simon System worked for me!" t-shirts."

Milkinglad: "Stone Cold irks me. He shouldn't be in the wrestling ring. They should just have him manage somebody, like Shannon Moore!"

HuntaPray: "Simon Dean for World Champ!"

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After an explosive week of World Wrestling Entertainment action, revenge will be sought after on Raw.

Randy Orton will step into the ring, going against one half of The Problem Solvers, Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiner. With 'HBK' Shawn Michaels, and the 'Legend Killer' Randy Orton now seemingly alligned against the Evolution tag team, where will Shawn Michaels and Ken Shamrock come in to play?

Also on Raw, following an attack last week by Edge, Rhyno went straight to Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff, demanding a match. This morning, Bischoff announced he was killing two birds with one stone, hoping to solve the bitter feud between Triple H and Batista in the process. A tag team match is scheduled with Triple H teaming up with the World Heavyweight Champion Edge to take on Batista and Rhyno.

It's no secret that Triple H craves the World Heavyweight title. Will the obsession with the gold control the Game? Or will his pure hatred for former Evolution Batista be the source of his strength? Find out on Raw.

Molly Holly will have her first title defense after defeating Lita, twenty-four hours ago on Sunday Night Heat. Victoria will be getting the oppurtonity. How will Trish Stratus feel about Molly turning her back on her during their propossed "scheme" last night? Also, how will the former Women's champ, Lita feel about losing the belt?

All this on Raw, and more.

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Perry Saturn to OVW

Perry Saturn will be reporting to OVW to work on getting off any ring rust. As those of you may know, Perry Saturn is coming off of a neck injury he sustained while working in Japan. He'll spend some time in OVW to make up for any lost time.

AJ Styles Push

AJ Styles is expected to be thrust into the Intercontinental picture some time before or after Wrestlemania.

Tag Team Shake Up

Expect some random pairing between Raw superstars to maybe become perminent tag teams. The Raw creative team is looking to put more force into the tag division on Raw.

Females To OVW?

With Jazz and Gail Kim being released, WWE is expected to begin looking for replacement developmental talent. Also expect Alexis Laree to be called up sometime soon.

Austin to Stay on As General Manager

All tho a match has been rumored for Stone Cold at Wrestlemania 21, expect him to stay on as General Manager of Heat after the event. Austin recently sat down with Vince McMahon and creative to determin several storylines and angles for his character in the coming months. In my oppinion, with a man like Stone Cold, that's probably a smart decision.

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